New Age, Healers combining with coops. I have a dream.

  • Hi LibrasLair, does bump mean don't check the sight?I read that fresh almonds, not roasted or salted, I think the almonds in the shells are the nuts with the most nutrients. And Lovinmylife if you would like more info on different types of remidies for this ailment please share and I will look for the information and share back what the book advices. I will pray for your son. Breemar is a magic word for good health, as well as Lin-Rama to regenerate all of the cells in the body. Welche's concentrated unsweetened grape juice mixed with bottled water half and half in a glass is a good way to start cleaning out the lungs, many other reasons to drink the grape juice, there are poultices etc. with the fresh concord grapes.

  • luv2laf when you bump it moves it back to the top so it will be noticed.

  • I was hoping you would see if you knew of something for the woman asking for help.

  • Thanks luv, my son has acute lymphnomic lukemia which I know I am not spelling right. I learned a small trick about the foods you eat tend to be good for the body parts that they look like. a cluster of grapes looks like blood cells. Which are very good for lukemia patients as it is cancer of the blood. His prognosis is very good by the way. We caught it pretty quickly and hes been in treatment for a year and a half. Its ongoing and he is in remission. He loves grapes and grape juice. I try to keep a variety of fruits and veggies ready to eat at all times. He also loves green peppers and I am not really sure whats in them that may be good for him. I tried the almond thing and he hates them. Hes turning 9 the day after x-mas so hes not easy to fool with food. My brother also had the same cancer at age 10 but did not win the fight. I feel that hes right here giving me and my son strength all the time. I am very positive about my sons health and no in my heart hes going to have a long full life. But it does help to know certain things that I can be giving him that will help him win this battle. Cancer sucks and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. Thanks for your feedback. ( :

  • Hi lovinmylife, thank you for letting me know about your son, I am relieved that he likes grapes, the concorde are prefferable, and the almonds can maybe be ground into a smoothie maybe, just add grapes to it and maybe that might help, I know it may not work, how about a trade off like if you eat this now you can have that later?Have you also tried massage for him and a colonic? The later sounds awful to kids but I think that some kind of cleanse that the doctor perscribes is helpful. I have a long list of foods to eat and how to prepare them and what to avoid, I can write this info anytime for you but only if you wish. I would like to share a little info that I found in Edgar Cayce's book about a man in the1930's who was treated for leukemia a half a dozen times or so with ultraviolet light through green glass and improved with each treatment, then he went on his way as soon as he felt better. I wish you and your son the best of health and a long and beautiful life. Breemar is the magic word for good health and Lin-Rama for regeneration of the cells. Lola is for love which I am sending you and your son, I feel like this little boy could be my own and am feeling a love for him that I am used to feeling for my own children and the greatest respect for you and your brother. Angels under your pillows .Big Huggs.

  • luv2laf : Most glass blocks some rays ....What effect does green glass have on UV rays? Green glass is used in wine bottles to block some of UV rays ...... How can this help someone with leukemia, or as lovin asked lymphoma??

  • Thanks, luv. Yes I would appreciate whatever information you can share with me. I was researching things on my own and it was a little confusing and its hard to know whos a credible source on line and who isnt. I also would never stop treatment with what the doctors are doing as it seems to be helping. I just like to have the information to change his diet and so forth. Thanks for what you said about how you love my son. He is really a great kid and I am not just saying that because he is sick. Everyone that meets him loves him because of his spirit. He doesnt look sick either he looks like a normal healthy kid. But he did put on some extra wieght because of the steroids. He looks good though all his hair grew back after all the chemo treatments and hes just glowing. Thanks so much. big hugs back. ( :

  • Im praying for your son and you as well. I hope that your son gets better and with your love i bet he will. Lola! hahaha i just learned a new word(s). Thank you for the info luv2laf!

    Love and Peace to The World!

  • Hi to all and I truly wish the best for everyone, all I am doing like I said from the start is to read from Edgar Cayce's book to show people how different therapies have been successful in the past, and to pass on any info that I find may be helpful, along with what the doctors advise. It of course is up to each individual to educate and investigate each claim for themselves, I am only a guide to open peoples minds up to the alternatives that maybe an option and some times only one ingredient can make the world of difference to some people who are not seeing results from the meds and common practices today.I have suggested to every one to get this book so that you will understand where I am coming from. I have seen lately color light therapy, sound therapy some doctors are now using, these new therapies stemmed from the 90 thousand cases that have started with Edgar and found to be the truth and way for healing. Breemar to you all, the magic word for good health. And thank you lovinmylife, I had a meltdown yesterday and being in touch with you gave me the most incredible feelings of love and warmth that I so needed, and I will send all of the info in the book on how to perpare these foods as soon as I can. Happy day everyone.

