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  • Hello,

    I am a Gemini/Pisces/Sagittarius and I am in need of some guidance. A few months ago I had a fairly large life changing event happen to me, and since then I have been on a road to change. Deep down, I know I want to make the most of the changes but I feel that a lack of motivation and discipline is holding me back.... and maybe the fear of the unknown as well. Is there anyone who would be able to give me a reading, a little insight, into what I need to do? I feel the presence of change, but I dont feel that I have changed. As if there is some action I am suppose to do? Something I need to accomplish in order to move on?

    My biggest fear now is being held back, I would much rather plow through the unknown and make the necessary changes than let past mistakes and opinions keep me from learning what I need to.

    Where do I go from here?

    Thank you,


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  • Hi tmoe,

    I've done a tarot reading for you.

    4 of Cups-mixed emotions

    9 of Swords reversed-cruelty

    7 of Swords reversed-uselessness

    Mother of Swords- mystery

    You've been feeling weary and dissatisfied. You've been wanting new goals but you don't know which way to turn. The path to something better looks difficult to you. Recently you've experienced malice directed at you. You've found it difficult to focus on the matter at hand. Now you are being given the opportunity to think clearly about the situation. You will be getting started on new plans. You are choosing to make a move to better your life and will start to feel better about yourself. You will find yourself again. Don't concern yourself with what anyone else thinks of you, and don't judge yourself to harshly. You tend to want to put on a brave front, but it's OK to cry sometimes.

    Hope this helps some. Good luck

  • Thank you! Thank you SO much 🙂 I have new hope that I will find the motivation within myself to better my life and make the right changes. I really appreciate it, manifestdreams.

  • You're welcome.

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