Help pls

  • Hi, if someone has time I would love a free reading . I am from New Zealand but live in Canada and am having work permit problems and might not be able to stay here. I have built a life here so it would devastate me to leave, can you see if this problem will work out in my favour? so I'll be able to stay here?

    Also, (and maybe more importantly haha) can you see what will happen with Chris and I? if we will be together? He means an awful lot to me (he is here in Canada).

    My birth date is October 1, 1984, I was born in England, raised in New Zealand and am currently living in Canada. I'm not sure if that information helps you.

    Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your time and expertise!!! I just paid out money that I couldn't really afford for a reading and she couldn't really tell me much, so I really do appreciate your time.

    Thank you!


  • Alexandra,

    I'm not a pyschic but I just wondered if you thought about applying for Canadian citizenship. It may be easier than you think since you have been working there.

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