Tangible vs. intangible

  • i have begun to think about the relevance of relationship between the tangible and intangible in regards to power or essence, seen or unseen. i like the idea of tangible, objects, things held and enjoyed for their asthetic or other quality, yet i am beginning to think they, mere objects, are simply a tool to explore the intangible, more spiritual aspects of ourselves and each other, our lives, as they comingle. any thoughts?

  • you can not have one without the other - acknowledging one leads to acknowledgement of the other. the essence of Everything is, has been, and always will be co-joined.( for lack of a better word currently. ) two parts ( as we usually see things ; ) ) of a whole. better to see it as a whole .... the very moment we name it one; it becomes the other.

    not a new question, as you know. whatever you are questioning can be found somewhere .... physics, philosophy, religion. whatever the answer can be found everywhere to infinity.

    good luck

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