That Pisces Male is Insecure

  • I am dating a Pisces and he really has alot of potential, but he has insecurities and feels he needs to make himself larger than life by plugging in names of past girlfriends or lead me to believe he has someone around. I just got fed up with it one day and blocked his phone number, deleted him from my messenger and blocked him from my Yahoo email. When he realized that all modes of communication were cut off I am sure he scrambled looking for my work email which he found and emailed me a day later. So far he seems to get the picture, but I don't know if he will be able to carry it off.

    The guy probably likes me, but would prefer to play games instead of getting hot and serious. On one hand he says he is lonely and wants to get married, but on the other hand he trying to act like a "wanna be" playa. Now, he is working on getting tickets for me to visit him. This is his final chance to get it right or I'm gone. I need him to man up! Any other pisces out there just as crazy as he is?

  • Hey Virgoagogo,

    Pisces are very touchy, emotional people. We all know males are weaker emotionally, now think of a male who also feels he is never heard or understood. The ego becomes shot!

    He does not want to play games, you are! You shut him off without knowing why, really/

    I believe he mentions his exes because Pisces are extremely honest, and he wants you to know his past. Does he know yours?

    I have been married to a Pisces for 6 yrs now and he is the best man I have ever known. Honest , Kind, a wonderful Husband.

    I met him after being single nearly 8 yrs after divorcing a Virgo I was married to for 3 yrs.

    After what the 3 yr marriage did to me, I never thought I would marry again, .....then.......

    Along came the Pisces!

    Now we have a Sag (help us) daughter 4 years of age and a wonderful life!

    Listen to your Fish, and cast out some truths of your own.

    If you love him. marry him, but please, please never tease yourself or anyone that way.

    Marrying just to be married is NEVER the right answer.

  • I never thought of it that way. I thought he was "just playing" with me. We had a heart to heart talk where he really opened up to me and he told me everything he liked about me. He also stated that he wanted to know where this relationship was going. I emailed him this morning and told him that I wanted us to build a relationship in such a way that we could not see ourselves apart; that I wanted to see what the end would be. Gosh, I love him something awful.

  • Hi, From my experience and this is just a generalization, but Pisces are kind people. I think they are mutable or dual. That might explain why your signals are getting crossed. Don't be demanding because none of my Pisces friends are.

  • Wow! This sounds like the Piscean I might have dated before. I don't think Pisces males are insecure. I think that's their strategy. I think there are two types of Pisceans out there. One type is kind, caring, loyal, hardworking, smart, compassionate, funny and married. The other type is the bad boy, rescue me, feel sorry for me, victim, puppy dog, loveable, sexy type. I'm sorry, but I think you've found the bad boy type of Pisces. By disappearing, you made yourself more intriguing to him. They love a good chase and now that he's found you he'll probably lose interest after he's slept with you for a while. He'll be the one to play the disappearing act next, only you won't be able to find him. If you're singe you should read, The Manual by Steve Santagati. It's an eye opener and you'll know once and for all the type of guy you're dealing with. Good luck. I give it 3 to 6 months.

  • I agree with the thrill of the chase for my Pisces male. I hope you are wrong, but I've decided not to be so available and to go about my daily routine and let him pursue me. I'm not trying to play games, but I am so real and honest. I think it will last longer because we are across states and his job keeps him on the road alot. I can only do my best and if and when it is over then I'll drop a few tears and join a online dating service knowing I've done my best.

  • you said it they are two types of pisces men and just to let you know the bad boy playa, playa needs all kind of women to make him feel like a man. he will appear lovable but will do the nastiest things........that will have you saying "Is this the same person?"

  • i dont get it!!!! why all women that get chased by men seem like they love the guy that is chasing them on this website, and then if the guy gets to busy or something and stops giving the woman attention, then the woman who says they "love" him doesnt do anything to try and pull him back in??? they just give up as quick as you can snap your fingers?? women say alot of things BUT they really mean something different, and try to have the guy figure it out, why cant women just be straight forward and say what they wanna say, instead of playing games with us guys to the point where we resent you for it, and when we find out that you have been "playing" with us. you seem surprised that we are upset that youve been lying to us for a long time. maybe all women arent like this but damn after a while us guys need a break and will walk away from you, and your left there wondering why? and cant understand what happened, and put the blame on us guys instead of looking at what you did.

    ughh sorry i just felt like i needed to rant a little bit, but im just frustrated. sorry ladies, but does what i said make any sense?

  • wow that is my Pisces to the T !! wow he did tha same thang he used to say he had women doing this and that for him like he was pimping or something. were no longer together rite now but he text me earlier acting like he text the wrong person and the text was suppose to b to another about buying him sumthin then gone text back sayin' my bad wrong number. I'm like r u serious? but I if it the text wasn't an accident I still wished him an "her" happiness then he gone I just can't get rite after that.I'm like how so? buy saying he play to many games for real!

  • sorry about the typos! he text me back after i sent him the happiness text saying that I couldn't get it rite!

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