Sagittarius and Pisces

  • I'm a Pisces woman that has been in a long-distance relationship with a Sag for 5 years now. We rarely see eachother but we are SUPER connected and talk everyday. Problem is, it's completely one-sided. I have very mixed feelings about our relationship (he NEVER does) and although i truly love him, it just isnt enough. But then again, love usually isn't enough. Since he is a Sag, he is careless, reckless, irresponsible, and lives life on the edge. Between his impusivity and drug use I constantly have to worry about him, he tries to subconsciously manipulate me into feeling sorry for him or making me feel responsible. I have had many unsuccessful attempts at trying to sever the tie, take a break, have a 'serious' talk about how i feel and how it isn't working for me, etc for some reason or another. I'm thinking I have to go to the extremes (move, change my number). In the end somehow, I'm always getting the shitty end of the stick and he always gets the best of me. It's been like this for awhile, but I know it has to be playing a negative role on my subconscious/psyche.

    Anyone else in a relationship with a Sag?

  • Hey gabbz, yes im in a relationship with a sag its been 7 years for me i feel our relationship is also one sided your story with your sag sounds alot like mine. we do live in the same town tho but there is still space and distance between us thats how he wants it i love him with all my heart and we have a very deep connection he knows how i feel about him he tells me that he does love me but a few months ago we are having a conversation about our relationship he tells me that he does have deep feelings for me what is that about? he givesme mixed signals he drives me crazy hot cold on off but now ive turned the tables on him we have decided to be just friends and i ask him if i were to meet someone else would he care he said yes but thats my decision so im going out more now i really dont know what else to do ive tried everything i told him i give up i feel like he doesnt want a relationship with me and he doesnt love me so y not? what do you think? but its been 7 years and he still comes back. i dont know do you.

  • oops does not love me or he saids he doesnt feel the same way i feel.

  • hello Ladies,

    I had the opposite. I am the female sag and my ex was the male pisces. (he was the one with the drug issue) It took me a long time to finally move on from that toxic relationship (10 years). forward several years, I am now seeing another male pisces. This one does not use any drugs or abuse alcohol etc. he is actually a good guy (except for his trust issues) we care about each other yet we seem to always say something to the other that is not good. I am usually the one to stay away for a while. I find that we have a hard time staying away from each other. it really makes you wonder if Sag/Pisces just have some crazy connection to each other...wether it is good or bad is still up in the air lol

    Here is a little bit of advice....It is never easy to be in these types of relationships, but i suggest that you both do what makes you happy! With men, actions speak louder than words. Trust me on this one. You can tell him how you feel til your blue in the face but stop taking his calls or seeing him etc and he will take notice. If he really cares about you and wants to make it work with you he will make it happen. As a general rule that is how men are. If they want something/someone they go for it.

    I suggest you read this book by Sherry Argov it is called 'Why men love B*&ches (from doormat to dreamgirl)'. I read it and still use it as a reference tool a lot. I have even given out copies as gifts to my friends and family. You can get it used on amazon and sites like that.

    It really is worth getting. I swear by it and i think every woman should have one.

    You can only change what you do and how you feel, you can not change a man unless they want to change. So if you feel like you are wasting time then you probably are. One thing I learned over the years is I can truly on make myself happy and the rest falls into place when I am true to myself and focus on making myself happy.

    I wish you ladies the best of luck in whatever you decide to with your current situations.

    Remember that you are worth a lot and do not need to accept less than what you want. There are men out there that are willing to treat you like you should be treated and give you the relationship that you deserve. You just need to know your self worth than increase it by at least double. 🙂

    If you have any questions that I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask.

    While I am a female Sag, I think that Sag male and female have a lot of the same traits.

    I am always happy to help my fellow womankind if I can.

  • @gabbz --- Hi there... I am pisces woman and have been in a looong relationship (5 in a long term plus another 3 of knowing him as a friend) with a sag male before my cancer male happened 🙂 I don't wanna discourage any fellow fish but this combo doesn't really work as per me! I remember feeling 'wasted' and 'lonely' most of the times while I was with my Sag. It was a typical case of a Fiery male pursuing a shy all feminine neptune female. The initial attraction he felt for me was there for all to see! He pursued me till I gave up resisiting him (I had just broken up with an aries male so I guess I needed someone around). We were NEVER compatible from day one and yet the lust/attraction did make it last for that long! I remember his flirting around even when we' were partners.He was not reliable at all after a point of time...He'd say/do things only for the heck of them and never bothered to care about my bleeding heart! And I never measured up as his adventurous last minute travel companion. There was a lot of resentment on both sides when we broke up romatically. I still see him around as he's an inevitable part (much to my disgust) of my social circle. I've read somewhere that pisces and sag don't happen to be the best of partners (unless there are other planets favouring them). And hence they should let go of each other once their differences become major...before they become enemies! Go Figure!!! About your situation...Yes, I feel he's manipulating you for his selfish reasons and you should put your foot down once and for all. We fish being so sensitive and caring by nature become an easy target for other 'stronger' personality types.

