Any readings yall,

  • Ill do my best I am brutally honest, no need to explain in detail. If you feel i can help im here 🙂 god bless!

  • Serious7, can use some help, Good God!!!!! Do you see a job out there for me????

    Need one soon DOB 10-31-59 tx alot

  • Will R get the job in Augusta? If not, when will he get out of Memphis, and where (city &/or state) will he be residing when he moves? DOB 10/24/72. --thanx!

  • Serious 7 Thanks for helping us on this forum.

    Do you see me getting married and having anymore children in the future?

    I am 36 years old, and I would love to have a little boy to "replace" the son I had 15 years ago, (he came down with autism).

    04-21-73 Manhattan,NewYork 2:05 A.M.

    Thanks In Advance,

  • Ok golden, Im not sure if youve recieved a reading on this subject just yet. If not I feel soon it will happen! First off i felt maybe some kind of agriculture, but then resturant came into play.

  • Pilot,

    Im very sorry to hear that. He willl always be with you! Always! I see hope, I see a women with curly hair auburn maybe, Smiling crying. I think you will! JUST never give up, your strong. A name nathan comes through as well as bridgette. Hope that helps

    God bless


  • Ok yelena california is the first state that comes to mind. I also feel some trouble with the law is a problem for the moment but will be resolved. If your patient He will be with you. PRAY! and ask for the direction of rapheal. They will help you.

    Hope this helps!



  • Serious7,

    thank you for your insight , sure hopin something coming soon!

    Agricult, restaurant is something to think about,

    Best to you

  • Hello Serious7,

    Hope you are doing well today. I would be grateful for any insight you may be able to provide in either the area of career or relationship as there is a decision I am contemplating in both areas. I appreciate honesty and wish more people would put greater value on it.

    My dob 5-21-64.Thank you for your genorosity.

    Love & Blessings to you dear

  • Serious, thank you for offering to do this! Do you see me ever getting married? Children? Also, will I get a good job that I enjoy soon? THANK YOU!!!!

  • Hi serious7,

    I had a number of readings on paid websites, but I would like one from you, as you're offering this for free and you gain nothing from this so I believe you will tell the truth. So I would really appreciate a reading for my relationship. Please let me know if there will be reconciliation between my ex-bf and me. Thank you.

  • Why THANK YOU serious 7. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

    Serious7, since you mentioned auburn hair, will my future children be Biracial?? (ie.Black and White) I would like to know PLEASE!

  • Hello Serious7 thank you for your offer.

    I was just wondering, if anything, what do you see for me? Will me and P ever be in a serious relationship or will it remain "good" friends?

    Thank you

  • Sylvie,

    I believe peter or paul(one of the apostels, lol) will have a long lasting relatonship. Not so sure if it will turn romantic :), but I see a strong connection between you two. So plant the seeds and water them with careful and everlasting hope. Im sure the outcome no matter what will be useful.

  • Well everyone,

    If you have a question that needs some attention I believe I may beable to help. Now I am not an expirienced reader, But I will my best to use what I have. If anything i ask that you refrain from posting picures. Only because I get enough of them in my minds eye :). So please be brief and ask the question you seek an answer. As well, I ask if possible you say a prayer while asking the question, youll be surprised what comes of it . If possible.

    Love, light and hope


  • Also please do not post a birthdate.

  • Hi Serious7,

    I would like to receive some help if it is possible. I would like a reading in regards to my present life, what is in store, work, relationship and future if possible please. My DOB 6/20/1987 3:15AM

  • Hello Jastin,

    First off you are my twin. Same birthday and year. 16 hours before me.

    Well what Im getting through first is the confusion in sexuality. As well as sussex the town or city comes through. Your emotional confritation is comthing through strong right now. Youh have almost lost hope but I still feel a strong deternnation through your end. You have just ended a 3 yaer or onth relationship due to something you felt was going on. You were right, even though the exact confirmation never come through. As clarivoyant and emathic as you are, everything is coming through in pixels atm. I also believe you have done work as a computer technitcian or computer designer.

    Dont let all the frustration let you down. It will pass and I feel a new light is coming your way. You may have been involved in relgion your whole life but never really understood the route on which to follow. Dont be alarmed because god and his angels are with you every step. The paranoia of someone with at all times is concurrent and not as incorrect as you think.

    Do you have an older sister. Floreana, or something along those lines. Clubbing and partying is a luxery and great thing for except all the nergy sometimes can be very overwhelming. Your mind is so complex but I feel your starting to orginize it chaoticly. Your parents have been a support but not a;ways the best thing to lean on. Your mother is someone close to you but the trust sometimes can be a bit shaky. Your father......

    So Jastin If I were you I would keep an eye and ear out for someone coming into your life soon. Kind of like a mentor and someone who can help you along your journey. You know you can heal with your hands through god, only because youve seen it with your own two eyes. A cat comes into play with that one. You are a great writer, have so much to say and your own brand of attitude. Now are you ariginaly fro m the states, or just have strong ties here? You recently won some kind of contest as well. maybe a poetry. Your old soul is so there for you, but it may always be a battle against your brain that concludes some set backs. Now meditate and relax. Talk to your angels as you do, your spirit guides, and dont let that neagative one get you down.

    Now if your 5'9 with hazel eyes, brown hair. Your eyes change color and also weigh 160 lbs.

    Thanks for letting me try and hope this helps with something your struggling with. You may also want to act as well. Or are you already famous?

    With love and god on your side


  • Hello

    This is a kind offer. I would like help with the present unrest and the future. What should I do differently to be more at peace.

    Thank You

    Be Blessed:)

  • Hi serious. 🙂 Would you be so kind as to shed light on my relationship with B? And whether he will come into my life again or not? I am not able to stop thinking about it!

    I hope you have a wonderful evening.

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