Any readings yall,

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  • Q, I would go through with the test. Since he is so young it wont effect him as much as it would if hr were older. Tleast this way you would know for sure, Right? Knowing is better than not. Keep the hope alive, and pray before you do the test. You might be surprised! Keep the hope alive Q. Either way yall will be ok.


  • Hi serious7

    I know you are very busy.I posted asking for a reading when you had time and was wondering if you have got too it yet?

  • ok. I will try all those places but will probably call first (can't afford to waste gas right now 😉 ) Right now I am going through a difficult time w/ my daughtert and my house is a complete disaster. I just hope I get to keep it more for my dogs. I think that the only thing saving me right now is the hole that's opening up under my house. So eventually, my house will fall in anyways. ( unless I can fix it in time) I just always have so much to do, I am overwhelmed and get nothing done cause I am so depressed. I will end up losing everything because of this. I know they are positive spirits here but they could help me out a bit. Instead of just making noises at night, they could clean something 😉 Also, my daughter claims that something whispred the word "tipiny" in her ear one day in my bedroom. I was wondering if you knew what that meant? Or if they actually said Tiffany. What you got?

  • Hi Serious....I was wondering what you see for me in love and job? Birthday is 7/16/1964. Just lost a serious relationship and believe I'm losing my job soon. Any outlook would be appreciated.

  • Hello again ive posted before but this time i have a specific Q If thats ok??

    I have just told my boss i cant do the job hes put me in anymore, as im paid less than others because i have not done a teaching degree and im only an L.S.A and i feel the amount of pressure im under is whats making me ill. I feel im worth more and so ive asked if i can be taken out of this position and placed else where, he said hed have to look at the bigger picture but now im worried ill loose my job. Have i done the wrong thing?

  • Hello Serious ,

    I was wondering if you would be able to tell me who my Spirit Guides are and possibly their names . Also , if my Grandfather is trying to give a message or anyone for that matter ?

    Thank you for your time .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Doves,

    Why do you ask if you do not believe in sirit guides? I know your faith has been disroted and frail at this moment. The question you should be asking is what should I believe in? the answer I can say at this time is believe in yourself.


  • Oh , but I do believe in Spirit Guides Serious , I just haven't been able to catch up with them , I just thought that If I knew who they were ( everyone has a name )even Spirit Guides .:O) .It would help in the process . Sounds silly I know , but I guess we all have are own way of thinking .


  • and yes ur right ..., my faith is disorted and frail at this time in my life , in everything for that matter . I am just flying by the seat of my pants ..Hoping I will land in the right place .

    Doves46 ^A^

  • Also, I was just wondering if you knew the name to my spirit guide. I have spoken with him but never looked at him. I was just wondering what to call him. I have been told that he was my father in mi first life but that doesn't really help me. Also, I have a spirit kinda contained in the back bedrooom, should I let him out? I recorded a tape one night and just haven't gotten around to listening to it yet. I just want to know who it is and what it wants. I'm trying to help my daughter with her ability and it sometimes seems to work. I just want everyone to co-exist together peacefully. I'm not asking alot. My daughter says she saw a face sometime and someone whispered to her Tipany. She swears that was it and she didn't misunderstand. Can you tell me something about that? I just keep telling her that when she gets scared, to ask for her angels. They are always there but waiting for her to ask. Nothing will harm her and she shouldn't be scared cause it will never go away.

  • Sylva,

    I understand time and travel contraints. But with The advice I gave earlier will definatly help you. Contact a local group, and im sure they will lead you to a local medium to help you along the way. Im not exactly sure what spirits you have dwelling around your home. So for saftey concerns I ask you not to do anything else without proper guidence with someone around that knows exactly what your doing. Especially with a child around. So please heed any contact until someone is around to guide you. Your spirit guide would be alfred. That name comes through. Also some spirits can be tricksters, especially with a portal around. So please just ask god, and be extremely safe.

    With gods love and gods hope


  • Hi serious7!!

    I'm in love with my friend Chris but we fight like cat & dog cause of certain things he does.

    I've been told and my relatives have been told we will end up getting married in our dreams.

