Help with a scorpion Please :-)

  • I know im definately not the first girl to be confused by a scorpion man, but never the less I am confused and need help & advice. I have been to a psychic before about this guy and was told we have an amazing connection (which we do) & that he felt it too but was just being immature. She said that our future was not set in stone, but before I could ask her what to do next & if I sould stick with him or move on my money ran out on the call 😞

    This was months ago and we since split as I wasnt strong enough at the time to handle his ups and downs, being full on then nothing all the time so I finished it. We have recently started to see eachother again and everything was amazing, amazing, amazing calling 2-3 times a day spending fantastic time together then yet again he just drops out of my life & im not hearing from him. If I knew why and thought he would come back to me everytime then maybe I could handle it a bit better but I dont and at this moment, where hes distant I dont feel I can ask him.

    Please can anyone else give me some insight or just advice. Me 19 Mar 85 him 27 Oct 84.

    Thank you.

    Peace & Love to all 🙂

  • pisces and scorpio are supposed to be highly compatable.

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