Some much needed prayers

  • Hello to all!

    I am just in need of some prayers for myself and my family. My family seems to have taken the wrong path lately. My son is going thru some addiction problems and while I am trying to help him I feel that I am failing him as a parent. My husband also is going thru some anger problems. he was in a very bad accident in 03 that has left him disabled. which is very hard for him. This week has been truly a bad week for all of us. to the point of so much fighting that I want to just walk away. I know that I am depressed and having a lot of bad thoughts. I need to go to the doc and tell her what is going on. I try to be positive but with all the negative around me it is getting harder for me to do. I know my depression doesn't help. But I really do not like the idea of "taking pills" to help me. In the past I have used inner self to help me thru panick attacks, but it is not working this time. SO please just pray for me and my family. I just want all of us to be healthy and happy. when things are good they are really good..but right now they are very bad.

    thanks to everyone!

  • Hi KittyCathy

    I'm sorry to hear your family has fallen on tough times. When my family was having great struggles I prayed for the inner strength to face each day & help everyone including myself the best I could. I often felt overwhelmed and found on the days I could remember to focus on one thing at a time, solve what needed to be done that day & let tomorrow wait I felt better & less overwhelmed. You need to take care of yourself can't support anyone if you don't nurture yourself. I'll pray for your family & send you some positive energy. I wish you the inner strength & peace to face this path you walk along in the journey of life.

    Blessed be

  • You have my prayers. I hope things get better for you.

  • I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and hope that things improve for you all. Love and light x

  • thanks to all of you for your prayers. Today was a better day. Seemed to be a little more calmer than the past week. I really do believe in the power of prayer and I am thankful to all of your for giving your time and energy to helping out my family. Blessing to each of you!

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