I need some insight

  • i was offered a job to go to austrelia. when it came time to go the guy that hired me backed out (meaning no move for me). then i was supposed to move up to WY, but then he decided that he was going to quit his job completely. he hasn't put in his 2 weeks notice yet. do you think this job will pan out ? my current job isn't enough to pay the bills. (don't get me wrong, i'm very thankful for what i've got, but i'm starving...)

    please help!

    thanks in advance!!


  • Has anything happened with this, Enne? I'll try and help if I can.

  • no this was the direction that i was talking about in the other string. i was so excited that i was moving there, that it threw my whole life upside down when i didn't get to go. i can't knock the guy, cuz he wanted to stay near his kid. but my life is now mixed up. i am still at my current job, and i'm still barely paying all of the important bills. if you would give me a lil insite into this i would really be in debt to you. i wanna see if i'll ever get back to austrelia?

  • Yes I do see you going to Australia but not for some time, maybe a few years. I feel you need to undertake some study to improve your chances of getting a better job. I think you tend to wait around for help or Fate to intervene, rather than doing it for yourself. Get into something that you love doing, once you work out what that is.

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