  • This is response to your first post Luv to Laf regarding your dream and specifically about Edgar Cayce's role. While he is on the right track he still promotes a corrupt medicine system. The underlying cure for any chronic disease (including cancer and any genetic predispositions) is nutrition. In America we have a horrid sense of nutrition and are physically and mentally broke from the Medicine Industry that exists thanks to Big Pharma. The Co-op idea is fantastic, and sustainable communities working together not only seems inevitable but also amazing that we can provide everything we need with no help to the corrupt Monetary system that governs our lives today, while giving back and cherishing the earth. Look up The Venus Project for sustainable visions of others. Also for more insight on the power of Nutrition look up The Gerson Therapy; which has proven over 90 years of curing cancer and EVERY chronic disease. For information on why the genocide and enslavement of Animals is not only morally corrupt but supporting a system that cares only about money, diseasing our food supply, and causing all chronic disease in America and respective nations Look up The China Study and watch the Documentary "Food Inc." and "The Future of Food" which focuses on Monsanto’s (a huge chemical corporation) control of our food. Once we can step back from preconceived knowledge of our world and accept that we know very little; then we can start seeing the truth about our spiritual nature and potential as a human race. Stop supporting this disgusting system, which will destroy it from the inside out, unlock the SIMPLE key to nutrition, disease prevention, and longevity- we will also be giving back to the earth and finally living in harmony with its beings. (I can dream.) I believe this will then allow us to unlock our potential that lay dormant in our DNA, when living in the pattern of LOVE and not FEAR, receptor sites will open and endless opportunity will commence. I could go on for days. Watch Kymatica (spiritual understanding of humans) and The Esoteric Agenda too. Zeitgeist and Addendum are also great Documentaries.

  • Hi KymaticaAgenda,have you read his book on Health through drugless therapy?Because if you have or havn't I find that to say his ways are corrupt after he has led most of the healing ways accuratly and are being used alongside other methods is rediculous to say the least. I have helped people for years with the remidies, and I don't care what you or any one else has to say, maybe one day you may find help yourself through these simple remidies.If you have not read the book and have not tried anything in it then shame on you! And I can tell that if you did read the book you did not pay attention to the nutritional info, I am amazed at how many power struggles are going on over a simple suggestion to help people, no wonder the world is so messed up!

  • By the way, your idea is magnificent! One day I would love to be of service to anyone in need. I would love to heal those who suffer and bring peace and change to this world. But not just me, everyone whose desire is to heal and rejuvenate others with God's unconditional love. We could make it happen and one day we will with God's help of course. I will be the happiest person on Earth when i get my turn to help others. Thank you for starting this topic and sharing your dream with us!

  • Yep, have to agree with you Luv, I dont get where K-agenda is coming from. It appears that she said Edgar is corrupt along with our nutrition and our hospital system. Tell me something that has not been corrupted by man? Do we need hospitals for sick people? Yes,. Are hospitals trying to stay up to date with the latest technology to save lives? yes. Have you ever had to go to a doctor or been to a hospital? Is it okay to seek alternative methods? I think so as long as you are getting the correct info, I see no harm in it. I am not stopping treatment which is helping my son and I am still intrested in doing what I can along with the doctors program which has been used to save the lives of many little sick boys and girls. I am not intrested in anyones opinion about corruption at this time. I am not going to start walking around paranoid because there are holes in our systems. I am going to school to be a registered nurse and I am hoping to learn alot about the healing process and the human body where I can put any good knowledge to use on others as well as my son. The system isnt perfect but it is what we have. Anyways, Luv if you would be so kind and describe some of the therapies from the book I am all ears.

  • Thank you Lovinmylife and SunCappyGirl,Thank you for your support, and I really needed it! I will send the info from the book soon, a couple of days, and I wish you both the most beautiful holidays that you could ever imagine, Lola, Lola, Lola, my sisters!

