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  • Hi, I don;t see anything for me yet and there's no problem. I will check back again. After reading all the comments from the first thread and this one too it's understandable. Thanks for the update on your situation. I'm on page 28 so take the time that you need. Thank you in advance for the time and energy involved.

    Bless you.

  • Soapmaker,

    Thanks for posting your website, I will definately check it out. Mom sent me some raw shea butter and the literature said you can use it on any part of your body including your hair but it is a bit difficult to use since it is so gritty and besides, in the raw form it doesn't smell all that good! Lol! She said to mix it with some other lotion so it won't smell so bad but to me that is defeating the purpose of using an all natural product. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer 😃

  • heyyouwasup? this is exactly the place to let indigodance know how you are receiving what she helped you with and (as I understand it) how you feel she did with your reading. I hope I'm right, I think I am, so please write her what you are feeling! okay, well, I hope I didn't stick my nose in at the wrong time. And I hope you recover and take goooood care of your sweet self. : )

  • Hi Velveteen Rabbit - no I dont do readings for many others, like the others here sometimes we need another person to step in to help clarify our thoughts - "bring us back to centre". My response to "heyyou" touched my heart as I know where she is comming from - "empathy"... (another thread!!). My skills are in reading peoples energy and connections - but I usually do that face to face, although I can pick up a lot from an email - the way others write gives me heaps of info on their emotions.

    Like UH does with the Tarot - its about vibrations (energy) what we feel, what we see... thats why we need to send love to every one (even if we dont think they deserve it - it will help move the negative energy out and bring the positve energy in).

    Love to all, Carole xxx

  • ohhhhh......i have so much to learn...thank you for being gracious, Carole....hugs, smiles....and to EVERY one here! and appreciation and love!!!!!! lots of love.... beth

  • Dear Universal Harmony,

    I know you made this new thread and people keep leaving requests on the old. I had an idea thought not very original. Make a new thread telling people No More Requests Taken Do Not Post For Would You Like A Reading. I just thought of it based on your post on the site from dec. 10. Thank you again for sharing your gift with everyone:)

  • ckdgh703

    An EXCELLENT IDEA. it would help us who posts on and off that its done and shut down n no more to be done you know. excellent idea i love it

  • Good morning UH. Remember me? You asked me to clarify my question in the other thread. I've read all of your readings and would love nothing more than to have YOUR insite.

    Thank you for your time. You're amazing! 🙂


  • Hello. I am still looking for my reading. I know you are really busy.

    Just keep coming here daily hoping to see it. Know it will appear one of these days.

    Thank you, Universal Harmony

  • hello dear universal harmony, you are very generous and loving. I just want to release you from doing a reading for me. I hope that will help? Hugs, hugs, and lots of love. Velveteen Rabbit:)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi soapmaker

    I took a look at your soap website and you offer a lot of soap with great ingredients in them.I was wondering have you ever thought about adding what the soaps benefits are. and what each ingredient is good for.Maybe offering whole sale prices for a minuim order of say 6 bars or more say at least 50% over the cost of making a bar of soap?they say you should always mark your product 100% over the cost.Maybe it would help increase your sales some.i noticed on one of the threads that you were open for suggestions.

  • Dear UH,

    Hope Everything is going ok and you have a nice holiday season:)

  • Dear Universal Harmony, I to hope all is well with you. You can take me off your reading list. I leave tomorrow. I will follow my intuition I pray that I am rmaking the right choices. It wsa very kind of you to offer free readings. We all learn something about the human charachter every day. Sometimes it is not at all what we expect and then others it is more than we could have asked for. Love & light dear, Have a great Holiday. and if you have any time pray that I will get a tad smarter than when I started. Thanks again. Angie

  • Is Universal Harmony doing ok? I haven't seen her on here lately? Does anyone know?

  • no idea but haven't heard since she made the new thread. I hope she is ok and not overwhelmed by all the requests.

    You don't have to do mine either at the end of this thread. I just wanted to help you out because you've been so kind for everyone here. I offered my idea which hasn't worked too well just to help with no strings attached. Hope you have Happy Holidays. Many blessings to you!


  • You tell them , Bente,

    How are you doing

    we haven't talked in awhile, i am getting ready for a trip to florida for the holidays I hope you have A great one .


  • Dearest Universal Harmony,

    I see you have been very busy on this forum. I hope you take time during this blessed season to enjoy the miraculous energy infused during this time. You deserve so many wonderful gifts for all the generous readings you have given here.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year.

  • u.h

    please remove me from your reading list ,I can't even remember what page it was on now.

    Take care of yourself, you'll have alot to deal with soon and I don't just mean the readings.

    look after yourself and I and others surround you with a loving light.

    blessed be


  • UH, take care of youself first. Hope you have a great new year..please take me off ur list also

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