New Age, Healers combining with coops. I have a dream.

  • LibrasLair, how lovely to hear from you at this hour, I am in Victoria B.C on an island in Canada. My geraniums have reached 3and a half feet this winter and are still blooming against the wall of my apartment, the ones on the front of my patio are only 1 foot and a half. I have to bragg because my flowers are like my babies and I used to live in the eastern part of Canada where this is unheard of. I walk on the beach which is only 2 blocks from where I live. This is where I find my heart rocks for people to give away. You said Ohio, now I am feeling a stronger connection to lovinmylife since I was told that my ancestors came from there, and I have been talking alot about Ohio for a couple of years now. Thank you for your support on mentioning the book and the unlimited feedback that would be received. I am so pleased to hear that you are eating the almonds, the book is really something and I appreciate your support as many people who are uninformed will read this and will start to educate themselves in all kinds of ways with or without this book, that was my point to begin with. I really enjoy talking to you and others on this sight because I am finding that I am being healed as well through this honest communication and sharing which is really hard to do out there and I don't have the time to commit to a full time relationship with most people. I am also very happy for you that you are free and healthy! My Mom and youngest son are Libras so I have a soft spot for you! I would like to share a little tickle with you I am an Aries and they love me just the same! Lola, and I have to add this so that I am not lectured by others, of course I love being an Aries.

  • Yes most Aries love it too. And as my polar oposite it's not a sign that isn't like me as you might think. In fact my daughter is one also and we are very much a like in many ways. I thought you had to be on the Pacific side to be out on the coast walking on the beach. I know about the flowers. I have lovely roses that are so much harder to grow in Texas than they were when I lived in California. But we got a hard freeze last week and my roses were in bloom and they just kind of stood still in time. Now I have to go out and dead head them but they aren't dead yet. But we are warming back up and will be in the 70's tomorrow and they will look really bad then. I don't cover them like I have to some of the other plants I have. My ferns I tuck up under things and cover in plastic. They will die on top and then in the spring I will cut the dead and they will be good to go.

  • LibrasLair, even though I say my mom now, she has passed over, I never knew a woman so elegant and serene, along with the capacity for delegations and quiet contemplation , truth and conformity for the benifits of others. As well as a woman who men dreamed of, but she was a one man woman.

  • That's very nice that you remember your mom so warmly.

  • Have you tried coffee grounds that have already been purculated then placed over the soil of the roses? That is what we do here. Just a notion. As an Aries and my loved ones being Libras, when they wern't listening to my latest ideas we were laughing. Hence luv2laf. What I admired the most about my Libra mom was that she would listen and tell me that I already knew the answer, or she would just listen and say umm, and look at me knowing that I would be off again in no time with some passionate concern. That was 20 or so years ago but I am still fascinated with her patience. I only added that for your daughter to read and of course to say thank you to you for sharing.

  • Thank you LebrasLair, I just received your post, Have a wonderful day, and it was very nice to share with you.

  • luv2laf I went back to bed cause I was cold and still sleepy. Well I have suggested books for my daughter to read and they have been at her access but she is too busy running around to take the time. She is 41 and not ready to slow down enough to open more. She is in the medical field and will get arrogant like they can get cause they are just sure they know so much more because it's what they do for a living. But I have a podiatrist who swaps information with me and he has even told his wife to call me at times and tells her I bet she will know. And I find that kind of funny. He is an Aquarius and I had an appointment on his birthday and he was late. I said to him because he apologized for being late and I said well your an Aquarius and you all have your own clocks you go by and it's different than the rest of the worlds. And he just looked at me funny. And my primary doctor is also doing some holistic with western. I have several books on healing herbs and plants but I am the only one to open them. And I work with stones as well. She doesn't spend the time with them either but will come and ask me which ones are for something. I have heard of using the coffee grounds on roses but I haven't used them yet cause I always forget it. Thanks for reminding me. I will try to make a conscious effort to remember it this coming spring.

