I am new to numerology due to seeing number sequences

  • so a year ago around my 30th birthday i suddenly started seeing strange energies and number sequences 10:1012:12 11:11 1:11 2:22 3:33 000's triple and double numbers everywhere,thinking acupuncture for pain opened me up to something more with in me or around me once i became quiet with in self,but then looked into my numerology and my life path is 33 and i cant find alot of information on 33 besides..being a master teacher? not sure how that helps with being an artist?i am a automatic/visionary artist..since childhood i go into a trance and create from blank canvas images from otherworldly places..but i thought i just had a hefty imagination though..but so maybe i am teaching though images not through traditional means? any help on this would be sincerely helpful..i get alot of visions but lately seem to be caught up in limbo...


    expression 11

    soul urge 8

    quiet self 3

    life path 33/6

  • Pyrenee,

    Traditionally the 33/6 does indicate a "teacher of teachers."

    However, depending on the individual most people will fluctuate between their master number vibrations and the singular vibration.

    Even though the 33 is a teacher of sorts, it is a 6.

    A 6 is artistic, sensitive, and is intertwined in family issues/obligations.

    Being a 33 requires a lot of self sacrifice and responsibility.

    A 33 says that you must always have a healthy balance of your mind, body, and spirit because the burdens are substantial.

    The traditional definition of "teacher" doesn't always apply to the 33.

    You are right you could teach people through your art, raise their awareness in some way.

    You are a 9 born as well, this also indicates selflessness.

    The 9 is also part of the artistic group, so makes sense that you are creative, and your imagination/intuition is great.

    Your chart indicates that while the creativity is there, you have hidden issues, and trouble conveying it. Pain, criticism, doubt of some sort.

    You can use your story, your issues, to help others get through their own.

    By the numbers you gave for your chart, it is clear that you are here to uplift and inspire the world in your own "unique" way.

    Your long range cycles look excellent, and will help you on your journey.

    Wishing you the best.

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

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