Pisces girl, Scorpio guy Help Please :-S

  • I know im definately not the first girl to be confused by a scorpion man, but never the less I am confused and need help & advice. I have been to a psychic before about this guy and was told we have an amazing connection (which we do) & that he felt it too but was just being immature. She said that our future was not set in stone, but before I could ask her what to do next & if I sould stick with him or move on my money ran out on the call 😞

    This was months ago and we since split as I wasnt strong enough at the time to handle his ups and downs, being full on then nothing all the time so I finished it. We have recently started to see eachother again and everything was amazing, amazing, amazing calling 2-3 times a day spending fantastic time together then yet again he just drops out of my life & im not hearing from him. If I knew why and thought he would come back to me everytime then maybe I could handle it a bit better but I dont and at this moment, where hes distant I dont feel I can ask him.

    Please can anyone else give me some insight or just advice. Me 19 Mar 85 him 27 Oct 84.

    Thank you.

    Peace & Love to all 🙂

  • Hi Fishes,

    You gave me some insight about my Pisces guy, so I will try and return the favor. I have a lot of Scorpio family members(including my late father) and I have learned to live with them. They do expect everything to be on their terms and they don't respect weakness. So as a Pisces, you probably come off as being very sweet, nice, accomodating, "go with the flow type" person. I think your Scorp guy does not appreciate this and that you are making the relationship too easy for him to come and go. I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about your willingness to return his calls or letting him breaking things off. You might want to do a couple of disappearing acts yourself, to let him know he doesnt call all the shots.

    I have dated two Scorpios - long ago. Both liked the pursuit and my unavailability at the time. I still keep in touch with one of them. We recently, came into contact via FB. He and I had a real connection and he is what I call the loyal, dignified Scorpian, who is true to himself. He always treated me with respect but he was not overly demonstrative with affection(unless we were intimate) . We recently started emailing back and forth but he is married and although it seemed like we could've picked up where we left off - he is loyal to his wife, so his emails became very formal and distant sounding but always he would sign off by saying "keep in touch". I respect that and would not want to come between him and his wife, anyway. So the decent Scorpios are very loyal to the one they love, once they settle down.

    Your guy may not be ready to settle down and why should he, when he doesn't have to face any consequences from you.

    The other Scorpio I dated was the "low down, mean" type. These type of Scorpios usually suffered some sort of childhood trauma or lack of love that makes them mean and almost ruthless. This guy really hurt me(and a lot of other women) and it seemed like he did it for sport. Finally the only recourse I had was to tell him that I would never speak or look at him again. And I stuck by it. That was almost 25 years ago. He has tried to contact me off and on throughout the years (we know a lot of the same people) and most recently through Facebook. I have ignored all of his Friend requests and messages. I know its immature of me but it feels good to get that Scorpio back. Maybe if he actually apologized to me (instead of pretending that nothing happened), I might friend him.

    Anyway, again my advice is to not be so accomodating. Date other guys and let Mr.Scorpio know that if he wants to be with you, he needs to act right! Don't give him an outright ultimatum because Scorpios live for direct confrontation - nobody can beat them at it. Just do it in your own, gentle, unassuming Pisces way. Hope this helps!

    BTW - things not going so well with my Pisces guy. Hopefully you'll respond to my latest post if you get a chance

  • Hey leonessa 🙂

    Sorry to hear your still having problems with your Pisces, I will check out your posts now. Thanks very much for the advice, I will take it on board. I think my Scorpion sounds like a mix between your two, he can very very honerable and dignified but also can be a bit mean too, especially when he goes on his little elusive times when I feel like shit because he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, then comes back a little weird at first and sometimes a bit mean then after a while will be back to his normal lovely playfull self.

    I think you are right, im way too easy going with him and I think I did (when we were together before) make it easy for him to do this. I was so sure that we were right together and have never met anyone quite like him that I just let him do it. This time I will be different, Im stronger now and I do realise what Im worth so I want to make him work for me. If he wants me then he will work for it.

    Its such a double edged sword I know he needs his space and I understand that, but at the same time I dont want to be a doormat to his needs. I have needs too and he should want to fullfill them. I know I need to stay strong ive not contacted him in days, I know he will come back to me he always does but then do I really want to be playing these games of cat and mouse just to get his love and affection.

    Im a very strange fishes, born very close to aries have a moon in pisces and rising is Sag so im a feisty fish, (he jokes that im a shark) so i do have abit of fight in me so im not sure I can play everything on his terms. He needs to know I cant be messed with but at the same time I want to be gentle and alluring enough for him to want me.

    The time will come where I will ask myself does he give me enough & make me happy enough to put up with this? I can see just by what I am writing how confused I am from this situation. ahh one fish wants him the other wants to swim away.

    Thanks again for the advice.

    Take care.

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