Charmed I need your help plz,

  • Im not exactly sure why you havnt had a chance to respnd to my last thread, but Im still curious ast to what you see around me with the spirits, thier have been alot lately. I feel as if I have a crowd gathered all around! Any insight! thank you :), sorry for the board spamming, I just have so many questions!

  • I've seen your request pop up many times! It'd obviose the urgency building. Finally, spirit says something. Part of your answer comes by way of intended silence! You must of found it odd that no one has responded. This is a time for self reliance and flexing your intuitive muscle. There have been many Spirits around--they gather in numbers during times of crossroads and healing. There is a higher realm of Angels who chant over you--urging you to just breath--to meditate more. There are Angels and guides who wait for your fine tuning in so they can whisper in your ear intructions for this transistion period. You have these books on your shelf. You've been receiving knowledge for some time----you've had help on both plains. You are ready now to make it CORE---be your own guide. The Spirit who delivers this message is a very tall Native American named Nantuse---he says he is called by non natives "speaks up a lot"

  • lol, thanks blmoon, alot! I understand. Well its more easier to have reasurance from others than to listen to ones self at times. I am more worried about on spirit who showed themselves to me plain as day, except he was only there for an inatant. I am more trying to see if anyone has any info on him more than anything. I will, thanks, God bless!

  • SO i found out recently that I have 5 spirits that I know of! 2 females a child, a women, 2 native americans (the bear and eagle) and another man an angel of battle.

  • I saw five spirits that i could identify, 2 female a girl, one women, @ native americans one bear and eagle, the bear is always with me, and a warrior spirirt! The rest were crowded behind me!

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