Advice on a spirit

  • Hi Guys,

    Hope everyone's well. I went to a Loving-kindness meditation last night and we were all asked to lie down with our palms open while the monk chanted things. Then as we were meditating about being well and happy, he came round to each of us and blessed us. Before he did this, I was trying to concentrate my mind and move past interfering thoughts. As I was trying to do this I felt a grey figure on my left side, as if it was trying to calm me and help me. I don't know if this really happened or I was projecting things on to myself. I wanted to get the opinions of others out there who are more knowledgable about these kind of things. Was it a spirit?

    When the monk touched my left hand I felt a tingling rushing through my hands, and flowing out of my right hand as well as down through my feet. It was a very nice feeling : )


  • spirits......from my personal past experience you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you have been sought after by a spirit. as for the feeling your mind is a battle field.

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