New Age, Healers combining with coops. I have a dream.

  • I have a dream, to see all kinds of healers together in one building.I foresee this happening worldwide as communities work together with their different skills and talents. To communicate with eachother on behalf of the patients and guiding them to the appropriate healer. I see some kind of assistance from the government, as well as constant testing for the validity of the healers from eachother. I see the public paying according to what they can afford, as tax confirmation would verify this, if unemployed then volunteering in the community would earn them a ticket to see a specified healer.I would like to see all healers paid equally with the amount of time spent with each individual an exception. I do believe that with most patience they can be helped without medication, with a good education of why they are ill, mentally or otherwise. I would like to see a new age of Edgar Cayce's , we all know the truth, lets take our power back. Edgar Cayce has over 90 thousand case histories that are being tested to be accurate to date, drug free. This is of course a simplified version of what will happen, but I do see it happening in this lifetime.

  • Yes I know I don't know how to spell Co ops, but I think that you know what I mean, LOL

  • I would like to see this new group of healers calling the healing centers the Heart Rock Foundation, since I have been blessed with finding incredibly beautiful heart shaped rocks over the years and always give them away to the most heartbroken and ill individuals, when I see them again they seem to vibrate on a much higher level which helps them to heal. In return to the blessings I would like to see this for all.

  • Yes Luv2laf, I know what you mean. That is a goal of mine, to start a healing centre, with all kinds of healing available as well as meditation, massage, personal trainers etc etc the whole mind/body/soul experience.

    I think as we are becoming more aware, different healing methods are being sought after rather than just heading off to your local GP. I very rarely get sick and will only go to a GP if I absolutely HAVE TO!

  • Oh, thank you Wenchie I do believe with this type of communication the dream will manifest, thank you so much for responding.

  • You're welcome luv2laf, I hope we can both manifest our healing centre dreams!

  • I have a goal also. Mine is a new age store with a co-op out of the back for exchanging plants and seeds. And a shared garden. My finances are on hold due to the economy so it will happen when everything comes together.

  • Beautiful, visionary idea!

    luv2laf Don't know if u live in the States; I'm in New England. Here, homeopathy & naturopathy haven't really taken hold. Sad. Healers have been around forever ... sadly they are less accepted than the above. Hold on to this wonderful dream ... you too, Wenchie!

    Somewhere over the rainbow ...

  • I would like to see the people take this concept to a new level, without government assistance, since we are already licenced to work anyway and are taxed on our abilities, why not take it to the next level? Why allow the Pharmaceutical companies lead us into further dependance when we as healers are cleaning up what the doctors are some times making a mess of. We all know the truth about how medication is some times needed, but most people have a poor education about the simplest remedies that will heal them without side effects. I have the greatest respect for our Doctors, they have worked hard and try their best, but isn't there a way like I suggested for people to take the burden off the health care sytem by allowing a system whereby the Doctors themselves will recommend a center that can use alternative therapies? Yes I know that they exist, what I would like to see is the people becoming aware of the centers and being able to afford the treatments. Thereby giving more credibility to the healers that started this so called age of chemistry?

  • I would like to see Edgar Cayce's Handbook for health through drugless therapy, be a house hold name for starts. and for more healers to practice these natural therapies.

  • Before my Mom passed away 15 years ago today, I promised her that I would look after her 3rd husband, and I thank God that this book helped me, because I so love this man as my father, Anyway about 2 years ago he phoned and told me that he had cancer and that the Doctors had already told him that the skin cancer was leading to the brain from his face. They removed his nose and operated, he is 82 now,They told him that they were not able to opperate on him again because of his age. Within a week I was on a train to Alberta into the middle of nowhere where he was welding, as a Capricorn would do and always has a project on the go. He is stubborn, but happy to take the 10 fresh almonds a day that I forced on him, he had a test to go through 2 weeks after that and the cancer was completely gone!There were herbs that I was going to get but did't have the time, so the almonds had to do, to this day he is still working and has not complained about anything except wanting to complete his many projects. He is healthier than most 20 year olds to this day! So eat your almonds and if you are not able to find this book, ask me and I will quote what the book says to do word for word on almost any illness.

  • luv2laf what is the exact name of that book by Cayce for those who will be looking for it. I have several of the books on him but I don't have that one. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I for one have my own personal reason for wanting it . Thank you.

  • I just ordered it from abebooks and got free shipping and it was in good condition for $3.79. Thanks I will really be using this faithfully.

  • You are more than welcome,and thank you for the positive feedback.

  • Since it will be Dec. 24th or so before I get the book were the almonds for all types of cancer or limited to specific types?

  • intresting. my son has cancer and I had a dream one night that my boyfriend told him (my son) to eat almonds. So then I tried feeding them to my son in real life and he hates them and wont eat them. I forgot about this, maybe I should try grinding them up and sneaking them in his food.

  • Yes camouflage them.

  • luv2laf check the thread Medical Condition.

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