I caught the lazy bug

  • i caught it bad. it all started with me coming back home and convincing myself i was on vacation. then my creative genious decided to start my own ramadan. i've gotten so into myself. its scary. i feel better and stronger than ever. but my train of thought is way too expensive for me. Before i was reckless, lacking self control, no discipline, straight wild, crazy lifestyle. it sounds cheesy but now im one with my body and soul. my mind still wanders and dreams but im always on point. im trying out for a semi pro team next month which is a lil serious but its whateva. all i do now is a few good deeds for my mother, listn to music and cruise around on my board. my life is pretty grounded right now. i need some advice or help or some talking to.

    get at me

  • Being lazy is addictive and unproductive for your mind or body. I truly believe we need to keep busy, doing things, helping others, volunteering, getting a job, even if it's going outside to be close to nature, to really look, to touch, taste, smell, feel the emotions that nature can invoke inside you. I truly feel I am better with myself when I'm being productive. But, we all need a lazy day now and then.

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