  • gabbz~ I am a pisces that has been with a sag for 5 years going on 6 and I can honestly say that I feel the same as you or at least I think I do I am getting to the point after 5 years of being together that I love him but I dont find myself madly in love with him hes the greatest guy I have been with and I have shaped him into the man that I truely want and need but in all honesty I just want a guy that stands beside me not behind me or in front of me just right next to me is that too much to ask? I feel that me and my sag are on the same page most of the time and then there are other times that we are so on different planets and no matter what is said or done its going to be a misunderstanding. He is supossed to be my soulmate and my passion sign which doesnt surprise me and then again it does still confused with this one I'm trying to make this work will see

  • cancermen,

    what do you mean when you say this" i want a guy that stands beside me not behind me or in front of me, just right next to me" this i dont understand could you please explain? you make him sound like hes perfect for you. and you said that he is what you truely want and need so i dont see the problem really, and yes of course im a sag male maybe this why i dont understand. but you did say that you you guys have misunderstandings, but i have to say when isnt there gonna be misunderstandings in a relationship!!!! lol have you ever made a post about you misunderstandings with him and asked on here how to fix it? maybe i could help you kinda understand what hes thinking cause im a sag? i dunno but i would need to know a little bit about him and his past maybe then i could give you good advice on it? just a thought, ok see ya

  • chevelleman71,

    Hi fellow sag!!! I want to know if you have ever been with Pisces? I know that there are differences in male and female sag's but there are also a lot of similarities. I want to get another sag's opinion on dating pisces...They drive me nuts! LOL Yet the attraction is strong.

    Plus, I know lots of female sag's but very few male sag's...interested in your perspective on things 🙂

  • saqiqueen,

    hello, but i am sorry i have never had a Relationship before so i cant help you and i just turned 22, i just had my birthday (Dec 11th) today or you can say 3 hours ago cause its 2:37 here in AZ lol. me,my brother, Chris(friend) all male sags, chris is married to a Sag woman, and i know another female Sag as well, so im around sags quite a bit lol, BUT i think my brothers EX after 5 years together was a pisces but also on the cusp of Aries, so i dunno how much i can help cause i dont know all the details about went on with them, but what i can tell you is that they did very much love eachother and were great together it seemed but my brother gets very angry easily and so did she. so when they fought oh man did they argue lol ive also heard that she even punched him in the face a few times but he never did hit of course, they are over now but i think maybe it was for the better. i dont really know about them a whole lot so that about it lol.

    as for male and femlae sags being alike, i think that is true also, well so ok im "friends" with this Libra girl, but will probably lead into more after everything we have talked about the last 4 months, but anyways this Sag girl that ive known for 3 years now. ive talked to her about the libra girl and she has talked to me about this guy that she likes also, and the more we have been talking i have found that we do have quite a bit in common and are more friends now than before and text threw out the day now(shes in quite a mess with 2 different guys she likes, 1 married(26)(separated) other one single(31)<<<< them two fighting over her after 10 years on friendship between them, AND YET another guy thats married that has been hitting on her but she doesnt want anything with him but he wont leave her alone)(40) AND she just turned 19!!!! so since im a nice, sensitive guy, and i think alot! just like a woman lol maybe cause im Sag/Virgo/Gemini (Sun/Moon/Rising), and i have been helping her alot on what to do day by day as more things come up, but i am fearful about her starting to like me since im being there for her when she needs someone to talk too, cause i dont like her that way(well she is cute but still lol) and she talks to the girl im interested in now(libra) god knows what they say about me lol ughh its quite confusing, ok sorry i got sidetracked lol

    and cancerman, if you read this, read my above post to you, what you think?

  • gabbs, I was in a short term relationship with a Sag. and I would say I'd run now and take his beer with me lol They're too careless and irresponsible. Their "no care" childish attitude makes me think of them as kids even though mine was 6"7 tall lol.

    I have my moon in Sag, but I behave not even close like them. And my venus is in pisces so it's something that I see things like you when love related. This relationship could be so tumultuous at times until you realize you're an adult and his an windy kid. But when you say you're done, they'll finally realize thieir way taller than you and would want to step on you lol

    I ran and never looked back. He's made several attempts to contact me but good he realized I was not the one to ask him back. Do what your gut tells you to do.

  • Hello my fellow Astrology buffs, i am da Male SAG,(and i feel as if my destiny is the One) i am turning 30 on the 16th Dec. and in no way has this been easy for me in life, i think i can only name a handful of things in my life that has made it better, i too am very impulsive, i dont truly appreciate who or what i have until its gone, then with a whole lot of self reflection, i have to deal with all the guilt of my mistakes, but i can honestly say i do learn from every negative aspect i can control, & dont tend to make the same mistake twice unless i was never aware of it in the first place, but i am turning 30 here this week, and was married to a pieces for 6 years, as well served in the military for 7 years, and after my combat tour, there went my career, life, family, and marriage.

