For cris1962 - a reading request, plz

  • Hi Cris,

    I have read many of your posts & think your readings are great! I hope you'll have the time to do one for me, as well.

    I'd like some info on this guy I'm interested in hooking up with (casual dating, nothing serious). Particularly, will he & I become lovers, & if so, when? We flirt, but he hasn't made a move to take it further. How does he feel about me? Is he attracted to me at ALL? Does he think about me? Does he want me, sexually? What's going on in his head/thoughts about me? Is he or would he be interested in a casual type relationship with me? He's pretty well-known to date around & be a playboy, so I figure he would be.

    I have no problem being direct & honest and telling him I want him. Something like, "I am interested in you & would really like the chance to get to know you better & spend time with you for some NSA fun." However, I know some guys can be put off by a woman being the aggressor. So, would he respond favorably to me doing this, or would he be turned off?

    Also, any additional info, good or bad, you can give about him would be great: is he sexually adventurous; what our relationship will be like; if he'll spoil & pamper me; what his character & personality is like; just whatever. My DOB 11/2; his DOB 11/17.


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  • Seriously!!!!

    You want a reading just so you can find out about a guy you want to f@ck? Sorry to be so blunt but I am honestly blown away. Most men wouldn't knock back no strings s*x.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for a reading. Most readers are happy to help when there is an honest problem or worry, but just to see if this guy will be pleasing to you in the sack???!!!!!!!

  • Yelena007 I you want detailed reading like that this isn't the place to ask for it. You are out of line and there aren't too many who will be quiet about this. Wish you would call a psychic on the phone with that one!

  • Yelena,

    If you have read Chris's postings, then you know she is, like MANY here, going through tremendous personal difficulties right now. Despite this, she does SELFLESSLY help others. We put aside our own worries and grief to lend a hand, be it a reading, advice, or simple encouragement, even while we struggle with the burdens of our own lives. Even while our own hearts are breaking.

    So, to ask Chris, or anyone, to put aside their pains, joys, or time to tell you whether or not you are going to have "NSA" sex with a man and if it will be good, is selfish. You would do well to take a lesson from those you are asking these questions and be more selfLESS.

    Here is your answer and it came from EXACTLY the type of playboy you want to have sex with;

    "ANY girl can have ANY guy ANY time if she's wiling enough and he's h o r n y enough. He may not remember her name later or care if she falls off the face of the earth, but under the right circumstances, if she's willing to give it up, most any guy will take it. And forget about her 10 minutes later."

    So, if you want to have sex with him, chances are you can/will. No on can tell you if he'll "please, SPOIL AND PAMPER" you because even empty sex usually takes the effort of two(or however many) people. Unless you want to just hire him to do the job so you can mentally go shopping, make a to do list, or even chat on the phone and make sure there isn't anything required of you.

    I have a feeling this guy is taken, maybe even married. Wow, do other people enter your mind is there only room for you?

    It takes a lot to shock me these days. You really have.

    Wenchie, This might require us burning the phone wires a bit. On second thought...never mind.

  • Yelena, I think maybe just try texting him and asking him what hes up to might do the trick. Ask him if we wants to hang out or do something fun together. If that puts him off and he says no then you have your answer. you dont have to tell him you want a NSA relationship until you actually get some time alone with him. Even still unless hes telling you that he wants to be with you then your safe assuming thats all he wants too. I dont think its wrong to want to know if hes intrested in you. But alot of this you can find out just by openin the door for a little communication and possibly a date. Afterall, sometimes real love is found accidently . but I wouldnt tell him everything at once. Just give him a few signs that your intrested like I said before by texting him a little, be a little flirty and see how he responds. Some men are very easy to figure out just in their actions more than what they say. If hes texting you back and making plans with you hes intrested. ( :

  • wenchie, libras lair, and hisbablove, I am sorry to say this because you know I love and respect you guys but I think whats shes asking isnt that big of a deal. I dont think she is only asking for hot s e x. i think she is just curious about things with this man on different levels and maybe taking a risk at what dating this guy might be like. Not everyone is looking for marraige and I am totally okay with that, it really isnt for everyone. I dont understand why you are all getting so upset with this woman, she is only asking for advice about a potential dating partner. Calm down girls. ( :

  • You are right not everyone is looking for marriage and I couldn't agree more. But some see the question as being just wanting to know something that gets a little to personal. I am not nearly as offended as other are or will be. But I understand why they see this a inappropriate.

  • And bab is being shown that he is already attached probably married. That's what her guides are showing her and that is why her response is what it is. That it is known he is married. So what that he is a player.

  • Lovin,

    Ditto back to you hon and I understand where you are coming from.

    Yelena has quite clearly stated above that she is looking to "hook up", for "NSA fun" and some "casual dating" "nothing serious" and basically wanting to know how he'll perform and if he'll be any good. That, to me, doesn't sound like she's looking for a potential dating partner. If she is interested in him on a further level and whether things will work out for them to be "dating" then that's what she needs to ask about.

