Can any one cast spells or help me to?????

  • Hi Everyone

    Can any one help me to cast a magic spell or is anbody able to do 1 for me? I would be very grateful


  • share more. so people know how to help you.

    spells and prayer will help if it's specific, so we have to know what to help you with.

    no need for names etc, just the big picture.

  • i'm in love with a man who doesnt love me. I know he finds me attractive and he flirts with me but he doesnt want me. I want a spell to make him want me.

  • Dont do love spells that actually puts negative energy around the person you care about. If things dont happen naturally and you have to use a spell to make him love you that is not love and that is selfish. Move on and find someone that loves you back.

  • Ya' know....I'd like to learn how to cast spells as well. I'm in love with a very, very precious woman whose rotten husband is putting her through the toughest times. He's lazy, doesn't work and they just lost their house. There's an attraction between us and some flirty moments, though I know she's feeling trapped but wants a divorce. But wanting one and getting one are two very different things. I love her so very much and have called upon all the forces of the Universe, but never thought of casting spells.

    Love and Light......

  • Azaza12 I remember you. She must go through these things to get the strenght within herself to leave this marraige. pain forces us to re evaluate our lives. Spells in my opinion isnt the best solution and you can do things harmful to yourself and others spirtually without realizing it. Even if they seem like a good idea. Keep calling on the universe, or praying as I call it, but please do not give into temptation to manipulate the forces at work by casting spells. I have had to undo other peoples so called "love spells" when it wreaked havoc on my loved ones lives. Not a good idea, I am just saying. They are also alot more costly and difficult to undo. Anything worthwhile takes patience, hard work, and devotion. Not a quick easy fix. Keep hoping for the best and be there for her when she needs you. She will open her eyes soon enough. Take care. ( :

  •'re right. After I posted it, I thought....'that's just not right'. I guess I'm just tired of seeing her in so much pain. And I know that casting spells or anything to do with magik is playing with forces that may be more harmful and damaging than fruitful. But thanks for the cautionary words.


  • curler

    there are spells that can do that. but they would come with a price.

    th price depends on how long you want this spell to last.

    if you want it for life, then it would cost you someone's life.

    Once it is cast, there is no turning back. It will pick the person to take life, neither you nor your guy have a say about it. Is this what you want?

    Live your life in the truth, not fakeness.

    he doesn't love you. doesn't mean you have to give up trying.

    if you use spell, he will love you but not because he truly does.

    I don't know how old are you, but I wouldn't want anything fake, especially with such a price.

    This one I can't help you with.

  • Thanks guys xx

  • It's not our job to manipulate the universe-or other people. Perhaps the man you desire has karma to work out with someone else. There are so many fish in the sea. Ask for the man who is in your best and highest good to attract, and be specific about the things you are looking for in a partner. You'll be suprised to know that you can attract someone even better for you into your life!

  • Dearest Leoscorpion, a time back was having episodes with,2 rude, demanding,unreasonable irrational people at work

    , a friend suggested " to sweeten them up"

    put there name on paper in cup of water and add sugar to it , it worked for awhile,

    my question, now after reading your above posts, are there any ramifications for tihis???

    Ouch! : (

    thx and best to you!

  • Dearest Leoscorpion, wondering about spells, per my previous post,

    Thank you

  • goldenhill

    live your life in the truth.

    you can not change people. they have to want to change themselves.

    I understand how it feels to work in such a place. I have been there.

    some spells do not seem like spells, but they are

    once it wears out, you never know what will happen to the person that casts it

    you may find another job but you will encounter the same thing or worse people

    because the lesson is not learned yet, that you can not change people but you can change how you deal with them and your life challenges.

    live in the truth, always.

  • Dearest Leoscorpion, you' re so right about that , thanks it opened my eyes even more....

    So in working with these difficulty I just need to suck it up and hopefully if am spiritually fit enough, I can stay awake as am being mistreTed and see it as oh where have I mistreated someone is this kinda what you mean in dealing with them???

    Thanks again,,,, haven't bugged anyone for readings am still trying to soak it all in, and have been cleansing crystal

    bye for now and thank you. : )

  • goldenhill

    not all the bad things happen to us are the result of our own doing

    sometimes we do send negativities, and this is absolutely normal

    the universe will return us the negativities, not to punish us but to teach us

    but then again there are people who send us negativities unknowingly or knowingly

    at work, with competition and economy situation, things are harder to bear

    many people afraid lose their job but they are not satisfied with the pay

    so they are always angry, always looking for victims (to hurt) to make them feel more powerful

    ground yourself, keep up the protection and the crystal

    be strong and nurture yourself physical and psyche every day after work make time for it

    there are many free ways of nurturing your psyche (online there are free yoga and meditation videos you can google, and if your budget allows it, get spiritual books of your interest)

    nurturing your physical doesn't have to be expensive. go with what you can afford, and improve it little by little when you can.

    when things are rough, tell yourself, This too shall pass repeatedly - it will pass

    and ground yourself as many times as you feel like it

    the affirmations are not limited for grounding, say it or imagine the words, anywhere anytime

    life is not about changing others and what they do to us, it's about dealing with them

    how do you deal with life challenges, with negativities, is what will determine your future

    if you send out negativities too, you will suffer negativities from them and from yourself

    if you choose to live in positivity, you will be surprised what the universe has in store for you

    everything is hard to start with, failing and mistakes are normal. stand back up and start again.

    what you have done, is done. throw away the names and the cup. then move on.

    those people might have been nice to you because they did change for a while

    but since you used the cup and sugar thing, you wouldn't know it, would you?

    keep trying. don't give up. it is in times of sorrow, that our inner strength will shine.

  • Hi Leoscorpion, hi again, ew...!!! Ew, ! Yuk!!!

    : ( Ouch! I see, now I see even clearer

    wow ! Divine providence sure would have it that, I paid back

    1. had my but in the office at my last job,

    2. recently, my woes expressed on thread by the other...

    Gosh , dearest Leo scorp, how do you know all this???

    And thanks again, and please know I take your insight seriously, I value your time and am really trying to learn

    Blessings your way today and always....

  • Oh my Leo scorpion, our thoughts must have crossed I wrote my last post before noticing your m

    most recent, soo I looks like lots of valuable infowill go read it now

    so my last post was an addendum after pondering your prev post,

    dearest Leoscorp, am gonna read your last post and will reply over next day or soooo

    as I may need ti ask you a question, bye for now

  • goldenhill

    I have been though what many have been through

    my life is one of pain and hardship. I am no better or stronger than any of you here

    but what makes the difference is how I deal with pain and hardship

    I choose to live, and to live is to learn and move forward.

    all the tips I mentioned to you, I have done them and still do them

    except the grounding, I don't do so often I am not empath

    There is no life in harbouring anger, worry, despair, jealousy, all kinds of negativities

    why? because they drain you. they take away hope, and make you see only dark side of life

    this is definitely not living

    there is guidance for everyone

    nurture yourself, you will get to receive yours

  • ok bye now

    I will reply tomorrow later

    I have to do a ritual for year end

  • ok. I have a serious question. Can some psychics clean up negative energy in people? Or is it a load of crap? Can people do that and clean up "blocks" that prevent people from being happy together?

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