Any readings yall,

  • Dear Serious 7

    I have requested twice:( Maybe you did not get anything for me .Thanks for all the effort you take to read for everyone.In case you can see me moving in the right direction lemme know.take care of yourself !

    Love and light to you

  • Dear Serious 7,

    Goodmorning to you!

    I have asked this question on another thread and was hoping if you could see any more insight. I have butterflies just thinking about my dream becoming reality!

    I wrote a young adult novel that is being edited now. Once I get the edited version back I have to look for representation (literary agent) who will then find me a Publishing company that would be interested in my book. Do you see this current book "JADE" being the book and if so can you see who I seek out for representation? Is it all happening this year?

    I hope you can help as this isn't most likely the norm. of questions asking for help you get. I just don't have the support here at home and any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Blessings and prayers sent to you!


  • Serious, I would like to thank you for taking the time to do my reading. Career wise i own my own business and i run it myself so probably the part at computer desk your seeing is me(lol).

  • Serious, can you please check this out? 🙂

    read it all please? thank you VERYVERYVERYmuch in advance! 🙂

  • Serious,

    was just checking back with you to see if you had done one for me as of yet.. Thank you again for your time.I was on pg 29

  • serious i was checking if you did mine on page 23

    thnakyou for ur time 🙂

  • Hi Serious. I know I have at least 2 spirits here. (maybe more now) But since I kinda "woke up" I don't really feel their presence like I did before. I can still feel a presence but not all of them. I know they are here and not leaving, but do I not sense them like before because they are positive and I am more positive? I still want to help them cross over. They have been here for quite a while and they need to be released. There wasn't a building here for at least 2 1/2 years before my house was here and I sensed before, that the female was inside as to where the male is still outside. Is this true? I think she came inside because that was her role in life as it is all she knows. In her time, a females role was to do everything domesticated. I really want to free them from the existence they have. I can't imagine doing andd existing the way they have for hundreds of years. They should enjoy the unconditional love and constant warmth and joy that they should be enduring. I feel comfortable with them here. I feel a little safer but I am not going to put myself over their true happiness. But I strongly felt that contacting the "living" tribe, that I will help the living one as well. I haven't researched yet. Been busy with my daughter but I will do something no matter how long it takes. I will never forget. I have invited the native american outside, to join us at the bonfire. He doesn't (not required) to speak to us but he can enjoy the fire and shout and dance and whatever he did at a fire when alive. He wont scare us because we already know he is there. I do hope he does. Just by him enjoying himself will help me. I will feel a little closer to him.

  • Hi serious7!Can you tell me what you see for me as far as a love for 2010 please when you have the time.

  • Hi Serious7

    My question was asked on page 25--perhaps there was nothing to say? If you want, my questions are still the same.. thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • can you help me please. i need to know about my future. my name is shanon my b-day is 6-22-79. im single no kids. i want to know about the next boyfriend that is coming. do i know him? will we have kids together and what am i suppose to learning from him. is it possible to give me a name? thanks for your time. shineon

  • Can you help me with my question when you get a chance? No hurry I just don't want you to forget about me.

  • Serious 7, may you be blesed beyond measure for sharing your gift with us.

    If you are still doing readings, I would appreciate some insight as to what to expect this earth year.

    May all the guides and spirits be with you as you interpret these readings.


  • Hi Serious;

    I have relationship questions. Very confused on what to do. I am a virgo and one guy is cancer and the other is aquarius. Do you have any insight on what I should do? I want to make sure that decision is the right one.

    Thanks so much for your time


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