Cancer man and libran woman help!

  • Have been seeing this guy for six months now and what a rollercoaster ride it has been. Some days he texts and msns all day long. Other days I am lucky to get a " good night sweetheart" last thing at night. He stays with me every other week on my flat week. But even when he is here he seems to prefer his own company and space. Says he feels more comfortable with me than any one ever before and told me he loved me within a few weeks of us getting together. Yet on the week we are apart is so distant. He does a lot of very thoughtful and caring things and is very generous and supportive. But on the other hand can be blunt and hurtful. Being a libran I can really take this to heart. Is this push me pull you type of attitude always going to go on.? It is turning me into a crazy , unbalanced set of scales here. Feels like i am dealing with 2 different people. yet it would break my heart not to be together.

  • I am a Libra who has been married to a Cancer for 18 years this coming February. In addition to that we dated off and on for nine years before we got married. I love him dearly but can no longer live with him. He has sucked the life out of me. The uncertainty of "which" husband was going grace me with his presence at any given time has finally caused me to start proceedings to end the marriage. I no longer know who I am or what I think or what my beliefs or opinions are. Being a Libra I want harmony at all costs. I have worked so hard to make him happy, conforming to his every demand and NEED, that I have totally lost myself. Because, as we all know, when HE is happy EVERYONE is happy. It's so hard to keep a Cancer happy. I sacrificed myself for him and I have finally matured enough to realize it. Initiating divorce proceedings is the hardest thing I have ever done because I still LOVE him so much but I CANNOT allow myself to be sucked into his black hole anymore. It took me about ten years to finaly make up my mind to do this. (Libra indecision, I guess.)

    I don't know if this pertains to your situation or not. I actually don't even know what you are asking for in your post. I am just telling you my experience- for what it's worth.

  • I will tell you from my experience with my cancer boytoy that I have been seeing for 5 months, and he chased me for months before I started seeing him, that it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride!!!!!

    I have ended it with him so many times and he chases me and gets me again...

    He has not been exactly like some of the other cancer guys that some women complain about on here with disappearing for long periods or ignoring my texts. he actually does the opposite! If I text, he always texts right back, he disappeared one time and when I told him that I will not stand for that, he has not done it again.

    But, he won't tell me how he feels for me, he shows it, but denys feeling anything.

    My sweet daughter is a Libra, so I know exactly how you are about needing harmony and balance with everything in your life. This cancer or any cancer may very well be too much for you to handle because this is what they are about. I am a Taurus, and I think I manage to keep things balanced out by letting him know how I feel about things and he does not like to challenge me too much!

    I wish you luck with him!

    But, he won't let me go.

  • Librans aren't indesisive , we're patient and optimistic hoping things will change for the better.It must be hard for you after 18 years of marriage to come to the decision that being apart is better . I hope it works out for you . And thank you for your reply.All input is gratefully received

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  • He’s off doing his own thing and “being distant” doesn’t mean that he has forgotten about you. He’s doing his own thing; he has things to take care of, other obligations, and other parts of his life that define who he is. When I was much younger, if I wasn’t in constant contact with a boyfriend I would think that there was something wrong. As I matured I realized that it created an imbalance if we focused so much on the other person that we forget about ourselves as individuals. I think it is very important that we define ourselves outside of a relationship, and I think that is especially true for Cancers and all water signs for that matter. They can become very absorbed in people and their environments so they can be more susceptible to losing themselves, and if we become too focused on them, they can pull us under also.

    Blunt and hurtful in what way? It depends on how. Just tell him that he is being hurtful and he will stop. He’s not doing it intentionally unless he has a reason to. For me though, if I ask a question I expect to hear the truth, but that’s me. It’s a good sign that your guy does feel comfortable enough to express himself, because someone that is afraid to show themselves fully, good or bad is someone you will never get to know or know too late. I would be wary of someone who tells you they love you after only a few weeks though. I question how much they really know you to make that determination so soon or whether they are envisioning an ideal which you then have to live up to it.

    Moods, don’t we all have moods? I know I do. Doesn’t everyone?

    If you just look at those 2 elements; air and water you’re correct, they are not compatible. However as we all know, we are much more complex than just our basic sun signs.

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