• I am very interested in speaking to my spiriy guide, can anyone help me please?

  • Have you tried meditation? Sometimes meditating and imagining yourself journeying someplace safe, where you can call on them will make them come forward. There should be many kinds of meditations available online, I will try and get some links if you are interested. You could try a tarot reading, asking the cards for messages from your guides, if they would like to give them to you. Sometimes our guides are not ready to make contact in which case we may have to wait, other times they communicate in different ways and we have to stay open minded to may different types of signs and outlets for contact.

  • Thank You for your help, I have been doing meditation and when I close my eyes and I am relaxed first I see all black with white clouds floating all through and then I see faces of all ages, I have tried speaking to them but no luck. I'm not sure what else I should do or what that really means. I am new to all of this but really believe. Can you suggest any thing else for me to try?

  • jocagney

    spirits talk on their own terms. they don't always respond to you the way you want them to

    mine speak through dream and meditation, so sometimes I wake up with a message, sometimes they show me something

    everyone has at least one, so keep trying. first try find out their names so you can call them.

    not all spirits are guides. sometimes they are just visiting, some watch and protect, some just happen to be there and on their way somewhere.

    when you see a spirit, ask it if it is a guide. if it is, it will answer you.

    guides come and go, only after they know you can communicate with them, they will pretty much stay. not stay where you are per se, but stay as your guide and answer when you call.

  • Thank You, I will try that tonight. I was just starting to get a little worried because I read the post and people seem to be able to talk and I can't, but I will keep trying, Do you have any more suggestions for me please. I am new to this but I really know this is true. I have always know there has been someone or something with me just did'nt know how to start.

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  • Thank You for all your help, I have gone to that sight and have signed up for his classes.

  • jocagney

    wish you all the best

    it will only get better from here

  • First off... I hope I am not breaking any etiquette. I just wanted to know if any one out there would be able to give me a past life and /or numerology reading. I have been journeying towards spiritual enlightenment for the last year . I would like to understand why I keep making the same mistakes/decisions over and over. I figure by looking at a bigger pic. light may shine in a different way. Thanks again....

  • manecoon

    you can start a new thread about it.

    someone who can read past lives will tell you

  • jocagney

    there is no such a thing as negative spirits

    there is negative energy that comes in negative actions, words or actions

    there is such a thing as spirits that feed on negative energy

    they grow more powerful the more they are fed and can manifest into anything asked of them

    this is why it's important to control what you send out

    birth charts can't show what energy anyone sends out

    those are about planetary position the day you were born

    you can protect and cleanse yourself from it, but if you do not intend to do it, it will not happen

    I know how to do it, but not many have reaped the benefits as I have, because they don't do it regularly and they do not believe it will help

  • wrong thread oops

  • hey guys,

    i am wondering how i can reach my spirit guide as well. i feel like she (i've been told its a she) is ready for my contact but im not sure how to make that connection. when i meditate i get nothing about that. any ideas or suggestions? im really confused here. thanks..

  • anna

    I put some suggestions on page 1

    It took me about a month or so to be able to communicate with mine

    The universe only sent her to me around end of September

    by this time I have done kundalini yoga for about 8 months and only started Zen

    since I have her I never be in much confusion anymore

    guides don't tell us everything, different guide has specific purpose

    mine only tells me what I need to know for my self, not for others

    if I am not meant to know it, she won't tell me anything

    good luck

  • Can spirit guides be passed on relatives and can you have more than one? are they similar to the concept of a guardian angel? I am confused about the negative energy thing. Do some spirits lead us then down paths so they can become more powerful, and what did u mean they become what ever we want?

