I need a reading, please. Two or more opinions would be great

  • Well, this is a long distance relationship. We have been separated for 3 years, always texting each other. But I suspect there's somebody else, or something else that is keeping him apart from me, even when he insists in marring me as soon as he can. I don't know what to do, because I've seen so many postings in socal networks calling him "honey" "my love", etc. I told him not to play with my feelings, but I always got the same answer: "V. you are the one I love". I need to know if I will have the chance to talk to him, face to face, by the end of this year. Thanks so much.

    V. 3/23/60

    S. 11/10/64

  • Friendship is a better and less hurtful prospect for a relationship here. Emotions are tricky, particularly when it comes to love and marriage in this combination. More depressive aspects can surface, leading to worrying and brooding. Part of the problem is an inability to maintain objectivity and boundaries, and a consequent merging of personalities. Your friend will find you irresponsible with money and this can cause many disagreements - money is important to him (he actually wants to be filthy rich and fears poverty to the extent he may marry for financial security) and it represents control and power to him. He would also find you impulsive as he likes to chew things over a good long while before acting. This can lead to friction with you urging your slower-moving partner to hurry up and make a decision and him trying to calm your nerves. He is a very sexually magnetic person and even sees himself as being something of a sexual healer. His controlling and possessive ways towards you are an unpleasant double standard since he doesn't like to be claimed or feel too tied to one person or situation himself. He will expect you to be his exclusively while he stays on the prowl. Should drinking or other drugs be involved here, shared addictions can prove extremely hard to beat. A particularly dangerous form of addiction here can be to sex/love, in which case separation from your partner would lead to much anxiety on your part.

    Problems would occur on a face-to-face daily basis, Sadblueeyes, because a long distance relationship works so much better for you. You simply don't like being around people all that much. You tend to seek refuge from a boring world of hard work and sobriety by escaping to indulge in some bad behaviour, nurse old wounds, or live in exciting cyberspace where anything is possible. But a life of intense highs and lows will take its toll on your health after a while - you don't have to swear off naughtiness forever but you must reduce its frequency, and acquire more grounding and discipline for that fertile imagination of yours. Physical activity is very earthing for you. You will have to be careful with those bad boys you are so attracted to and understand that they don't make good marriage or longterm partners.

  • Hi, thecaptain:

    Is this your answer to my last question? It looks like this answer has been posted 45 min. ago, but that was not my last question. Sorry, I think that somebody ( maybe me) is a bit confused here.

  • This is about the compatibility between you and S. 11/10/64. I do not recommend you to have anything but a friendship with this man. He will not be faithful to you.

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