Cancer man withdrawing on me - I need him HELP!

  • I need some objective advice...

    First off, like many here I had no idea cancer men have this withdrawing into their shell type behavior in common – I am so glad I stumbled upon this site as I was 2nd guessing myself up to that point wondering what I had done wrong and why my sharp as a knife intuition was not working to read him correctly and tell me what to do next to handle him. I feel I am in love with this man (not intentionally but he has changed my life) I am in my 30s (Aquarius) and he is too (2 years younger) and my goal is to get a place with him and leave my current situation (where I have never felt a soul or any type of connection) and he is not nurturing or caring either. I have been through alot of pain in my life and lost my first true to love who is deceased now. I have felt no one understands me until now... I want to raise my children with him and spend the rest of my life with him ( and he knows this) Hmmm... So if you can bare to read this I would be very appreciative of any insight!

    Okay, I will give you the background on how I got involved with my cancer leading up to my current dilemma – here goes! Oh this is extremely long – sorry!

    Since the moment I laid eyes on him I immediately knew I wanted to get to know him. I was actually looking at purchasing a house right next door to him when he walked by. Dressed in black, looking mysterious with a gleam in his eye and a slight smile that instantly communicated openness and warmth to me. I immediately formulated a plan within my mind on how I would justify getting to know this man as a friend as you see I am married. I thought he had a child as he was out front with child so I thought I would have my youngest child play with his and that would set the stage... Well we did move into the house and I seemingly forgot about him. The first week we had a snowstorm and one day I was pulling away from the house and a guy approached me who had been shoveling close by. So I stopped my and pulled over next to him. He kept shoveling but looked up at me and said so your our new neighbor huh? I immediately laughed and introduced myself and he introduced himself. Then I proceded to tell him my husbands name and he immediately changed expression and said what? So I repeated it and then he changed the subject and said so you have 2 children? Good, good... The conversation was over quickly but left me with a lot of positive, good energy. I almost offered to pick a coffee up for him thinking how he was out in the cold shoveling even if he was in front of his own house, which is very uncharacteristic of me since I rarely take the lead initiating stuff like that. Anway, at the end of the conversation he said becareful out there it is bad out... I liked that as no one ever seems to worry about me or say that to me. I am with a different sign that really doesn’t show a lot of nurturing or care instead they want to be nurtured and shown care for... it is frustrating and lonely...

    Back to the matter at hand. Well I didn’t even recognize that guy as being the same guy that had caught my eye earlier as he seemed more mature this time. The first time I had noticed him he looked a few years younger than me and was wearing like tight black jeans and pretty much a rock get up. This time I thought maybe he was a young dad or something. Anyhow, I didn’t think much more of it at that point. I seen him again outside at a later date and automatically acted like I didn’t see him, but noticed he was looking at me as I got my mail and he had a friend with him as well. I went inside and it occurred to me that he possibly liked me and I realized he was the same guy that had originally caught my eye and everything came together I started analyzing the conversation how he had reacted when I mentioned my husband how he had asked about the kids and seemed genuinely interested and I thought I must find out if he has an attraction for me.. I have to admit I was pretty insecure at this point in my life I had not been looking for anything outside of my marriage and still wasn’t but I have to admit I wanted to know if this guy who I deemed to be a little younger than myself (but close enough in age) that had great style was attracted to me afterall. So that became my obsession.

    However, after that one day of ignoring him he seemed as though he lost all interest and ignored me too for a while. I then started initiating small talk and saying hi and he would respond to that by returning the gestures. He always had a very warm smile and his eye contact would linger just long enough to make me wonder if he had a mutual interest in me. So I told myself once I find out if he is attracted that will be good enough for my ego. After a while he wasn’t around anymore (he had been living with his parents) and I guess he moved out or was spending less time at the house. One day he came over and it just seems as though are timing was always spot on and I was pulling out and pulled right up next to him as he was pulling in to his parents’ house. I talked to him for a few minutes and he asked me if I was all settled into the house and then said well of course you are silly me as your always baking stuff. I then proceded to tell him that I had stopped sending stuff over to his parents as I had just learned that they both were diabetics. He then told me he ate it. Then he leaned back against his car laughed in the most genuine way. I asked him if he liked chocolate and then told him, “but your never around.” He then told me he didn’t live with his parents and just came there to help them. The conversation turned to the children on his accord and was fine until I said I couldn’t wait for the older ones to move out and then he abruptly ended the conversation. So that gave me a big mixed signal ( I now understand there deep love/concern for children was the reason for that).