  • ckdgh

    spirit guides are sent or volunteer to guide us. it's not impossible the same spirit that guides your deceased relative will guide you. It depends on what kind of guidance you need at certain period of your life

    you might have more than one guide. a guide can be angel, spirit guide, power animals

    there can be a lot of spirits around us, some to watch and protect, some just lending help to other spirits and some just happen to be around us.

    the ones that guide us, are guides. the ones that watch and protect are guardians, angels or not angels.

    there is no negativity in the spirit world, so there is no negative spirits

    there are however spirits that feed on negative energy sent from the physical world

    they are the kind of spirits that you can invoke to cause someone harm

    they themselves are not negative, but when you feed them, it's the same as giving them power

    they will use this power to do what you ask them to do which is harming someone

    nobody can lead us down the wrong path, if we do not choose to follow

    we all have guidance, just not all of us listens to it and so we tend to go the wrong direction

  • hello leoscorpion, I always find your response to be so enlightening so I would like to ask you what you may feel about something that has happened in my dreams. I have on several occasions had dreams where I am in an other world and I am speaking and communicating in a language that is completely unknown to me other than in my dream. When I wake up I cannot distinguish where I was but I always remember that I was being helpful ,listening and giving instructions or advise in this unknown language and everyone around me is very attentive and communicating with me, We definitely all understand each other. When I say an other world.. it is because it feels like it is not earth or so long ago as there is nothing like it now. I have also had dreams where I have experienced the date of someones passing and it happened. that scared me.,I don't usually talk about these things as I have family that have often said I was the different one of six children and of course many yrs later I still am. Doing my best to stay grounded.


  • Many of my dreams are vivid - places, names, faces I have not seen, met do not know. Sometimes the dreams continue for several days. A few months ago I had a continuing dream and it ended with someone visiting me. In the middle of my dream I felt someone was standing by my bed and I had to shake myself to wake and I had a glimpse of a presence in human form wearing a white robe with a rope belt. The face is not clear but the hair is straight cut to just below the ears. There was bright light behind him. I struggled to turn on the light as it frightened me to even have something like that in my room, and knocked off my alarm clock. With the light on the image or presence disappeared. I was shaken and kept the light one for a week at bed time. I don't know if this is a guide. I don't recognize it as a relative. It didn't seem to be harmful or probably didn't mean to scare me. i wonder what it is.

    Some of my dreams happened in real life - at the very least I seen things in the dream that happen in real life. But I dont know what to do about it. I don't expect dream to happen in reality but when they do I find myself saying " I've seen this before."

    Any advice?


  • a dream can be anything from your psyche sending you messages about yourself, a telepathy message from another living being, premonitive dreams, your own hopes and fears that you keep bottling up

    premonitive dreams = dreams that come true in real life within a certain period

    telepathy messages = someone is trying to reach you for any reason

    your own hopes and fears = because you want it/ fear it so much it manifests in dreams but not in real life

    your psyche message about yourself = psyche is link to the universe guidance. this can mean anything from your spirit guide sending you message, your past life is shown to you because it contains something you need to learn pertaining your current life direction and many more

    I am not dream interpreter, but there is no better interpreter than your own psyche. Try to remember your dreams as much as you can and then read this post. Turn inward and you will know which dream falls under which category. The message, however, I can only leave it to your psyche to decipher. I don't know if you have done this, but you need to nurture your psyche. It is your road map in life, without nurturing it, you don't know where to go and always miss a turn to the life of your dream.

    We are all spirits in the physical world. We are here to learn and move forward. If we haven't learned everything in one life time, we will return in the next. The universe consists of millions of planets. It is not impossible that the beings in this planets are trying to reach us through dreams, or that we had lived in these planets many life times ago and so the memory returns in dreams.

    There has been sayings that the UFO are not aliens, they are humans from the future coming here to warn us about the future and help us ge ready for it. Not all aliens kidnap humans for experiment. If you google it, you will see a lot of different reports about them.

    To the universe there is nothing impossible. I read somewhere that a clairvoyant from the 18th century or earlier, had foresaw people eating/living at the bottom of the ocean. In the 20th century, submarine was invented. Again, nothing is impossible.

  • , leoscorpion, I knew you would be able to have an input into this discussion and I appreciate you taking the time to offer your feelings and expertise on this subject. Thank you very much ........


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