Anyone, I need an emergency reading PLEASE.

  • My 22 year old daughter just found out she has cervical cancer! She was born December 31, 1986 at 2:32am. I am hoping someone can help shed some light on what the future holds for her. She found out last week and is to schedule an appointment with a specialist today to go over what stage she is in, what her options are and what to expect. Going by the length of time of her symptoms (about 8 months to a year) and the severity of her symptoms she is most likely stage II or III! I am going with her to the appointment to support her, get information and ask lots of questions. I would really like to have some insight into her future. I am so worried! I read the survival rate is only 50-65%. I have been praying like I have never prayed before! If anyone can shed some light on her future PLEASE let me know. I will be forever grateful.

  • I also wanted to add that she put off going to the doctor over the past year. I don't understand why I kept after her to go but her response was always "I know. I will." She finally went because she was having so many problems and has lost 50 pounds!

  • Hi Van5521,

    I am not a psychic and I am sorry to be unable to offer you a reading. I have been in touch with someone who will be able to help you, help is on it's way.

    I am going to pray for your daughter, pray to Archangel Raphael that he can send his healing energy to your daughter. I hope she can fight this and my thoughts are with you both.



  • Namaste Van. I wrote a response to you that didn't post so let's try again. Please note that I do not read for the future, as our point of power is in the now.

    Your daughter has issues that stem from childhood and these have been very impactful. While being a practical or rational person, she is very emotional and must learn to use emotions, especially through her work, rather than allowing them to build up inside. Journaling would help as she is a writer and can easily express herself with pen and paper. She has a fear of death that stems from early on, can be mistrustful and pessimistic. Her personal sense of security is also an important issue that could be addressed. If she has not been tending to her health needs, this speaks to a level of self love that requires attention and improvement. I would go so far as to say therapy, as avoidance has its roots in stress. We are whole and complete beings; it is only a PERCEPTION that we are less than, incomplete, or imperfect. Stress doesn't even exist, but we make it so by believing it, and by allowing it to hold sway in our lives. By saying it over and over.

    Is there a person in her life who she has not been able to be with, due to one of them being too young or not free? I feel there is a relationship that may have made her melancholy.

    Right now it is important for her to take charge of her health needs. She'll have loving support from you, of course, but it is imperative that she be the person in charge of her healthcare as often as she can cope. You may have heard this; that we cannot resolve a problem by condemning it. It is important that she not see cancer as an 'affliction' or something that is being done to her. I recommend not using phrases such as, 'declaring war on'.. or "fight" this thing. I do recommend she hear as often as possible phrases such as, a course of healing, health, perfect health, used in conjuction with the word Now. I also recommend that she get used to envisioning the outcome of her current circumstance as the most joyful outcome she's known. I would also add a daily meditation that includes "my body no longer produces the death hormone, instead my body only produces the Life hormone." I would also ask the beings of the etheric plane such as Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to escort her to the Crystal Healing Temple every night. She must commit to perfect health now and to making the changes in herself, body mind and spirit, that will help bring it about.

    I don't know what her spiritual practice may be but aligning herself now with the Creator energy would make a huge difference. There are shifts within her that are waiting to occur; this is not to say that there will be a medical miracle. But all is truly possible when it is believed to be so.

    It is our beliefs that decide what comes to us. There is a need for examination of her belief that life is a joyless journey. Forgiveness of her self and self acceptance would be a great place to start.

    Lord Sananda spoke to this briefly: "the key for her now is to make way for the truth; the truth of her being. There is an expectation of gravity, that life is a grave place to be. This must be acknowledged and renounced to allow a higher truth to take its place."

    I'm sending you love and blessings, and have sent your daughter healing energy. I'll continue to pray for both of you.

