Scorpio and Libra

  • Oh the senior is who your referring to. Who wanted his meds cut in quarters. I get it now. Ok I had a blonde moment. Ok I think your in the same mode as others today. I totally missed my PT today cause I thought it was tomorrow. They called and said you were suppose to be here and they can get me in tomorrow. Wow I have done this twice. Everytime they run my therapy another month my days and times can change and it throws me off. so I screwed up today. Must remember I go in on Monday next week too. Gee sometimes. Well I have been doing healings long distance now for two days and I think it could contribute to me being airy on the rest of my life since I am concentrating so hard on the other. Well it may be the time of the year. Ok catch me tomorrow on the report. Much love to you and yours.

  • 😉 Don't worry about the blonde moment. That's a good thing that your PT called you up. I will make a note to remind you to get over there on time. Don't wear yourself out to much. Your body and mind needs to be in shape for you to concentrate. I should be sleeping...... Take care.

  • Ok thanks for the pep talk.

  • Your welcome girl. I know how the body can be runned down when not taking proper care of it. I learned to put me first and learn to listen to my body. When it says enough...that's it.

    Ok.. I have been a big girl this morning. Didn’t sleep at all. Baked, did my hair, browse the net, watched tv, took a shower, wrote the card, gift wrapped socks and cake, got dressed and left home. Got on the train, dropped asleep (lol), made my way to the health club. On my way my stomach was terrrrribbbbbblllllleeee ugh not a great feeling. I had to keep taking deep breaths not to get up and scream (sort off), wished he wasn’t there. Got there wished was granted he wasn’t in but his best friend was and he recognized me without a problem. I was busy and all these elderly men started joking with me because of my parcel. 🙂 Checked if he was coming in and gave the gifts to the friend. He joked about stepping on the box when I asked not to tip it … hmmm. Gosh I am still shaking right now. Friend told me I could wait because he was on his way…..I said nooo I got an appointment so I have to be going. I turned to hurry out and bumped into another elderly guy that had his moment with me holding on to him….LOL. Men!!

    I was so relieved when I left the area that I haven’t seen him driving up or passing me . I am sure he got it. That adrenaline rush was crazy. Well I hope he showed up. No reaction as yet …to be honest I am not expecting any. Got a strange feeling that he doesn’t know what to do with me either. Oh well that’s my thang 😞

  • Good for you. Did you have and appt or could you have stayed for your work out? Chicken, I am walking around saying bak, bak, bak bak, bak. Waving my elbows tucked like wings making fun of you. LOL Well let's hope that he doesn't forget to open it before he jumps right into work. I would think the other guy would have said oh be careful not to tip it. To get the curiosity going. And what's with the stomach? You feeling just like a young girl? Well it's over not just keep busy and don't think about it. He may call your brother, it was your brother that sent you to him right? And tell your brother that you brought something for him. And question him as to your intentions.

  • Hahahahaha....yeah the chicken suite. I did a fast change into that one....hahahaha and pecked my way out...hahahahaha. Yeah his friend would of echoed what I said or done. As I suspected no news. It's my cousin who sent me there...and no he can't reach him because my cousin is on vacation for the next 4 weeks. So for background info he is on his own.

    The stomach. sighs I knew that thing was good for this was ridiculous. It felt like you open a sauna door and all the heat comes towards you and embrace you and you go..aaarrgghhhh hot!!!

    How was PT today? After I posted here I had myself a good nap. Tomorrow I will be out working. Today I didn't really do anything in that direction ..... I was floored. I am working on a remodel project on my own so I make my own hours. My friend/client is out on vacation aswell in New Zealand so for a few more days no pressures, deadlines etc. After that...mayhem.

  • I don't leave for an hour and 30 min. for my therapy. I think I am in alignment but I may be rotated a little on the right side. We will see. At least the muscles are holding me now in for the most part. Time will tell I wonder where thmilin is we haven't heard from her in a couple of days as she is gallivanting around Asia. You think she is going for a ride on an elephant is some far away country? Well good for her. And I hope you get a response today for all your troubles. I hate waiting don't you? Ok enjoy your break. Peace

  • I know what you mean. Well I do hope they can assist you getting better in the long run.

    Thmilin must be really having a good time or is travelling back to the US. I too missed her and Librasrise the last couple of days.

    LOL...haven't seen or heard that word in a longggg time gallivanting!!! My mom used to used that allot. Asia is beautifull. My bro and some acquantainces goes every year to Thailand. Malaysia is another favorite. If she is in any part of India I surely hope she took a chance on that ride. She sounds adventurous so it wouldn't surprise me. I myself would like to visit China one day endulge in their old culture and learn more about Feng Shui. I have been reading up on it for this project that i am doing. I also found a book on Vaastu which is the indian alternative to Feng Shui. All new but interesting.

    About waiting: believe me I am/was itching to text or call. Knowing what a cheesehead he can be. Only thing is I am a bit annoyed with the time of year where I know everybody is trying to round things up etc. So it wouldn't be any different for him. Still I am not going to call. See what happens eventhough I am not the patient one on this.

    I would say enjoy your PT but I think that isn't totally in order since it's mandatory. Uhmm did you find an adress for the hot stone massage that didn't need membership?

  • Flowsco I wish he would call and let you know something. Like he can hardly wait to have some of your cake and would you like a bite? Of cake not our of him. No I didn't call about the hot rock massage. The price that I thought was a bit steep even with a discount as a member. I am afraid to see the price for non-members. But right now I am squeezing every last dime. I just paid property tax on land I own in California and now my car insurance is due next month. Hard to stretch what little I get on disability. Well I will catch ya later and hope you have more news.

