I can't get along with my sister.

  • My sister is an aries and I am an aquarius with libra moon and libra rising. Help.

  • Hi Aquariuss, I to am an Aqua. Born 1/23 how do you find out what you moon or rising is I have been trying to find out. Thanks

  • lolxx .. i am a capricorn and aquarius cusp born 20 january ... my sister also an aries ... i sometimes cannot tolerate her as well ... i need guidance too ... anyone ??

  • I am a Cap with an Aquarius rising. Do you ever get compliments about your eyes? Just wondering?

  • I've done Horoscopes for many years and what I've 'READ' is that Aquarius is an Air sign while Aries is a Fire sign. Air and Fire do not mix, HOWEVER it CAN. Aquarius and Aries CAN get along b/c both signs have other astrological signs in their horoscopes that can determine their relationship. Look it up at Astrology.com and find out. What will really help is if you know the date and time that you were born (birth certificate) then you can enter those dates into the system and find out which other signs are also in your chart. You are not just one sign.!! Please let me know what you find out and if you need any more help I will be there for you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • I just fibbed Air and Fire do Mix just like Earth and Water. Please forgive me for the false information. I don't know what I was thinking!! Air and Earth don't always mix and Fire and Water don't always mix. Here's a List:




    Cancer: Water









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