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    No actually I received a response from one Man and then that male i will refert o as a mouse I just flew back in town to read the scorpio thread and I was so disgusted that the dude came out of his cellar just to b-slap me ....sooooooooooooooooooo you know how we are I let him have it.

    and Thanked the others. He pissed me off ....

  • You tell him honey I stutter! No really. Just kidding some people are getting a big kick out of me today and you know who I am talking about.

  • Thmilin…Southeast to get over there someday.

    I understand fully what you say about my comfort zone. And yes he pointed that out about me not letting anyone in. In that sense I am a true Scorpio. I don’t let anyone in that is in a hurry to be let in. I needed my time to know if this man was for real as I said he came on very strong and I was wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that he already had the privilege of having his hands on me.

    Being awesome…hmmmm I don’t know about that. I consider me being a regular gal that takes care of herself. I grew up in a household with only women. It’s just when the men that I have been involved with that I thought would be a good match just could keep up in and out of the bedroom. They pretend to have some culture but then turns out not to be so or they have big issues that I wasn’t prepared to mother for them.

    I am trying my hardest to do an effort for this Libra. I just hope it leads to somewhere great that I can be myself in the whole thing. So yeah equal partnership would be great.

    I have a gut feeling as well that I haven’t heard all. But I find it’s great from his side to already be talking about these private things. It’s just he has me as an outlet when we communicate. Even told me of his first crush when he was a kid. And that she returned his gift.

    Partying…yeah love doing that as well. I think in him I would have found my match for that. Loveeeee dancing.

    The vain thing I noticed with the conversation I had on the phone. And another time when he and I were talking and some guy from the health club came outside to finish a conversation they had and decided to kiss me on the cheeks. I was shocked. The guy first enquired if I was someone he knew and then kissed me on the cheeks. Libra guy put on a smile but I saw he wasn’t amused. Thing is when I first went to the health club any female client of his that left the premises kissed him on the cheeks so he automatically did that with me. He managed to do that twice but the third time I put a full stop to it. He was only allowed to shake hands. So to see someone else do what he wasn’t allowed ……

    So you can imagine the day I told him I liked him he kind of wanted to play catch up when he took me to the station by hugging me and yes…going for those kisses on the cheeks in public.

    LOL @ lock up and browbeat. Are we that dramatic??? I think it depends how deep we feel for the person. If it’s already a nearly lifeless relationship the drama isn’t that great. It all depends on the circumstances. I only caught myself twice asking why but other than those times I was very cold. Over and out. The ones that I asked replied that I didn’t let them in and I didn’t need them. Well that is what they thought. So I learned from that and that’s why I am trying with Libra.

    He knows I have been cleaning up my mess and I told him that’s why I didn’t respond in the early stages because I didn’t want to project on him things of my past. And he repeatedly told me that I have to let go. So I hope he follows his own advice.

    Sounds like I got my work cut out for me. But it’s work in progress. I hope I don’t mess up.

  • LibrasLair I don’t doubt your young spirit any minute. Figured that one out a good while back. 🙂 I live in Amsterdam….. so you can somewhat imagine the craziness that does happen here. Nooo I am not that wild but have easy access… lol

    PS: ladies don't let people rub you the wrong way on the forum. Seen enough of that .. I just don't give it any attention 99% of the time.

  • Librarise if you want you can do the compability analysis of The Captain here or try on her/his new website. You can find the link in the thread.

  • You sound like you have been over on that OTHER thread and came back all pumped up. Calm down and take a breath we love ya. Now he isn't perfect he's just a man. And same sign or not they aren't entirely like us girls. I kind of got the feeling with all the kissing in front of the other guy he was marking his territory. I could be wrong but really as easily as you get hurt we do to. But we have a tall wall that goes up so fast it will make your head spin and we don't want you to think you got to us. I have read on here that people think we are cold and it would seem like that on the surface but we have the softest center you ever want to find. We sometimes have to be that way. I think sometimes we just think way too hard about making things work when we would be better off letting them work. Now just treat him the way you want to be treated and tell him that's all you want from this. I myself call my life an open book and I have nothing to hide. You can ask me anything and I won't lie to you. I am not perfect I have done or treated people in a way that I am not all that proud of but I tell you I didn't get into trouble ever like my friends it just isn't in me to try somethings. I believe I worked through many things in other lives and I am back here again working on gullibility and jealousy and not being able to make a decision sometimes. But I don't go out of my way to hurt someone, and I am so soft hearted that all you may have to do at the time is say cry to me and I will now that is embarrassing. I say soft but it's a biotch to feel what others aren't comfortable showing and so I put the wall up to try not to allow the empath embarrass me. I think if he stops long enough he could be afraid your going to see that side of him. I am feeling that he could be like me in that respect. Been known to be wrong. But my son can break almost as easily. He is Sept..30th. I think he's a good guy just running all the time to avoid getting caught.