    If you want to know about hooking up for NSA fun, you do not need to ask a psychic for that, get out there and find out for yourself. It's only a little fun and she doesn't want anything serious so it won't matter if he is not interested, why should she care, there will be plenty more guys out there who WILL be. I'm sorry but I personally find it insulting that someone will ask any of the readers to use their gifts, time and energy to ask such self-centered questions about someone they just want to have s e x with.

    What is the world coming to when we need to first ask a psychic if he will be ok first when you only want to scr@w him. No man is going to "pamper and spoil" a girl when it's just NSA fun,'s just s ex not a relationship. Is she looking to be his mistress and he'll provide gifts for her? Sorry, but yes, that is my opinion, I think the whole thing is ridiculous and I'm calm don't worry, I just can't believe the nerve of some people and their selfishness.

  • Wenchie yep you are right. I give people the benefit of the doubt and I see what you are saying. I agree this isnt a question for psychics thats why I suggest that she try texting him and so on. I hope I didnt offend any of you ladies, I love you all.

  • Lovin,

    You didn't offend in any, way, shape or form and you are entitled to your opinion. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt too. But when I read what Yelena has written, it's basically like ringing up a psychic and asking them if you should go buy a certain brand of I gonna like it, will it taste good to me, will the calories go to my azz or hips?!!!!

  • We love you too and please feel free to point out if you feel we are unfair in future, that's part of being a good friend. :-))

  • Hi Yelena

    All I can say in response to your question here is: ENJOY. If you're only after a physical, no-strings-attached encounter with this man, then go for it. This isn't a psychic impression either; it's simply advice, so to speak.

    I am happy to help those who are at major turning points in their lives, and/or have major decisions to make. But a question like yours is really not something I can offer insights into: this is something you need to decide for yourself. If you have that much doubt about chasing it that you are seeking psychic insight, then it may be best to leave it.

    I hope you can understand where I'm coming from here. I am not offended by your question at all, but I am also not in a position to offer insights in a matter of this nature. In turn, I hope you're not offended by my stance on this.

    Follow your own feelings here. Chase it if a casual encounter is all you're after. I can't see any man - unless he's involved with someone else and/or highly honourable about that sort of thing - knocking back an offer like you're about to make.

    And by the way, you're asking if HE will meet YOUR needs? What about his? Remember, it's a two way thing, and enjoyment can only be found by those involved being prepared to give an equal amount to achieve mutual enjoyment. If you go into this with only your needs in mind, then you might end up disappointed.

    Good luck. I'm sorry I can't be of much help here, and again, I hope you can understand why :))

  • Cris, thanx for the reply. I appreciate it! I understand where you are coming from and am not offended by anything you said (wrote).

    I apologize that I offended, insulted, or upset anyone else. It was not my intention, of course, to start such a s h y t storm and get everybody so riled up over nothing. I thought it was a reasonable question. I merely wanted to know if he's interested and if and how it would work out if I went for this with him, but seems because it's secks, not Love, that's out of line here and gets people irate in the britches. I just don't see anything wrong with casually dating and hooking up with someone. If more happens, fine; if not, that's great, too - fun for both while it lasted. Not everyone wants 'forever and ever amen' or feels that dating or being with a person has to "lead somewhere" or "go somewhere" or be something deep, serious, and soulmate-y. At least, I don't. So, no, I'm not trying to marry him; I just want fun and a good time. Two consenting adults going into it with clear, honest communication & eyes open. That's bad, how?

    Someone mentioned others' personal situations affecting their view, and I get that. But whether it's that reason for the crawkus, or whatever else, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions & to live their life in the way that makes them happy, in a way that works for them. And this works, for me, for now. If, for whatever reason, you don't agree and think that's wrong, bad, immoral, or (fill in the blank), that's fine, too; we'll agree to disagree.

  • Yelena, No one here is mean, judgmental, or closed minded. It was not the fact that you wanted a NSA relationship, a good time, or whatever. It was you're asking if he was going to "spoil and pamper" you, be satisfying to you etc. that signified the dichotomy in both your question AND your intentions in this "relationship." If its just s e x, there is no expectation of spoiling, pampering, or anything beyond the sexual aspect of it. We pamper and spoil those whose comfort and happiness is important to us, not those we are seeking a brief sexual encounter with.

    Also, you want to know what he thinks of you, etc. That points to more than simply two consenting adults meeting to get their kicks. If all you're after is sex, which AGAIN is just fine, what do you care what his opinion of you is? Think about this and be absolutely sure that that is all you want or may even consider as a possibility because if there is even a slight chance that your feelings might go beyond sexual desire, you stand a very high chance of getting hurt.

    Lastly, I feel that this man is attached, that he is in a relationship already. If so, it is again up to you what that means, if anything, to you but there are serious consequences, responsibilities, and pitfalls to that as well as the fact that it may be "two consenting adults going into it with eyes wide open..." but there is a third party going into totally blind and, most likely, unwillingly.

  • No worries Yelena. I hope it ends up being all you hope for 🙂 Like hisbablove, I do feel this man might be attached in some way though, so tread carefully there. Even if he is attached and still wants to go for it, you don't want the karmic wheel to turn and run you over ...

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