Some advice on this reading.

  • Well my 10 year anniversary is on the 18th. I did a reading to see if me and him would be as happy as we are now in another 10 years and I got a pretty (well what I perceive to be) ominous reading. I can't decipher what it means, but I do know that it is either a warning of bad things to come or someone close to me is going to die. Since the spread I was doing was a relationship spread I can only surmise that it will be one of us.

    I was hoping to see if you could help decipher this for me.

    The deck I use is Rider-Waite. The spread I used was an 8 card relationship spread.

    1. The Moon (Reversed)

    2. Queen of Wands (Reversed)

    3. Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)

    4. 7 of Pentacles

    5. The High Priestess (Reversed)

    Any opinions for me?

    7. 6 of Pentacles

    8. 7 of Cups

  • Hi, What I want to let you know about this reading is that the first 5 cards show a change in your relationship or household, not necessarily a death. There are a lot of reversals here and that tells me that there will be a role reversal coming, due to financial, medical or family reasons. The moon generally relates to things hidden coming to the surface - from the unconscious to the conscious - I equate that with the aha moment or a light bulb turning on in your head! this is reversed so I would take that as not wanting to acknowledge it or you are too busy to recognize some factor going on. It would help to know where the moon is in your chart. I would also guess that it could be a role reversal dealing with a mother situation. I would venture to say the queen and king are you and your husband which are also reversed, which to me says that maybe you and your husband are changing and growing together at the same pace. I also have another take that seems to want to be expressed: This is that the moon is a Mother that will need to be taken care of in some way or possibly moves in or your family with her, and therefore, a change in the household brings changes for you and your husband.

    I just can't get the mother (moon) aspect out of my mind with this. The reading is Mother (moon) Queen (wife) and King (husband)! Could one of your Mother's be hiding an illness that will effect you within the next 10 years, or be capable of doing so, until it gets too bad that you are left making decisions? Those first 3 cards are really heavy!

    The 7 of Pentacles suggest an evaluation of your marriage and since it is not reversed says that the two of you are content with the marriage, but have not yet reaped all the benefits of the marriage. One or both of you may feel that you have put in the time and work and would like to experience all the rewards NOW, but know that it will come when it is due. Its kind of like being an expectant mother - excited about having the baby, but knowing if it comes to soon it's survival will be at risk.

    Now we come to the High Priestess Who is represented by the Moon! She is also reversed. Do you and your Mother or Mother in law get along? as both the Moon and The High Priestess are reversed it is superficial, moody, manipulative and controlling. So the changes I see are either within the maternal sides within the family or perhaps a difference in opinions regarding maternal concerns, whether it be in how you interact with your own children or Mothers. As you can see I am really stuck on the Mother thing!

    How do you handle these types of situations? The 6 of Pentacles suggest giving and recieving a charity of self - being pleasant in the midst of rudness, kind in the midst of unkindness, etc... that will award you good karma, and possibly a better relationship (maybe by helping out a parent - even though...) and the 6 of cups means to follow your gut! If you get that Oh NO! feeling you know it and follow it and vice/versa.

    I can see where other people might see that there are secrets (moon) between you (queen) and your husband (king) which will bring you to a reevaluation of your marriage, but please keep in mind that all three of those cards are reversed! No secrets between you here, just an inability to see something coming at you, but you will both ride it out together and as much as you would like to experience the rewards right away, the benefits or rewards will come later, but they will come. The High Priestess reversed shows someone trying to cause some grief for your marriage but you deal with it with grace and charity and follow your gut!

    Hope this helps, and with so much going on here, I hope I have touched on some possiblities that you can begin to rectify or clarify.

    Love & Blessings, Nanette

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