  • Thank you, the Spirit has moved me, I will soon write what the book says. I would like to add that my Mother was a nurse before she was led to her death from well meaning doctors who cared and tried, it was not their fault. I aslo have the greatest respect for your learning and only want to share, if I could have been there for my Mother I would have moved heaven and earth if the powers that be allowed me to, maybe this is the start of helping others to try alternative solutions,, instead of taking drugs to mask a toxic situation. I am not referring to your little boy though. I have a wonderful feeling about you and your brother, I sense the devine at work here. Before I start, I walked into a book store one day and picked up a book about Sylvia Brown's story, I opened the book to a page and read it, it was about a healing room. Sylvia explained that you lead in your mind the person that you would like the healing for into a room which had a table in the center, an the left and right where tall stained glass windows which when the light came in penetrated the bodies with the colors yellow, purple, red, green, orange, I only took a quick look at the book, but every time I need guidance that is what I do, ask to be led to the knowledge and I am drawn to it when I need it. Anyway, the room has a river flowing around the room from the front around to the right and away. You guide the person onto the bed and ask the spirit healers to operate or heal on the person while visualizing the colors onto the areas that need healing, I would suggest getting her books to know what colors to use. I know that each chakra level has its own sound and colors, a book on this and a musical instrument to hit these notes accuratly may help as well, the room does not have any walls except for the stained glass windows. Ask the spirit doctors to heal the person ,and leave it at that with faith. I will send the info on the foods on Monday. If you are comfortable place your son into this room when you have a few moments to meditate and know in your heart that the healing has begun, with total faith, I can see him there now, and it does my heart good. Breemar, Blessed be, and it harm none. Lola to you all.

  • What a wonderful idea! I love this meditation I will use it absolutely and I think once I start practicing the meditation I will intuitively be shown which colors to visualize and so on. Thanks so much again. You can share whatever info you would like too I am very open minded and it seems that you are able to pick up on me and my family for some reason. Lola to you too!

  • Hi, Lovinmylife,I have spent an hour writing to you and this sight just took it off the air so to speak, now I have to start over, this has happened before to me on this sight. I will not allow any thing or anyone to stop my messages! I have had an enchanting evening with my husband tonight on the beach, we were thinking about you, your little boy and your brother, and maybe finding a heart rock to send to you for pick up at the nearest bus stepoe. The weather was clear and the sand was wet from an earlier rainfall. There was a tree that had washed up and seperated the beach in a way that made the beach look cut in half, one side looked sandy and the other side of the tree was all rocks, very odd indead! Something told me to go to the other side of the tree, this is where I would find the blessing for your little one, as I did I prayed for you and him and a flock of white birds flew past me over the water. The last time that I saw those birds was when I kissed my to be husband in the light of the cresent moon, called the wishing moon.,I heard the name in my head of Trevor or Jason, anyway I was concentrating on your son and for him to be healed, in my mind I saw red bubbles flying in the air and heard in my head that a healing had begun, I cried and felt what you may feel on a daily basis and admire you for your strength. My husband said look at the moon, it was a cresent moon, and we felt like a wish had been granted! The sky cleared for only moments to see this and it looked like God was smiling, also the thumb is a symbol for the will and it looked like it had made a mark in the heavens for our wish for your precious little boy. We stared in awe for a few moments then the moon vanished. I believe this to be a positive omen as nature has always given me these signs before. I know that you did not ask me to be so personal but how can I not when we are all family. Lola to you and angels under your little mans pillow. Huuuuuugs!

  • Hi Lovinmylife, you know if I was to start listing off the different ways to cook and eat the foods, I would still cause a controversy and every one thinks they know best. Please order this book, it is only about 4 dollars and has so many variations on how to eat with this and that kind of condition. My intuition is to only recommend the simplest remidies for all kinds of things. I wish that I had all of the answers as do us all, but I have found many recipies for the body that do work. I do not have sufficient advice for this type of situation. I could list off things etc. but I feel that you are doing fine and will learn what to do if you read this book and decide for yourself, along with your education and support ,healing will be with you. I don't want to agrivate a situation. So please buy this book and let me know what you think, I want to send the info but am sure that as a health care professional that you will decide what foods are best for your son. This book is quite an eye opener and I am sure will be an asset in your future. Lola.

  • And I will always pray for and love your little boy, I know that sounds strange but I have 2 boys myself and want the best for you and your family, I have unconditional love for the children. I am one of those very sensitive people who love all children, but yours has touched my heart in a deeper way than usual. If you get this book you will see how important the info is to share before it is out of print. Please keep in contact if you wish, if only just to talk. I am here even just to listen.

  • luv2laf she uses the site I use for used books and we talked about how much I paid for it. So I am sure she will be getting a copy soon. It is too much to copy on here and your write someone would have a lot to say I am sure. Where are you that at this time of the year you can be out on the beach? We are in the states. She is in Ohio and I am in Texas. If your not on the west coast here where are you if you don't mind my asking. I went out and bought the almonds and am eating them now as a preventative. Since I am now cancer free for 2 years and do what I can to prevent it from reoccurring. I also have used Pau d' Arco for the same reason. It was suggested to me. By someone whose family member had very good luck with.

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