Someone advise?

  • I am lucky that I often can feel a lot on my own, but rarely, if ever, do I pick up on myself. So if anyone else here is gifted, I'd appreciate a reading of some sort:

    I wonder what anyone picks up on for my love life? I am KB 7-2-82 cancer, Sagittarius moon & Virgo ascendant. I wonder specifically about TM a Virgo, cancer moon, Libra rising 9-2-64. He has an Angellic presence. The other is also heroic, a gemeni 1973, he is a paramedic and has been

    awarded a civilians congressional medal of honor for saving a child's life from a burning car, while off duty . The Virgo once. Saved my life & the Gemini now is teaching me to save others.

    I love Virgo, but I moved away so I could grow and learn, SP Gemini, is teaching me. He looks into my eyes and we seem to like one another. And Virgo and I have clearly just grown apart I would think since I rarely hear from him now.

    I admire them both, are either of them going to admire me? How will I know?



  • This post is deleted!

  • okay, thanks, I'll give patience a second change.... lol ...... I'm not a good waiter, I'm torn between both since I feel a lot from both; I don't know enough yet though. However I did have a feeling that i would run into the new guy Thursday at some point during the day, and I did, he spoke first, and I was very excited and I felt like he did really like me, I'm not sure what will comeo f it but I'm hopeful. Gemini definitely gets my attention. which is different for a Cancer but I'm about to disregard a lot of that stuff 🙂

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