****A Very Special Request 4 some1 to conduct a reading for me Plz***

  • im looking for answers, where to get strength and motivation from, with the situation im in. i got married, 2 months ago - but there has been a complete relationship breakdown, i have left him. whenever i have people from the temple do prayers for me, i hear the words 'remove the darkness' and black magic/witchcraft was used on me - am still in shock if this is even true and if so, why on earth did i marry him in the first place! anyway my question is will his conscience ever awake (if he even has one) or is he jus going to give me a hard time during divorce - for which i have to wait until it has been a year before i can submit that application. any advice and direction will be very much appreciated. thanks again 🙂

  • Hi is there anyone who can provide their service and conduct a reading for me please?

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