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    Will you please do a reading for me? My DOB is Feb 9, 1984. I ended a longterm relationship with Wayne (11/19/1975) because I felt he lacked drive and motivation and I fell out of love with him. Later I met Akino. I love him very much and want to marry him. We just had a child on Dec 1, 2009. And I have my whole heart in my current relatinship. I have two questions. My baby was premature, when will he come home and will my relationship with Akino, his dad, last?

  • When will your baby come home? When you think that it now should come home.

    Will your relationship with Akino, his dad, last? No.

    For you there will be 'union of hearts'. This means close relationships, including lovers, married partners, or closest friends. For you desiring a relationship this could be best possible to have. It can also mean time spent with dear friends or family members.

    But the pairing of a mother with a baby can be much like a love affair. However you can be certain that you will be spending some time with someone you love.

    In fact, the immediate is the only ultimate there is.

  • Why won't my relationship with Akino last? I want it to more than anything? I am quite disturbed by ths info.

  • Why won't your relationship with Akino last? Because of your immunity.

    You want it to more than anything? You are even now no more contented with it. But someone new will unexpectedly appear, if you just turn around.

    Freedom is the foundation of life and freedom is the ultimate goal too. Freedom is the source and freedom is the goal. Use freedom to be free from all bondage. Use freedom to become ultimately free.Use freedom to become freedom itself.

  • So I will be the one to eventually leave this relationship due me not being content with it....?

  • No.

    He will remain available to you if you are available to him, so learn how to be available to him.

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