Can someone state the signs that he is just not that into you?

  • I would like for everyone to state from the movie, books, experiences, whatever, the signs when a man is just not that into you!!


  • Ohh Man sigh I did like that movie 😄

    Lets get to the point straighaway and count a few...He doesn't call/text that often. He is 'too busy' to take your call or to call back. He 'forgets' you had a date. He doesn't say I like you/I love you like he used to. He disappears for days and 'forgets' to tell you beforehand. You stumble across 'stuff' from other females in his wallet/wardrobe/lappy/room. He doesn't seem keen on seeing you even when its months since you saw him last. The **** feels cold and mechanical. His family/friends seem to maintain distance from you. And the most important, you feel lonely even when with him! Hope I helped... 🙂

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