Recurring Dream Over?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if someone could help me with dream interpretation. For many years I have had a recurring dream that the home I live in now was actually a 2 family home instead of a 1 family that it is. In my dream I discover hidden doors that lead to another part of the house and find that it has been occupied and my family can’t have access to it, someone else is living in the apartment. This has been occurring off and on, and in different variations for many years.

    This morning I had the SAME dream but this time no one was occupying the space! We found a few doors that led to this space and my family was able to clean it up and use the apartment! It seemed like a quite a relief but I am now wondering what sparked the change in the dream? I’ve tried to look it up on a dream interpretation website but had no luck.

    Any insight would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Blumoon is dead on and Woo Hoo! You can always look and find what you need in your own house! You could try to look into Jung for a better understanding of ourselves,dreams and symbols. (archtypes) I would like to offer up a further idea ... Family may symbolize a division of parts of yourself or it could be literal. We all dream in different ways. There is a slim possibility that family does mean actual relatives only you can answer so ....

    Different thought : Paragraph 1 > "... my family can't have access to it , someone else is living in the apartment " Are you closing yourself off from family in some way? Protecting .... maybe ... some emotional part or issue of yourself?

    Paragraph 2> " ... no one was occupying the space.." & " ... my family was able to clean it up and use ...." No one there suggest you have removed/hidden something/ someone. Did you allow your family in ( emotion?issue?) and they, in some facet, help you to sweep it away?

    Quick observation: First paragraph you write "in my dream I discover hidden doors .."(aspects of yourself) and in the second, " We found a few doors".... You have turned the singular ( I ) into a plural ( We ). You've reached a higher plane in understanding yourself and meeting your needs! (or subconciously getting it from actual relatives, lol!)

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  • CoffeeGem -- too funny about your Mom. Nice to have someone in the family that is kind of walking the same path. In reading ur post I am trying to understand ... are u saying there was merit in the "family" idea I threw out ? Curious ... I can learn something new : )

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  • Thanks for the affirmation, CoffeeGem! It will encourage me to stay open and reach deeper into all I believe,but don't always depend upon.

    I've had a dream walk through my house and knew what it was about as Blmoon wrote. Generally, the people we meet in the house Are parts of ourselves that need integration. Something whispered to me that your dream may have more to it.

    Family revelations can catch us off guard and leave us with that What ? Huh? Whhhhyyy? I'm experienced with that everythings fine situation ... it leaves an empath with a bad taste, doesn't it? I adore my Mom; I'm glad you have a good relationship with urs. Sharing broadens understanding. Txs!

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