    Love and light,


  • I'm sorry you have this burdon to carry. Your fears are justified--she has an aggressive form of cancer. Catch your breath. Do people survive?--yes they do. My husband had kidney cancer and has been cancer free for almost ten years. His mother had throat cancer in her thirties and was cancer free untill she was 78. She also had let it go way too long yet beat the odds. My closest friend battled cancer four times and lived way beyond what the textbooks said before she died. She was a lot older and tired by then. Your daughter has youth on her side. It really does increase the survival rate. When my girlfriend was battling hers I looked everything up and the worry was so heavy--yet it amazed me how she refused to know too much--I later realized that it was probably her way of being positive because the mind does play a role in survival--had she known at times what the text books said she may have succomed sooner. Don't burdon yourself with regrets or guilt for not "making her" go in sooner. You have to trust the timing of life beyond our control. What you can do is pray for the right doctors. Get the best--ask around. You are good at this. The most important thing is to live in the moment--resist talking about it too much and getting the fear energy going. When my husband was diagnosed we didn't call relitives right away only because we knew if we had to tell it over and over we wouldn't have the strentgh to cope. We pretty much locked ourselves in and did nothing but watch funny movies. (there is a cancer study that says that laughter releases a chemical that improves the immune system!)Yes at times we cried and held each other but mostly we laughed untill after the surgery. Your daughter is a very strong person and her ability to just put things out of her mind is a plus really right now. She doesn't worry so much because she has you for that.. I don't think anyone here is going to tell you how this will end--spirit says they can't as it really is not set in stone. Focus on the success stories--they are as real as any worse scenerio.I also have another friend who ignored symptons for colon cancer a year and a half--I even sided with her when she broke the appointment! Of coures she had played down the symptons and lied to me. She had a rough time with chemo and all the little emergancies that came with but she survived cancer free for 15 years now. Dwell on success stories. Take care of yourself as she needs you to be her rock when the days are darkest. Living each day one at a time is the best advice right now. Her lessons through this are different than the ones you face so don't be supprised when you two but heads. I do see May will be an important turning point. You are in my prayers. Also, you can look up any or all of the local spiritualist churces in your area and can request healing prayers.

  • Yes please do yourself a favor and dont read statistics. Look at your daughter now as a survivor not a defeated person. My son was diagnosed with lukemia almost a year and a half ago. I told the doctors please dont talk to me about statistics because my son isnt a number he is an extraordinary boy. He blew me away with his strength and courage. He is now in remission and doing wonderful. Its very shocking to hear your child has cancer and its a big mountain to climb but you can be a support to your daughter by showing her how strong she can be and believing that she will survive this. There were times I was afraid to beleive in the best because I didnt want to give myself false hope. But it is not false to believe it is important to believe thats how you will get through this. I also have to remind myself sometimes that it is my son that is going through all these treatments and pain, not me. So I dont get to feel sorry for myself although it has been tempting at times. I have to look at my son everyday and thank God he is still with us and thank God for the many times to come that my little boy will still be with me and I get to watch him grow up into a man. I hope I didnt say too much with my own story was not meant to take away from what you are going through only meant to encourage. Love, Lovin. ( :

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  • Hi Van5521,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I will certainly be praying for her. There are many new, cutting edge treatments out there for cancer. Some that have just recently been made available. I know it's hard but, try not to get lost in statistics. Remember each person is an individual. Wishing you and your daughter all the best.

  • Thank you Ahliyah you are truely blessed with a special gift.

    My daughter has always been angry at the world. Although we have always been extremely close, it never filled that void in her life. I feel it is due to the fact her father has never been in her life. No calls, visits, cards or child support. She has had a drug problem that started very young. A lot younger than I ever knew. She constantly lied and stole from me and our family. She has had many blackouts in compromising positions, which could be her fear of death. She married 3 years ago this month and has a perfect 3 year old boy. Over the past year she has been in rehab centers and is currently doing very well ( I believe ). Several months ago she got involved with a man that is 25 years older than she is. He supplied her with all the drugs and money she wanted. It seperated her and her husband of course. This man abused and controlled her and is currently stalking her after she ended it and went back to her husband. She has a good life with her husband and son now. Her husband is very supportive and loving.

    I have raised her with strong beliefs in a higher power. That prayer and believing will heal! I have witnessed it and so has she. I will definately speak to her with only good health in mind. She is currently in counseling for her addiction but it is more of a group therapy. I will talk to her about keeping a journal. She kept a journal for years when she was younger. I'm not sure why she stopped.

