Taurus Love for 2010

  • Will I or other Taurus females find love in 2010. I can honestly say that I have not had true love in my life for my 32 years and I want to find it. I am divorced but I now realize that my husband NEVER loved me and I did not love him! It has been 3.5 years and I want love in my life. I must say that I'm scared to free my emotions to love but I want this. Please help!

  • I am interested too! I am also a Taurus!

  • Bring it on! Another single Taurus here!!!!

    And not the guys from the bottom of the barrel, good quality respectful caring men please (not asking for much hey!!!!!)

  • Hi Wicked Moon. I'm another loveless Taurean. Found the love of my life in 2008 but he seems to love his mother more than anyone else. Can't take it anymore. Wondering if 2010 will bring a man who's ready, willing and able to love.

  • Verybluegreen,

    Oh goodness, I was married to one of those, not only that, he wanted me to be his mother and mother him and do everything for him. I finally couldn't couldn't take the neediness and his controlling manipulation and divorced him. Run as fast as you can!!!! Hope the universe sends a loving man your way soon. :-))

  • I'm a single Taurus too and next year will be turning 32!! was did a not so great year in love for tauruses??? will 2010 be better my DOB is May 19, 78 Help please 🙂

  • Hi verybluegreen! I'm not sure who you are, but thanks for the hello. I am about to go to work...

    I have been dealing with a cancer, and even though I am not looking to get married or anything, I would like to meet someone to have some fun with, and things like that. I have been seeing a Cancer man and he is driving me up a wall, literally!

    Have a great night!

  • I too am a Taurus and need some love and attention. Please someone give us some good news!

  • HEY!!!! I have not had sex for 13 months. My exboyfriend pretty much has ruined it for other men.

    {YES, ladies he was that good in bed. He is a Cancer}!!!

    I would like to know how long I will continue to have my celibacy streak??? I do not believe in one night stands -I am not in college anymore. I am tired of jumping from one relationship to another- was forced to, due to dishonesty from the guys so I would leave. Looking to finally have something meaningful- I am 36years old.

    So I would like to know how 2010 is looking!! D.O.B. 04-21-73

  • pilot007>I totally get how good your Cancer was in bed! I think they have a gift with that 🙂

  • Yeah!!! he was my walking joy stick wickedmoon. LOLOLOLOL

  • HAHAHAHA, pilot!!

    I try not to think about that cause it's gonna be a long time before I ever find a good stick. HAHA

  • You will find a good stick 1Blondie178. As they say "Blondes have more Fun!" HAHA


    I had a lot of fun, but now I'm too old..haha

    Yes, I will find a good stick and and when I do..lookout....it's going to be one looooooooong drive and I ain't stopping for pedestrians!!!!!


    (actually, I feel sorry for the next man...haha)

  • YEAH me too!! hehehehehe!

  • I'm Taurus also. Is there any chance of something positive for 2010 in the love life. It has been a long time I think its about time us Taurus people get a chance at something positive in a relationship. This seems to have been going on forever. I think its time for Taurus to get its break in the relationship dept. I'm sure there is alot of other Taurus that think the same.

  • hey ladies (and men if any of you are out there). i'm not a taurus but i suggest checking out the love for 2010 forecast on the front page of the site, and checkout the forecast for your sign. i feel like tarot.com is usually pretty accurate when giving an overview of love forecasts, so hopefully there are some good things to come for you all. As far as having an---um, passionate---relationship with a cancer, i'm with many of you on that front. they have a way of sucking you in and making you compare everyone that comes after them to them...too bad they drive all their lovers crazy! lol..if you girls have any luck finding a good man who's a total package (smart, successful, kind, funny, HONEST lol), please share the secret of your success with your fellow earth sign!!


  • Well it seems that we all want to know the answer to this question. I read the tarot.com love forecast for 2010 and it doesn't look promising... 😞 I hope this is not true but if so, so be it. I'm getting to know myself more and more!

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