  • Lvnmylife I feel so deeply for you and your son yet I see better days ahead fou both. His penchant for green peppers may have something to do with the fact that green peppers have a high concentration of vitamin C, as do all peppers. I will keep the both of you in my thoughts and prayers. There is no reason for you not to use the health care system that is already in place alongside with the alternative systems you are talking about. Goodness, luv2laf, LibrasLair and lvnmylife, just think, how did we ever survive as a species to get to this point today without healers in every tribe? I would love to see a coop, be a part of a coop and broaden the spectrum of care for people worldwide, many of whom do rely on healers as we speak (or write). I, too, would like to have the name of Edgar Cayce's book please. Carry on, this is a wonderful, uplifting thread, except for the part about corruption, I could do without that Marxist train for the time being. Blessings on each of you.


  • luv, your story about the walk on the beach was so beautiful. I could see everything you said in my mind and it was breathtaking and quite majical. Thanks so much for sharing. And yes Libraslair gave me the names of a couple books that I will be happily ordering after christmas is over and I replenish the bank account. ( : Scribe thanks for your prayers and love to. All of you are wonderful kind people and I thank you so much. muah!

  • Also love I wanted to give you my personal email address so that we can talk privately if you ever want to it is thanks again

  • Scribe1 the name of the book and I got it yesterday in the mail is The Edgar Cayce Handbook for health Through Drugless Therapy I got it in hardcopy which I didn't expect. From a site I buy used books from all the time. abe books dot com you have to be careful with sites because the admin will remove them and you have to put them on just so.

  • Thank you all. This is the beginning of my dream! Lets keep sharing with the deepest love that we can find within ourselves and our stars will shine for our children. Lola and Breemar to you all, and I thank God and the powers that be that we are going to all heal one way or another through communicating and sharing.

  • This post is deleted!

  • LibrasLair, thank you for sharing, I have felt what you are talking about with my oldest son who is an Aquarius, and the doctors as well. I also understand what you may feel with your beautiful daughter. I have a strong sense of destiny that is knocking at my door and it can be very uncomfortable at times, I have accepted this and keep pushing forward even though I feel unappreciated at times. Like you said they are trained to be so called conditioned in some ways, but she still comes to you and will in time find out how the world is on a very different level, it is only a matter of time. Merry Christmas to you and yours, or whatever magical feeling that will keep your faith and continuing faith. Lola.

  • Thank you Scribe1 for being another loving ray of sunshine! We can all share and make a difference to so many and heal ourselves by just being in contact. Iam replying with my heart, not to sound busy, Lola to you and yours as well!

  • LovinMylife, I noticed that I did not address to you my e-mail this to me sounds arrogant, I meant only to give this to you out of love. If you would like to e-mail me on a personal level I am here for you and yours any way that I can be, and again Lola.

  • luv2laf I copied and pasted it. I also have lovin's address and we talk on the phone. She is in Ohio and I am in Austin,Tx.

  • Thank you for sharing the book. I have many on Edgar Cayce anyway and I add to my collection when ever I can. Lola to you as well and Happy Holidays to you and yours. We will talk many times in the new year I am sure. You are a wealth of information. Thank you again. I pass on any things that has been handed down on certain foods that prevent health problems like kidney stones. Asparagus eaten once a week will prevent the kidney stones from forming and if they are all ready present the enzymes will break up the stones and they can pass. Usually if they aren't already too large. I hope this is help to others. I heard it from a friend whose son was always suffering from them until an African-American older woman she worked with told her about it. He was in his teens then and after she started serving them once a week with dinner he hasn't had any problem since.

  • Oh LibrasLair, this is fantastic ! I also watched my dad healed from emphysema by going to Doctor Friday in Tijuans Mexico, who prescribed the Welche's concentrated grape juice, he had been welding with the toxic aluminum for years and after 8 weeks of nothing but the juice he is still after 15 years as stubborn and healthy as ever at 82. He also said that this cleanse cleared cherry pits out of his system, although I am not recommending this here, this is how powerful natural ingredients can be, and my dad was supposed to be on an oxigen tank 15 years ago., I would love to hear more from all nations who are not subject to our lax eating ways and are not subject to our diseases because of it. Thank you, Lola.

  • Hi Lovinmylife, Its wonderful to hear from you on my e-mail, but as soon as I tried to reply it was somehow erased, I don't know how that happened. Please e-mail me again, I would love to talk with you.

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