    I want to thank you for your time, wisdom, love and blessings. We are both truely grateful.

    Thank you Wenchie for sending me help and thoughts and prayers. It means so much to me.

    Thank you Blmoon for all your insight. You have to be a very strong woman to go through all you have been through. I pray I can be as strong. I do believe the saying "everything happens for a reason". I know we don't always understand why, but most come out stronger when faced with something so difficult. Yes I am the worrier for my daughter. I know she is a strong person it is just hard to see it right now because she is so physically weak. I will read about all the success stories and I will encourage her to do so too. And when May rolls around and she is cancer free I will thank you again for all your healing prayers.

    Thank you lovinmylife for all your strength! I can feel it when I read your words. I am so happy for your son. I will pray for him also. I am going to forget the statistics and send all my energy to my daughters recovery. When she first told me, I had the most overwhelmingly helpless feeling. I know that isn't going to help her one bit so now my focus is on what I can control and how I can help her. Thank you for all your prayers. I will be praying for you too.

    Thank you manifestdreams for your prayers. I have been reading about some of the latest laser treatments available.

    I know in my heart that belief and prayer will get her through this. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and grandson. I know I have to be strong for them both. I will take time for my own needs too so I will be able to be their rock! My prayers go out to all of you!

    Much love, Van5521.

  • You are really a sweet person van.....I know its hard and some days may be more challenging then others. I have learned how to cope for example, I know the day I take my son to his treatments I am going to leave the hospital emotionally and physically drained so I try to have things organized the day before. I also have only 2 people that I tell the blood results to so that when I get home I am not bombarded with phone calls and having to repeat myself over and over. Make sure you take care of yourself to because you are also important. So I guess what I am saying is prepare yourself for those long days at the hospital if you are to be the one going with her for any treatments. If anyone offers to do nice things for you like clean your house of make you dinner let them. Dont let pride get in the way of accepting any help. I learned how to graciously accept help even when I really didnt want to later to be greatful I accepted. Let others be there for the both of you. God bless you guys.

  • I want to join in and tell you I also am sorry that your daughter and family are having to go through this. I beat Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and this month I am cancer free for two years. I listen to Dr. Oz when he would appear on Oprah and started taking vitamins that help prevent cancer while on my treatments. Like Dhea, A, E, and D. I already took my other vitamins as well but I will tell you I always knew I would beat it and I believe a positive state of mind to begin with was a major benefit to my being able to whip third stage A,B. I had 8 chemo treatments and amazed my doctor. So lets keep all our energy focused on your daughter is going to do well. They are beating the odds all the time. Much love and light coming to her.

  • I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a while. There's been so much going on around here. My daughter hasn't been to the doctor yet. I have told her how important this appointment is. She lives 3 hours away from me so it's hard to be with her as much as I would like. I know she's a big girl now but I still feel the need to push her to do the things that are necessary and important. She puts everything off. I will update as soon as I hear some news.

    I do want to thank everyone for all your blessings and prayers. I know everything is in Gods hands and the outcome is his devine plan. Your strength has given me strength to help her through this with a brighter outlook on life.

    God Bless you all!

    Much love, van5521

  • Van, so sorry about your daughter. I do hope she stops putting things off and tries to fight it. You have come to the right place for support. I am also going through the cancer thing and everyone here has been a great support. Ahliyah has been absolutely wonderful. When I first got my news I was devasted and then had to put it aside to fight. I started right away on herbs and natural healing with acupuncture and TLC from family, friends and this forum. Had surgery last week and biopsy of what they took out of the cervix came up as precancerous. I am considering this good news, of course they do not know if the cancer is in the uterus and we will have to wait 3 months to do another test and really start over (they check the cervix again first and then if nothing is there and the test is positive again then they know it is coming from more than likely the uterus. So complicated. Everyone is different and I did not have any symptoms. I was told by 2 different doctors that this type of cancer has a good survival rate. They have options of removing parts of course with other cancer treatments and it is one of the few that can also change very quickly. They say that your body in many cases starts to produce something and can change and fight the cancer. In my case I am hopeful that mine changed due to my actions, prayers from others, and help from the universe. I have a long way to go and know that the wait is long and hard and that things can go either way, but at least I am fighting. Wishing you all the best. I think my cancer was caused by stress from my divorce after 30 years of marriage. Love, light, joy and happiness.

