Tarot interpretation help

  • I am really fond of this guy troy and i wanted ot see some insight if we would have a relationship together so i pulled 5 cards randomly using no spread here are the cards i got


    Seven Pentacles

    Five wands

    Eight wands

    The hermit

    i would be gratefull for the feedback

  • First there would be some balance in you because of your new relationship. You would feel more harmonious.

    Then you will realize that this is not enough for you, what you are getting out of this relationship. You are getting uncontented.

    Then there will come struggle. You want this, he wants that, and you will struggle about that.

    But you will not be able to find a compromise, the way is blocked.

    At last, but not at least, you will go on your own way and should be thankful that this relationship made this possible for you: Being for yourself and going on your way, step by step, following your own light of understanding.

    Then your very being is love—it is not a quality, your very existence is love. You have forgotten all about love. Because you yourself are love there is no need to remember it; now you act out of it, simply, naturally, spontaneously At that point one is surrendered to existence.

    You don´t have a Christian love, a Mohammedan love, a Hindu love... Love is simply love, it needs no adjectives. So is spirituality, so is religiousness.

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