  • Amsterdam boy you had me fooled. I thought you were in Florida. How funny is that? Well we know how they are in Europe....... very open minded. Damsam I wish they were more like that here. So judgmental. YOU Naughty girl. So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LibrasLair - You know reading it back I noticed that I was pumped up. Saw some typo’s here and there. I still hope it made sense. The territory thing was indeed interesting since the other guy invaded his it first and then he kind of claimed it back when we were at the train station. Madness.

    I don’t agree that Libras are cold. I have seen how this man cares if you are not in the position to help yourself at the moment of need. The first time he “got to me” was when I was sad about a misunderstanding with someone else and he caught on to it. I was trying to put a smile just pretending I was okay. He saw right through it and told me that I should take of that mask that didn’t sooth me. He understood my situation and we talked about it. Then is when I noticed that all the noise he was making was just an act. Don’t get me wrong. I love his liveliness but when his energy is high... oeffff.

    I also have seen how you ladies here take the time to explain not only to me but to anyone that needs to understand what your sign all are about. So if you were cold ... it would be freezing on this forum. 🙂

    So from me a Scorpio to you a(ll) Libra thank you for all the love.

    Your son, me and the Libra guy seems that we all have the same running shoes on. sighs

  • Me naughty???? Have you fooled??? LOL

    I wished I was in Florida!!! Sun, sea. I hear you on the open minded part. It does has it advantages. Especially in this city. Vacume-, balloon shops, shows, windows, lights. hahahahahaha. Tourist attraction.

    I have a friend (22-10) in NY says the same thing she always declares me crazy when I tell her the things i experienced. We hang out on the phone once in every 2 or 3 months and just have a ball talking about mischief etc.

    Your something else. Age is just a number. 🙂

  • I will give you something else to think about. I say our faces are and open book too. You can take a look at me and see if I am confused, hurt, mad, happy, dumb founded or anything. We have a hard time hiding our face. Shock anything it's on our faces.

  • So your 20 years my junior. You know I am now making my way backwards? LOL

  • LOL..I am familiar with the face expressions I have had 2 months of introductions to it. In general I am pretty good with it. I am also a first hunch kinda person. It's either a good or a bad vibe...never in between.

    It ain't a bad thing ...backwards flipping..LOL

    If I was to tell you that we recently have Hugh Heffners magazine (dutch version) first 60 year old bunny looking without touch up like a 25 year old...... I rest my case!! I heard it should be out in the US soon.

  • Funny did you see my picture over where soapmaker was going to tell you about past lives. She took a long time letting me know. And does he have a problem with seeing only in black and white? I mean like right is right and wrong is wrong? I have worked many years trying to see the gray area. I am better but I still lean to the black or white so it's work in progress.

  • Ahhh the gray area. Well recalling the last conversation where I couldn't get my two cents into it...he was pretty much on the black and white scale. I can't tell you if it's a work in progress for him because we haven't discussed that many topics. But I assume it's gonna be heated since I do have my own opinions. But if stays at a discussion it's okay. I myself due to experiences have embraced gray area's just to understand the subject, person. I have learned sometimes it give you some breathing space and keeps your blood pressure down. I have my strong morals about many things and i stick to them but I am willing to peep over the fence to see if the grass is indeed greener.

    I haven't seen your picture. I will look it up.

  • Well I like to hear other peoples opinions whether I agree or not because they just may give me something to think about that didn't dawn on me prior. So I will listen and think about it. But I want to change the subject do you find The Captains site hard to do anything in or understand or get into. She gave instructions to put your name in but where I was wanted more. Gee if it's going to be difficult I won't do it.

  • I have been on the website. It's not the best choice to start out but I do understand her wish to get it out there as soon as possible. It's work in progress. It has some bugs and I saw today that there more subjects added. I think you should wait a few days to see what else is added and the usability. I myself is setting up a website for my future business and I work with a certain kind of template. I did mention this to Captain because the idea is strong and can work. I hope the choice made isn't going to "kill" the intention.

    I used to calculate building projects. That was a career switch from being a secretary for years. Now due to my illness I have been out of work for a few years and now I am slowly trying to get myself back out there. I am going to give advice in living comfort for social housing in South America.

  • Oh how interesting. Well I tried 3 times to send to her and frankly I don't give a damsel if I find out now. It kept saying that it didn't work so I would imagine this may bite her.

  • LOL...calm down!! I tried adding my date of birth and noticed the bug. So I guess I will sit it out for a few days. I will give her the heads up. Besides she is in Australia so I don't know if it has to do with the server of the website she got it from. Could be anything.

  • But I was wondering were you able to become a member first? Then the PM thing can work.

  • Yes I was able to become a member but then it said I wasn't tonight after it showed me as a member. It is confusing.

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