Recurring Dream Over?

  • This is any easy one! Any dreams of a house represents ourselves. We all have these dreams. Different rooms mean different things. The basement is our lower urges and the attic or top floor is our higher thinking. Bathrooms call for healing and a release of guilt and shame. Rooms and doors and certain conditions say a lot. Roofs that leak or water running through reflect a burdon of being too emotional. Slit houses and hidden rooms represent the disconnect between our two halves. The balance that comes from integrating our light with our shadow half--this act celebrates a leap to higher conceisness and is a very good dream. Congratulations! You must have made a forgiving change in how you see yourself--you have started to acknowledge your darker side without self destructive behaviour--it means you are more loving and excepting of yourself and by avoiding the usual emotional rollercoaster rides instead you are calmer and now and hear your higher voice clearer. Your house is now one--yes, what a relief!

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