Ladies, i need a little help with insight on a LEO female

  • Im a Gemini and being a typical Gem male and not wanting to get hurt, pulled away and from a Leo. We were never really together b/c in my mind, she was my rebound fling/flirtation (timing) and she, well, has many other guys on call. At one point, she basically said she was in love with me, and I realized I HAD to RUNNNNN! I didn't want to risk my heart for a girl who everyone knows changes BFs faster than underwear. So I acted like a jerk basically and pretend like we never happened. This was a few years ago.

    Recently upon seeing her again, I realized she still cared. (We're in the same circles of friends). I realized now, years later, from other people how badly I burned her and more importantly, that I still love her the way I did then. Not much as changed- the problem still lies in the fact that she's a Man-eater, and I'm scared of her breaking my heart. However, of 2 things I can't deny. 1) She has always been the BEST BEST girl to me-- if I had a checklist, she'll be perfection--gorgeous, sweet, funny, loyal, supportive, generous, etc etc. Nobody has ever EVER been so good to me 2) I love her and our connection is deeper than with my 1st love

    QUESTION now is: Do you think a LEO would forgive and take me back? And how am I suppose to explain my past actions--"I was a beeping jerk to you b/c I heard you're a slut, that's why I had to run away?!?" LOL

  • oh goodness ๐Ÿ™‚ yes leo's forgive, better than most I think. women that go through men are just speed dating/screwing looking for the right one. I think ALL women are looking for mr right no matter what they say. just ask her out on a nice date and see what happens. if she's starts asking questions just tell her that you weren't ready before, now you are.

  • I'm a leo. I would forgive you after reading this. It somewhat shows you really love her after all these years. That means alot to Leos, well at least to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm curious to find out what happened in this situation.

    I'm a Leo femme who's "dealing" with a Gemini man; he broke it off with me saying that he was unhappy, that I have no respect for other people's time, and that I do things whenever it pleases me, and noone else.

    While this, I must admit, is true, I working on being more mindful of others' schedules and priorities.

    When we first got together, It felt like he was in my head-space. He liked the same things I liked, and the time we spent together was great. -Good conversation for hours on end, and he made me feel safe.

    Then we started arguing more, until he broke up with me over a difference of political opinion.

    I couldn't believe it! This was so hurtful... over a political stance. I cried.

    Later that week, he text me saying "I know you don't want to hear from me right now, but I'm sorry for the things I said. and if you never want to see me again, I understand. I'm immature and you would be better of without me."

    I left him to text me a few more times and finally I answered him and we got back together.

    This time he broke up with me, saying he's unhappy, and it was a mistake to get back with me; he said I have no respect for our relationship, and I didn't respect him.

    2 weeks went by and I text him saying "I miss you". He replied asking me "How are you?". We ended up going for Dinner and ending the night with a friendly hug.

    I was alright with that friendly hug, until I got home and all these thoughts started racing through my head, of what a terrible person I am, and how much I wanted him back.

    This past Sunday, 1 day after we went to dinner, I text him saying that I'd like to meet up and talk with him.

    He said he was studying for his exams and would be doing so for the next 2 weeks.

    I went to bed with everything on my mind and tears in my eyes. I woke up Monday morning and rang his phone 7 times until he answered. He wasn't too happy about this, and told me to stop calling him, because all I'm doing is hurting myself. because all he is going to do is say no every time I call.

    That hurt.

    I felt like someone took to my chest with a serrated edge over and over again.

    I went to work feeling broken and depended on my work at hand to distract me.

    That was Monday and today is Wednesday, I'm still feel heart break and I still want him back.

    I can I do to get him back? Anyone ever in this situation and it successfully lasted? Any ideas?

    Gemini guys and Leo girls, you're input would be appreciated much!

    He's 3 years my junior and our charts are below:

    MY CHART - July 24 1984

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 1ยบ Leo 46'

    Mercury 27ยบ Leo 49'

    Venus 12ยบ Leo 23'

    Mars 18ยบ Scorpio 51'

    Jupiter 5ยบ Capricorn 07'

    Saturn 9ยบ Scorpio 48'

    Uranus 9ยบ Sagittarius 47'

    Neptune 29ยบ Sagittarius 13'

    Pluto 29ยบ Libra 23'

    HIS CHART - June 15 1987

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 24ยบ Gemini 01'

    Mercury 15ยบ Cancer 40'

    Venus 5ยบ Gemini 24'

    Mars 16ยบ Cancer 31'

    Jupiter 23ยบ Aries 30'

    Saturn 17ยบ Sagittarius 23'

    Uranus 24ยบ Sagittarius 46'

    Neptune 6ยบ Capricorn 59'

    Pluto 7ยบ Scorpio 26'

    PS: Can anyone tell me what these charts mean?

    Thanks all!


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