Scorpio Woman/ Leo Man? Help

  • There is this guy that really interests me, and I'm just curious how compatible we are. I'm not sure whether or not to pursue ir, or how I should approach it, since when I look up his sun sign, and his moon sign, and his venus sign, I get very different answers. Tips anyone?

    I'm a Scorpio Sun(on the Sagittarius cusp) with Libra rising, Moon in Leo, Mars in Scorpio, And Venus in Capricorn

    He's a Leo Sun(unknown ascendant), Moon in Cancer, Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo

    Thank you 🙂

  • if you have both dob I might be able to pull out something

  • november 20th 1989

    august 3rd 1986

  • Square Sun - Mars

    Negative aspect: Here is a couple which will have frequent disputes. Finding it impossible to speak calmly, they will always be aggressive towards each other. Conflict is caused because they both want to dominate the other. They cannot live on the basis of mutual understanding. The man is the type who lays down the law, gives orders, makes decisions and the woman is independent type, who cannot stand being limited, taking orders - the more so from her partner.

    Trine Sun - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Good understanding between the two persons and intellectual interests in common, the same type of curiosity. They are made to go well together, to appreciate each other.

    Conjunction Mercury - Saturn

    Positive aspect: If Mercury is looking for a mother or father in the spouse, then this aspect is very favorable. Saturn will give a lot on the intellectual level and in life in general.

    Conjunction Venus - Mars

    Positive aspect: This is a union that is particularly based on physical understanding, passionate love.

    Conjunction Mars - Saturn

    Positive aspect: A life together without any problems, love will develop into friendship, they will understand each other and go well together.

    An indication that they will both be faithful.

    Conjunction Sun - Saturn

    Positive aspect: Here is a couple you can call stable. They will lead their life together quietly, with friendship slowly replacing love. Saturn will dominate the Sun - as is only natural - but the Sun might find this difficult to accept. In any case, as the Sun likes to feel secure, Saturn is a perfect partner.

    Conjunction Mars - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A difficult union that can succeed, but could founder in lies. Be very careful.

    Sextile Mars - Mars

    Positive aspect: A life together in which each will desire the other and satisfy each other's sexual needs. As neither is frustrated, the couple will develop in a pleasant atmosphere. They will do great things together.

    Opposition Mars - Jupiter

    Negative aspect: They are too different to get on well together, they can never understand each other, and conflict and an aggressive atmosphere will result.

    Very nice. so many positives, veyr little negative connection. One thing you need to watch is the Sun-Mars. he is ruled by the sun, you as the astrologers said it, ruled by Mars, used to be Pluto but now that planet is no longer called planet. Anyway, so this clearly points out to both of you. Pursue him if so you want, because with so many positives I doubt you will fail. but once you have him, you will need to understand he wants to be the one that controls. you have tendency to control also, but not for the same reason as he does. to him, control is pride, domination, the one making decision and leads. this doesn't mean he will abandon your needs, in fact he can be generous, showering you with love and satisfy you in bed. this also means, you need to find middle ground. don't try to take the lead, don't let him abuse his domination. if you do have concern over anything, speak up. fire sign doesn't read between the lines, you have to say it, for him to know. to keep his eyes on you, show yourself at your very best. leo males often ignore inner beauty, if they can't see it, it doesn't exist. he wants a woman, not a girl. don't be afraid to show off some skin, don't overdo make up. take care of yourself, he wants a woman he can show off to the world. because he can relate everything to his pride, so if you can make him proud of having you (and this doesn't mean career/sport achievement, but more of feminine beauty that makes people envy of him having you so to speak) you will have him wrapped around your finger. one more reason to avoid trying to take the lead, is his temper. unless he can control it, you will not want to provoke this one. I can imagine he looks good physically, he was born in the year of Tiger, he is a leo in every sense. Tiger contributes to his stamina and physical build. many of them are attractive and groom themselves to be so. You are born in the year of Snake, charming opposite s ex should come naturally to you.

    I can't tell if it will last. this is just a general look, but the details will be the things you have to work out later on, if you really want to make it last. dealing with him, will be like dealing with hot stuffs. if you don't think you can handle it, don't bother touching it in the first place. if you want to touch it anyway, it will make your skin melt. then again, what is a union if you don't melt into each other?

  • thank you!!

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