To mylovingmylife,

  • I have been out of this forum for awhile, due to i was hosiptal, coming home i was facing some quite serious issue, i went in a quite negative mode sorry to say, but true!

    recently i started reading the newsletter from california pyshic, which are in keen patnership with tarot com. they have some much on spirtualty, topics such as your spirtual guides, why i am telling u this, because iremember once, one of your forums, you mention that you wanted to grow more.

    at the same moment, i would like to express my thanks, to all of you, chris1962, mrrncheck.,dalia,and so many others, the way you uplift others is really amazing! lovingmylife, so many of you. God bless u each one every day,

    sorry if i dont capitized your names!

    my computer, is not in great shape, some days it just dont take the capitales!

    thank you again


  • thank you so much ramonita how thoughtful of you.P.S Dont worry about the caps!!! ( :

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