• May I request a general reading from you? Very Grateful ~D

  • You are a hard one to read. Almost passed for good but decided to give it the full moon look. Spirit shows me water--calm water like in a lake not tidal--something constant and not much ripple. Spirit shows me the word MOJO! You are looking for your mojo. The crones lament! One day you woke up old. It s u c k s. After the shock wears off this begins a time towards great transformation and healing. To take all you've lived and learned and now make sense of it in a way that heals you to be the person you were born to be. Drama and falling hard has never been your style--you like the calm waters so this sudden resstlesness and emotion rattles you a bit. Something is missing. PASSION and purpose. What have you traded for calm predictable waters? This missing something is a still hidden aspect of you that is the final piece to the puzzle of your journey home. Spend alone time in nature and in joyful activities and listen as there are spirits guiding you through this wonderful stage of your life. Mojo rising! Blessings.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Blmoon ~ Will you please do a reading for me as well. My DOB is 7/5/1968. Thank you~ Susan

  • dmick59

    I got your reply within the hour you wrote. Thank You and the spirit who spoke up for you!


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