Any readings yall,

  • Hello Serious7,

    Are you asking veryone to send you their reading request from this point on to your email addy ? And if so are you going to finish up on the ones that have already been posted on this tread up til now . I was wondering if I need to copy and past my request from earlier a few pages back . I think it is on pg 8 or 9 . I don't mind sending mine via email . Just wondering what you would like me to do .I also said a prayer over my Request for you :O)

    Have a great day .

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry about the double post Serious7 , my first one disappeared and then reappeared lol ..Good Grief !


  • Namaste serious7,

    Do you see anything for me D.O.B 02/15/75. Anything in the love area would be very helpful. I'm currently with an Aries 04/19/84 and have consistantly found myself drawn to a Scorpio 11/01/77. Insight into that would be greatly appreciated = ]



  • Ill be getting to everyone. No worry's ot sure why they took my e-mail off. NO just for extra support I guess :). Hasnt been the best of days.

  • Thank you Serious7, I know you are getting bogged down, so I can be very patient, and I know you'll get to me when the time is right and best for you! I will say, I'm very impressed by the readings and feedback and will look forward to hearing from you, when you're able.

    Also.. A REMINDER to others making requests, Serious has asked that you DO NOT POST YOUR DATE OF BIRTH, as it throws a monkey wrench his way, and complicates his ability to do your reading 🙂 Please be mindful!

    I hope you have a peace filled weekend, Serious, and take some time to do something special, just for YOU!

    With many blessings and much gratitude,


  • I will saco!


  • Right back atchya, Serious 🙂

  • Thanks serious 7 for being so kind.I am going to school to be a Nurse.But Im not sure if that will be the only field I will be in.What othe line of work will I be doing.


  • Hazel writing and building. Im being told contracts on buildings and maybe a small business from home. Your healing intsincts are very much stronger to me though.

  • Yeah your right.I know I have a gift of healing and I was thinking some kind of work from home also.But still a little unsure. Alot of things are new for me. Maybe Two jobs at once??


  • I wondered if i would be some type of healer.Maybe that will be my small business from home.I know I have a gift of healing.Im still developing.

  • Do the message therapy with SPECIAL pro bono worx you were thinking of. Especially for the people with scolioces and MS, as well as bone problems. DO IT! its a calling of your yours. Your hands are amazing.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and others you are greatly appreciated!!!!

  • Hello Serious7

    Take Care and Rest up and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you .

    God Bless You ..


  • Hello serious7,

    I sometimes do readings on myself. I still have a lot to learn. Some people interpret cards differently. So I would like to know what you might see for me in any area & if "S "has any type of feelings about me.

    Thank you for your offer & time,



  • Hey there Serious7

    Take care of yourself, we will all understand your need for down time and are more than willing to wait as liong as needed for our readings.

    Your inner well being is paramount so be selfish and put you first

    Tal xx

  • Hi serious - couldn't find your email. Can I add to my question about my cat MAX? This is hard. I met with my attorney today about preparing an offer to my husband for divorce. I am so scared about my financial futire. Whether I will be going bankrupt. Whether things will work out.

    Things are probably what I suspected when he moved out last January and even though he would never admit his errors, I think he has misgivings, but there is no going back now. I can only go forward. I am very worried about me and my little girl, my income, spousal support and my home. I always thought Max was here to watch out after me, to protect me and help me make the best decisions. After he died I came to this forum. I reallu truly need to know what you see..If you see my friend helping me and coming around more please tell me. If you see anyone, describe what you see and I will know. I hope that Max was able to do what came to do. I hope he was taken away because it was time and that there was someone else to take over for him. Thanks so much. I would post a picture of Max but you asked us not to.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Wenchie - I will email him directly. I guess you can tell - I am sliding a bit.

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