    I've been told on here several times we won't end up together but that's not what I feel.

    Will we end up together or will I stay single forever??

    My birth date: 15/05/1974 Liverpool Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields Australia.

    Thank u I'm worried about this as Chris and I had a fight today. : (

  • Hello serious 7. I hope all is well with you.

    I had posted earlier and I thought you had responded but for some reason I can't find it.

    Could you tell me what you see for my marriage of 10 years? I'm feeling unsettled or unsure of how he feels about us lately. I keep getting the feeling that someone else is involved. Also, if there is someone else, can you see when it will all come out? If there's not someone else, are we going to make it through this together?

    Thank you so very much!

    Lots of Love, van

  • Ok. I won't do anything else but I do want to know, what is the portal?Nights, we have been staying at my b-f house cause I don't want to be here. I haven't been doing too much. I have been putting a light around my whole house and I say (aloud) that if you can (and want to) go into the light because it means unconditional love and complete joy. I say that anything negative or evil is not welcome and I demand it leaves but other than that, I haven't done anything. Someone told me that I was the portal but I didn't like that answer. I have passed along some gifts to my daughter and try to comfort her by telling her that her angels are always with her and that she can call on them whenever she is scared. Nothing has ever tried to harm her but she gets scared easily. Won't go to the closest bathroom and wants the dog with her at night.I tell her that unless the dog is barking and growling, she shouldn't be aftaid. I want to know what the portal is so I can deal with it. Thank you for telling me my spirit guides name. Is he the only one I have? I remembered speaking to him and I was comforted by the sound of his voice. Didn't need to see him and apparently I was much worse than I thought I was but I wasn't afraid. Now I just fear for my kids. I wish my daughter could have a comforting spirit to help her do everything.She needs help but I really don't want to give her alot of meds or do jail time becauseof it. So if you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it and I promise I won't do anything w/out asking first. I live in a small town and I don't know where to look for someone that could help me. Especially w/out wanting alot of money. But I will find them. (somewhere) I was gonna go with the Spring Hills Ghosthunters on a trip but they haven't contacted me in a while and I was looking forward to it too. I just want some help.

  • Serious, If you're still taking new requests, I'd like to throw my name into the hat. I have some love issues that I'd like direction on, which way to go, whether or not to do anything, that sort of thing.

    Also, I'm in a very intensive emotional healing phase right now, am I on the right track, or should I brush it off, and "start fresh" where people are concerned?

  • hey serious 7

    i hoping to ask will i get into the navy soon? and will true love arrive for me very soon?

  • dear serious7,

    can you tell me what my spirit guides (if i even have one...) want to tell me? and how i can connect with them?

    thank you so much!

  • Crabby,

    I feel a lot of trust issues going on here. Maybe due to childhood. You are on the right path of healing. Ask god to take you into his everlasting loving arms. The direction of joy will come soon. Its hard to trust a spouse when we cannot trust ourselves. Especially when were afraid of hurting someone, and we feel thats all we do. Your better than all that. The name chris comes to mind. I havent done a reading in a long time, and have been taking time to relax. Which you should be doing. Its me time now. Its time top come closer to god, and you will be closer to yourself. God gives us what we need. And your loved.


    P.S. Keep on meditating, crying is a good thing too :).

  • Sylva,

    Meds are definatly not the answer. If you have any Physical evidence turn it over to an Investigator group. I know this would be a longshot, but if it is all real, try to get ahold of PSR, from that show paranormal state. IMO thats a group that ctually helps people. I understand living in a small town can be difficult to get help, but if its getting severe enough you need to find someone. I know people may say your crazy, But as Ive said before your childs saftey and wellbeing is priority number 1. Your daughter does have a spirirt with her. If you can also try to get in touch with some churches as well. I am only here for advice, Im not a PROFFESSIONAL at all. Just someone trying to help. So do your research, gather physical evidence, and you will be ok. Also Pray! ALWAYS PRAY 🙂 Someone is out there to help. Now dont go inviting just anyone into your home. BTW we are portals, but not exactly how you think.

    With love and hope.


    P.S. Do you wear glasses when typing?

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