  • Well still no news. I had a brief chat with my sister and she said to text. So I kept it very general thanking him for everything and hoped he liked the the gifts. Perhaps he lost interst I don't know. But haven't been able to get him and/or isn't answering calls.

    I know very well how it feels to squeeze and twist and turn every dime. A few years ago it was very terrible here when I got laid off and got into legal battle with my former boss. Yet another one. And being a single mom didn't make it any easier. I am not saying now is better because my project I am doing is totally for free. If I was to charge she won't be able to pay me but it keeps me busy.

    Libra guy knows off my financial situation and knows that I am a proud woman. He keeps talking about the subject and I keep avoiding it. The other day he offered to pay something small for me... at first I kept quiet but when the subject came around again I friendly refused. So I know he was surprised to receive what he did today.

    Something is wrong because he is hiding again well that is what I make off it. And this fickle behaviour makes me uncertain to proceed forward.

  • Well I don't have any answers but you know he is trying to get ready to go abroad. So he has his plate full. Don't just sit and think about him go on and work on your project. If this is all you have invested it's better to know now but I feel like he is just so busy and has so much on his mind that he would like to clear some time for you but it's hard to arrange. Stay busy yourself.

  • LibrasLair -- I reread the thread and saw that thmilin said something similar as reaction to what I did. And since he did go hiding on me last time....seems that is "normal" pattern. Today have been busy but good. So for now I am relaxing and we will see where things will go after the trip. See what the new year brings.

  • He may be hold off to till he has a chance to reciprocate.

  • I hope so...a simple thank you would be good too. Not asking for much. This has been an interesting learning curve for me. Since I normally not the one to be voicing anything to a man. Show yes..but voice..hmm no. So he has a first and I hope he is smart. lol.

    Haven't you runned into any charming guy yesterday???

  • No I didn't do anything but go for physical therapy yesterday and I didn't go any place today cause it's cold and didn't need to do any running. Tomorrow PT in the pool. No good charming men there. Hoping for warmer weather before the end of the week. I want to make a run south and get some citrine I have given all my citrine away. So no wind will be a blessing as it make it hard to keep my high profile vehicle in my own lane. I am looking forward to going I enjoy the feel of that rock shop. Talk to you later I am sure.

  • 🙂 I use to do PT in the pool with a couple of other people. But I stopped doing that when I saw things started to floath in the water. Now don't think they did their doodoo there but since it was in a hospital and other sick people also got their PT then you neva know what that floathy things are. I looked up citrine..that's a yellow topaz right? Years ago I bought myself a bracelet, hanger and ring with what the trade calls rainbow topaz. Beautifull green/blue/pink/yellow glow mixed with little diamonds. The topaz isn't real when I got it taxed but still looks beautifull. I just liked it when I saw them in the store and a girl has to give gifts to herself and don't wait for no one else to do that.

    You be carefull on that road!!

  • Mega big grin Alrighty!!!! He called!!! And said thank you for the gifts. Liked the cake eventhough he never had a carrot cake before and he said he shared with the other and they liked it aswell. still grinning

    As for the pair of socks...he got shy on me. He didn't dare to say anything else but thank you. We joked around being great persons etc. And of course he couldn't stay without referring to the pair as raincoat for other occassions. lol. He gave me his schedule when he is out of the country and when he will be back. He will be calling me in between I hope. He sounded like a little kid in a candy store.

    Well I did my best to be more clear in how I think about him. It is that he has a french name that is quite common on these parts. And since I know him I keep running into his name everywhere even in the movies. lol I also told him that I do think about him allot even before I go to bed. He asked do you sleep well then?? I said offcourse I sleep (inside joke).

    He said that I should bake him another cake next time. I said I don't bake just like that..the person should deserve it and shouldn't take me for granted. He

    Vibe was great in the conversation ...really good. I think I got the size of the socks right because I told him if they were to big/small I can change them..he said no they are good and I saw that they are of good quality.

    Thank you ladies for the tip!!! happy, happy, happy

  • Well how was that for a xmas present? Could you ask for anything better? I caught something about raincoats is it going to be raining in your area when he gets back and how long is he going to be gone?I am so glad he finally got back to you and things went so well. Now he will be looking forward to getting back. And so start baking that carrot cake and freezing them up. LOL

  • I am not complaining at the moment. Very pleased indeed and unexpectedly good. I am not expecting any local showers. So raincoats are not on my short list He will be in and out of the country the next few days but after xmas will be in the country till before new years eve and come back the first week of January. As I mentioned before he is also a musician and I remember when I used to preform with bands like this I was away around this time of the year also. I was then 16/17.

    Yeah he sounded like he is looking forward to contact me when he is back.. Before hanging up dropped the L word again and me without thinking answered that I loved him too. Hang up and then went aaahhh what did I just do??? lol.

    Freezing THEM up??? lol. I was thinking about what kind I will bake next time. But he has to be good to get one. Jeezzz one track mind all the way!!

  • I noticed your one track mind. Very interesting. Well bake a few different kinds and put which kind it is which so that depending on how good he is the flavors get better and better. Oh and as for the rain just so your prepared have some ice cream and some whipped cream topping in stock so you won't be caught off guard if there is rain! Heaven who wants to run out in weather like that just to get those last minute goodies? You know he might want to have his cake and eat it too. LOL

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