A Baby born with a Vail

  • So I was thinking if anyone knew anything about the vail born over a baby's face. I was a seasection baby but still I had one? I understand that means in certain religions/cultures that means that child is special, but i am also wondering if it may be a curse? Any input suggestions?

  • had heard of this but never looked into it . looked it up on different site and found = offel (animals, farms) and caul. one of my daughters was born this way, not a premie though. Q. special or curse? like other things in life, it is all about how you perceive it.

  • seriousy Sylvia Browne was born with the vail over her face. It's suppose to mean that you will have abilities. That you can see beyond the vail.

  • Not preme 3 weeks over due, 10 lbs 8 ounces, lol. Overdue! lol with a vail.

  • lol ! definitely not ...poor mom! threw the premmie comment out there as it was mentioned on web sites. hope you get more suggestions that help you in this quest. : - )

  • Me too! its wierd especially with a sesection. Im an odd one, lol. thanks!

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