Any readings yall,

  • hey serious,

    what do u mean made her flip?sorry i was abit confused.well in the relationship i was put my 100% all my heart and i worked hard so him and i can have a better future.but the problem was he wasnt on the same page.when i think back he had already met the grl through friends.and while i was putting in so much effort.and i admit i was a little tired because i was putting alot effort but i never cheat on him or do anything to hurt him. so im not sure what i couldve done to make him cheat.maybe i had a lot of insecurities with him. but im a trusting person if he shows me the problem is he didnt show me trust.....

  • Not you personaly Unknown,

    Just the mention of you.

  • Sorry moona, I didnt mean to offend you.

    I just go by what I feel.

    Theres always ways to help. Space is one of them to start. Then your intution can lead you the rest of the way. Ok so he has "prior" obligations. ok

    Ill do my best to answer better when my energy is right.

    Pray about moona! Ask god for an answer.

    With hope


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  • Kool beans! IS it russian that you speak or french or german, lol.?

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  • Sweet! me too! I dont know, lol. Its an off day. 🙂 Be happy! And smile

  • Funny thing, I want to go to school to become the professional I know I need someone to talk to. Hell, I think that's why I come here. lol I live to help others and I already do. I am good at talking w/ others and helping, I just am good at it. Always have been but you need schooling and a degree. I wont go to school for the 8 years to get a masters but I am going to go to school. Maybe for 4 years and get my bachelors.In the meantime, I have medicare/medicaid so I need to take advantage of it. Find a "proffessional, but you really can't talk about EVERYTHING! Especially when you have kids and they all think they know better than you. I have dealt too much w/ the state and everyone involved. I just need to be selective w/ what I say to them and find someone to talk to for everything else.Someone that doesn't pass judgement and give me that "God" complex. I am going to work on being in their seat. I can do it.

  • i see thanks for the advice serious7

  • Serious,

    Can you do a reading for me? Wondering what this year holds for me as far as all aspects of life.My children, finance, love, etc. Thank you,

  • Greetings Serious!

    I have been through every page, before posting this, looking for a reply to my questions from way back at the beginning of this thread, but I didn't see one... unless I missed it!

    I understand that you may not have had anything to say at the time or you weren't getting any sort of a clear picture, but I am wondering if it is possible for you to try again. I'd be interested to know if there is a future for my current beau and I...even marriage? Also, I would be very receptive to hearing anything you may have to impart to me, regarding my near future, including anything having to do with love, my family, my health, spirituality, a decision regarding social security, and/or living arrangements. Basically, I'm open to hearing anything at all anything that comes to you.

    You are so very blessed and so kind to be helping so many here. I wish you all the best and that you continue to be blessed tenfold for being so generous and thoughtful with your amazing gifts.


  • Hi Serious, Me again! There is one other thing I am wondering about. Do you know if I have any particular spirit guides or angels that are with me? If so, Do they have names and how could I communicate with them or "hear" them?

    Thanks again!


  • Hello saco,

    Thank you so much for your paitence. Sometimes I do get distracted.

    For the relationship view I hear the word casual. It seems to be something confortable for the both of you. I also feel you are an old soul with alot of expierence as well. You remind me of someone very soft, loving and full of hope. Is there a pulmanary disease effecting life at this moment? I hear medication and relaxation. Im assuming since youve mentioned social security, you are a seasond vetran to life, but definatly have left a mark so far. A granddaughter that seems to be close to you, the name susn or susie comes through. Im not to sure of marriage but I do see a ring :). This man loves you, whoever he is, and yall deserve the happiness you give eachother. The name mark also comes through, also a greg or goerge. Now it seems you looking to relocate somewhere with more security and help. It is up to you. Florida would be a good place for you. Or even the mountains of colorado. You have many spirits surrounding you. A younger man with brown hair, light brownish green eyes. Harold maybe? He looks as if he was in a war. Also A younger women long dark hair, in like a nightgown (I want to call her magenta). There is also someone there who is connected to you either by blood or even heritage. He may be a brother late 20's. Someone with a b name. Maybe bryan. There is a certain angel that is with you. She is gorgeous. Of course angels dont really have a sex, but I would say she. A something. It seems they do speak to you often. I asked the angels throught the oracle cards, they gave me Intention, Listening, miracles. Intention is something youve felt you need to do. I would follow your heart to fulfill that deed. Maybe for travel, or an expierence you want to do? Is skydiving something you want to accomplish? lol, i like that. Listening is the card that definatly says you can communicate with your guides and angels. They are around all of us! You think youve heard someone speaking to you before sitting in a chair by an old clock, grandfather maybe? Listen and maybe start writing as well. Theres a message they are wanting me to say. Now Is there a lawsuit of some kind, maybe medically? If so then someone is going to get paid very soon. The miracle is for a child, a girl.

    I hope this is of some help saco. You are loved and very blessed in life.

    I give my best and prayers!

    With love


  • Hello Serious7, Could you give me a overall general reading? such as financial situation, family, will i find the right guy(been hurt too many times) if so when?, and career.

    God Bless you

  • Well faith,

    I drew some cards for you from the oracle deck.

    In my opinion I think this year is more for your emtions to grow, as well as your spirit. Youll be going on some adventure this year, maybe to a foreign land. A blessing of romance will definatly happen. But it definatly depends on what your intention is. The job market I see a telemarketing job, or tech support in your future. If not already. I see a women with dark hair, cute dimples and cheeks(I know, lol) Sitting at a computer desk in an office, with a headset on.

    Also I feel some luck is headed your way as well. This man is already an aquaintance by the way, Dont go looking let it come to you.

    With love and hope and prayer!


  • BTW I appreciate all feedback from everyone I read! If i havnt got to you, im sorry.

  • Hello Serious7, I was wondering if you could please help me?

    There has been chatter about illegal activity concerning my EX business. Apparently there has been mismanagement of money "Double Booking" of some sort.

    Could you please tell me if someone is going to end up in jail, or if there will be a "Bust of some sort over this matter please?

    If Yes, could you please tell me when?

    Thanks In Advance.

  • Hi Serious, I posted back on pg 24 and was wondering if I got overlooked, you didn't have anything for me or if I'm just being impatient. Thanks.

  • Hello Serious7,

    Thank for your this kind offer. I have asked a few readings before and this is the first time someone asked me not to give my birthdate. You can say that I am curious and definitely would appreciate a reading.

    I love the way you describe all the little details to others (hair, name, cheeks, dimple) It's cute!


    Is there any signs that I will take up residency in another country soon? If yes, any idea which part of the world? (Been having this plan for quite some time now)

    What about my love life or the "man" in my life, can you see that too?

    I love pampering my nieces and nephews and would want to have my own kids someday, the clock is ticking and my love life is kinda cloudy.

    Please add anything else if you can see them too. Career, finance etc...

    Thank you so much in advance!

  • Dear serious7,

    I appreciate your offer during this financially unstable time in my life. I want to know how my boyfriend really feels about our relationship and if he is making any plans to further our relationship so that we can be completely and freely together long-term. I would also like to know if we will ever get married and have kids and if so when will this happen. Thanks.



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