    even though the pieces i was married too, must have been a blood thirsty fish from hel! because it was not her decision of leaving me because i wasn't the same person i was two years ago before i went into combat, but honestly i was ok with it i just wanted her to be happy, and i didn't want to hold her down, and just be an unuseful burden, that was only work now to help take care of. but before i left my wife and i relationship could never been more strong, i truly thought we would have been together forever, but because of my momentary self medication problem with weed and other hallucinogenics, as i was trying to adapt and deal with the Shell Shock of the PTSD. but it only took her 16 month from when i got back and out of the service to leaving me with a big goose egg as she clean me out. (note to anyone who has never been married: always have separate cheeking and banking accounts! or at least make sure the account say "joe and sue" rather than "joe or sue" but for the majority of my marriage we never fought i always said it takes too to fight and i wasn't playing, and i promoted complete open communication, to deal with issues before they even came up or escalated. she was quite, and passive, where i was her Yang out going center of attention, with a goofy sense of humor. but then back in July 2007 when she left it had felt as if the world just hit a time rift, where everyone i was close to or worked with in town, seemed to be losing there partners, and everyone life was getting turn upside down. then i was check my horoscope here on myspace, when i noticed on the bottom right hand side of the page the "Changing Skies" section and it said that the consolation of pieces in the night ski was changing, as the silver cord connecting the two fish broke and the two fish in the skies were starting to separate from each other, also a sign of the changing of time (leaving the age of Pieces going back in to the age of Aquarius) but any way it said something that just hit both of our life's with such accuracy it was surreal! going on with the trial and tribulations life was dealing us, but at the end it was saying to the pieces to let her sag go, so they could ascend, to there great destiny. but to my future assessment, i think that i may have been doing to many hallucinogenics, to where reality seemed to unreal to be happening, and i was reading a little to in depth in it, but since she left she has never tried once to contact me, except for serving me divorce papers. as well i have only tried a handful of times and kept on getting the responce "no i dont want to talk, and never call me here again. so thats what i did never called her the same place twice. but ulimitly lost the love of my life.

    it has been 2 years now and since my new found freedom, i have been a vagabond, or a drifter, jumping from city to state, with my tattoo equipment, making my way out west to LA to give the possibility of fame a shot, in hopes to finally get my family back, in hopes that with the time, and the boost of society standing of fame that my family will once again love this lonely Sag. & accept him back once again, even though hes not the typical life of rainbows and cheerier happiness, rather then this untypical woo is me... self depression combat will bring to a person. so if any of you SAG's out there think there life gets difficult try being a SAG with ADHD, PTSD, and dyslexia. it is defiantly a trip with out the chemicals. (been clean for over 18 months)

    now i leave you with the question i have, it seems like every time i think about another relationship, i always seem to be thinking of a Gemini, and since i have been on the road trying to fine my new place in this world, i keep on running in to this two faced astrological way of torment. the connection between me and them are always strong but short lived, and i noticed that it is our polar opposites, which is why they say opposites attract... but i was wondering if any of you SAGs out there have this uncanny way of running into a particular astrological sign over and over with no intention of seem them out intentionally? if so was it a Gemini, or can any Sag's give me some advice on how to stay focused on what i have in front of me rather than what might be out there....

  • I am a Sag male who has been in an eight-year relationship with a Pisces male. We had this super-strong sexual/emotional connection, but tons of conflict on many other levels. We toughed it out for a long time, but are no longer together. I still find that there is a tight bond and intense attraction with Pisces, but it is always laced with Pisces deep need to overthink and need constant validation. Sags just don't give that -- especially when it's a "need" -- we just aren't capable. But take heart, because we do love our Pisces partners in a very deep and distinct way -- and our connection to you is valued and treasured although we may find it difficult to express.

  • Well said eatsrainbows!

    That is exactly how it is with my now (Former) Pisces. We have a very strong sexual/emotional connection but his overthinking things and thinking things that aren't happening ultimately drove me away. I can't deal with an people that constantly make me feel like i have to be on the defensive all the time. It drives me nuts!

    You would figure since this is my second relationship with a Pisces I would of learned LOL

    My ex whom is a Gemini (was with for only a year) and I broke up with cuz I wasn't feeling him like he was feeling me, is still trying to reconcile. May think about that, who knows....

    I can say that in my almost 39 years of life I have never been married but have been in a few long type relationships. my first was Pisces (10 yrs) but I think it only lasted that long cuz we had the 2 kids together and he was in jail for most of them so I didn't really have to deal with him LOL. I seem to end up with mostly water signs but find I have a better connections overall with fellow fire signs.

    For friends I find that I get along with most people in general but my close group tends to be fire and air signs.


    congrats on being clean! And thank you for serving, we appreciate everything you sacrificed! Sometimes life just sucks. Its what you learn from it and how you proceed that makes the difference. It sounds like you have a plan and as long as you have goals and aspirations and try to stay positive it should all work out.

    As for the Gemini thing. I have only dated one and he really was a great guy. I have this tendency to sometimes fall into a relationship and be loving it and all of a sudden it just kind of loses its appeal and they feel more like a friend to me. That is what happened with him.

    Most Gemini's that I know are actually family members and I think they are pretty awesome. But its easy when they are family LOL

    So why not give it a shot and see what happens?!

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    Happy Birthday to all my fellow Sag's. Mine is the 19th and going to party!

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