Need some advice. thank you

  • my ex and i have been apart 6 months now. we both still love/care about each other very deeply and i feel everything doesnt have to come to an end. we hang out every chance we get and i can feel that we both still have strong feelings for each other_. we're still VERY close and everybody that knows us/dont know us can see that we still love/care about each other and he still does alot of things for me and he even told me himself that he still loves/cares about me but the only thing thats keeping us apart is that he feels guilty about some things he did while we were together. i forgiven him for the things that happened a long time ago but it wasnt his fault in the first place for why those things happened but he doesnt see that and he wants to put all the blame on himself because he still feels horrible still. how do i make him understand that it wasnt his fault and help him let go what happened?_

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