  • Olivebranch, Wow! I did not know you were going through all of this. I am amazed by so many of you on this forum. Such strong, brave , kind people. Olivebranch I will pray for you too, take care of yourself. Love, lovin.

  • Olivebranch

    I want to thank you for the encouraging words. I pray everything goes well for you. I know it takes a lot of strength to fight this fight. You seem to have it under control though. I am getting good advice to pass on to my daughter. Just getting her to listen is another thing. I keep praying. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you the best of luck, Van

  • van5521,

    I hope you were able to convince your daughter to get care and that by now she has done so. I started showing pre-cancerous cellular changes at 23. I had my first biopsy ( cancerous ) done at 24 when I was 7mths. pregnant, not fun. This was continually tracked and a decision was made to "freeze " the cervix.

    At 35, the cancer returned, like Olivebranch I was in the midst of a separation and a whole lot of other stressor. I believe in the power of our minds to change even the smallest thing so I began focus in on my cancer. I won't go into details on my meditations because it may not be healthy for someone reading ---- medical experts should be consulted. Anyway, I went in for surgery

    ( LEEP ) & another microscopic exam was done and the gyn was stunned! She said, " What a minute, I thought the cancer was at a, b, c, d? " I said it was! She looked again and told me that 2 of the areas had shrunk (sp?) in size & one was barely there (don't remember what else. ) I went ahead with the surgery and haven't ever regretted it.

    My oldest daughter was 25 when she called me that she was going through the same. She'll be 30 in May and as with me the doctor is watching and tracking it. This is standard procedure when first discovered. A Pap test, followed by constant monitoring on a schedule and then decision made if neccessary ---- biopsy or some type of surgery.

    This type of cancer has been found to be caused by a virus --- I am well educated in that area, but it would only fascinate me -- LOL ! There are TV commercials now on that advertise vaccinations for young women. I am sorry to hear that you somehow have rec'd erroneous statistics and have believed the worse about your daughters condition. When I was a young wife & mother I too was worried -- What ! I am way to young to have cancer! But, I sought answers. Ten years later my life was a disaster and I went through it all again as an added Fun, Fun Bonus.

    If this helps you or anyone else, I hope it does so in a positive productive way; hearing Cancer scares the daylights out of us & waiting as is the norm is the hardest, scariest part. Sort thru the reasearch and pray.

    Peace to all of you

  • I wasn't going to be defeated by cancer and at no time did I even give it that energy. I knew I would beat it and anyone who is told they have cancer has to approach it believing in your heart that your going to win. I take things that they say will prevent it. I am now eating 10 almonds a day cause they are said do be very healthful for many different things. Attitude is half the battle. And I am fighting everyday to stay cancer free. Sending healing and hope.

  • I want to thank everyone who shared so many inspirational stories and all the love and prayers. I wanted to update on my daughter a little. I haven't heard if she has went to the follow up appointments or not. Every time I ask her she says "not yet". I do not understand why she is putting off something as important as this. She acts like it is no big deal at all. I have stressed to her the importance of the appointment but I can't go for her.

    I also found out last Thursday night that she has been doing drugs really bad again and has lost custody of her son. My beautiful grandson! He is with his daddy and doing ok. He's a nervous wreck over everything. But he is getting better every day. My daughter is letting her life fall apart around her and she doesn't even seem to care. My parents and I, on seperate occasions, have put her through 4 rehab programs. This time she has to do it on her own. I would love to have lots of prayers sent her way. I pray she sees the light before something terrible happens to her. Also if anyone has time, my grandson is 3 years old and has seen and heard more than anybody should. I would like to request lots of strengthening and healing prayers for him.

    Thank you everyone. It really helps to get to talk about this. I am so upset with my daughter right now. I love her with all my heart but she has thrown away her life with a wonderful man and beautiful smart baby to live with a 48 yr old man (she is 23) who is a known drug dealer with an arrest record a mile long.

    Trying to stay sane, Van

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