    So the next week he came over again to help in the yard of his parents house and I baked brownies right away and brought them over. When I knocked on the door he answered and sounded genuinely excited and happy that it was me. I gave him the brownies and told them they were for him. He thanked me and quickly said Good I’ll take these right with me then. He came outside with them (I guess he happened to be leaving) and then his mother came outside and she told him to wait. So we all stood out there talking for a few minutes and then he thanked me again and said to have a good day and went to leave. He came back again in a few minutes did something in the yard and made a comment about the conversation his mother and I were having and then came and stood next to me again seizing me up a bit I could feel from the side. Then he told me again to have a nice day and left. Then he again turned around as he was walking away thanked me and said have a nice day. So much positive energy was in the air!! I was feeling great. The next week he was there again doing yard work. This time I baked cookies. My husband was home though and outside and already had started to pick up on something from this guy and said he didn’t like the “vibes” he got from him. So he was walking around real macho just waiting for any signs between us to pounce on... So I couldn’t make eye contact with him or anything and I even decided not to bring cookies over even to the mom as he was being really negative and making comments. I did bring a plate of cookies out to my husband and his brother though and my husband noticed that the neighbor turned and gave me a quick glance. My husband felt his body language indicated something. He said I am not sure if he likes you or is just being nice. Right after that I noticed the cancer guy went into the house came out through the front (we were in the back so he didn’t have to walk past us) which was very unusual for him and in a real hurry started throwing stuff into his car. He seemed very emotional. I picked up on this and wanted to let him to know how badly I had wanted to say hi to him and give him those cookies, but I couldn’t... I wasn’t even sure why I would be picking up on a guy being emotional as it is not a common thing and wondered if I was correct in my assumptions. That was the turning point I feel in my marriage. I felt I was closing in up to that point on the cancer man and if I had been able to give him those cookies maybe that would have led into me finding out my long awaited answer and giving me a solid clue he felt a connection and attraction for me as I had for him. By my husband arrogantly shattering that at a time my self esteem was minimal sent me into a brooding resentment for him. Infact, he would follow me around outside the house if he thought that guy was around and make very negative comments about us. Anyway, after that point the guy stopped coming over to the house atleast when I was around. A few months later I found out he had a girlfriend and had brought her home to meet the parents. I seen her and she had 2 children. My husband threw it to my face saying see his types do have children as I had told my husband he was being silly to think that this guy liked me. Anyway, she was had tattoos and a nose ring... ughhh very opposite from my more conservative image with no tattoos so I doubted he had or ever would like me... By this point I had lost close to 40 pounds using him as my motivation – it was awesome. Anyway, I couldn’t get him out of my mind and I still had to know if he had felt a connection to me, but now I felt the anti had just been upped and I would have to take a much riskier method to find out. So I contacted him on a social networking site anonomously. I would send him messages like Hi sweetie, hope your having a nice day... hi sexy.... have a great day...etc. At first he did not respond, so I sent him an email saying I guess you don’t want to me email you anymore.. then he responded! He asked me who I was and how I found him on there. I told him I couldn’t reveal who I was but I admitted I had felt a connection to him and just wanted to get to know him. He told me he liked getting my emails but we could never meet. He admitted he was in a relationship and said from the pics he could see of me (camaflouged ones) he thought i was very attractive. He said he didn’t know why but he liked my emails and wanted to get to know me and that he had not had that happen to him before. We would talk on and off over the next few months and me more than him. Then abruptly he stopped all communication to me. He even stopped reading my emails! I was devastated! I thought how could my intuition be so unprepared for this thinking he we were establishing more and more of a connection? Anyway, I finally gave up after sending him what I felt was a very stirring email to atleast tell me why he had stopped emailing me if nothing else, yet I got no response from him. We ended up going on a family vacation and on my return I found an email from him. It simply said, “ Just thinking of you the other day.” Well I said, “ Thinking what about me? “  and he responded just thinking... I just didn’t want you to think I forgot about you  Then he followed up with “Did you forget about me?” I came to realize that he was living next door again and had broken up with his girlfriend. Yea! However, I felt distant at this point and wasn’t really sure I could feel for him quite the way I had before, but after him emailing me almost daily this time with a vengeance (really opening up more about his likes and asking me all about myself) I started to feel connected again. Within a month he had guessed who I was and I had felt secure enough to admit he was right. Immediately he eased my insecurities of rejection by telling me how caring, beautiful, driven, etc. I was... He went out and immediately bought a set of cds and d/l my favorite music so he could listen to it. He got even more personal with me. I suggested we meet and he said no though as he was afraid things would get physical. ( he was against cheating) Anyway, we ran into each other one day and he said he never felt such a rush or if he had it was a long long time ago. He said he was overcome with feelings and couldn’t get the smile off his face no matter how hard he tried for over 10 minutes. I was with my brother though so we couldn’t let on. After that we ran into each other again this time he was outside with another neighbor and he held my gaze and I could tell was just beaming. Right after that things changed and he wanted to see me. So we met up and things were very natural he emailed me that same day and said he wanted to see me again. He had initiated a couple hugs that day and when he hugged me it wasn’t like any hug I expected. He hugged me! It was very intimate and deep. He held me tight and breathed in my hair and didn’t want to let go. It was wonderful. So we met up again at a beach and this was great too. We talked and he told me all kinds of things about himself and then he picked me up in his arms! It was awesome. He did it again at the end of the date. He even tried to kiss me but I told him no. Well he was emailing me by this point daily and initiating more than he ever had. I seen him 4 more times. During this time he told me he wanted to be with me and hoped I would consider him after I separated from my husband. He also mentioned he was thinking about how he would tell his parents about us since this was “untraditional.” One day I said to him how am I not going to have you as you feel so good and he replied no we can’t have sex! I will wait for you! You’ll be all set in a year and half right? On another date he confided that his ex girlfriend (fiancé) had treated him like shit and he had been engaged to her and looking for a house. He said he had loved her but thinks she was the wrong person for him and he just wanted to have a family so badly... he said he didn’t even miss her that much anymore. I got a little uncomfortable hearing about her as I’m insecure... but he said he could never go back to her as he could never trust her with his emotions again. He went on to say he didn’t make enough money for her. He asked me how much my husband made and even though I said he didn’t make a lot he kept asking until I told him what I thought he made (not 100% sure exactly it varies) and then he got really nervous and said well that is more than I make! He seemed upset. Another time he had told me he was worried about how the kids would feel about us.. I told him it would be fine. I finally asked him point blank on the phone one day when you say we are going to be together do you mean live together? He laughed and said Yes! He then went on to say I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with someone, have a family and settle down and I think your that someone. Well I liked hearing that, but he had mentioned before to me that he so desperately wanted a family and I wasn’t sure if he was now just trying so hard to make that come true with a safer bet which is me ( because I had pursued him)...but maybe he didn’t feel in love with me... even though he acted like everything was so good when I touched him and stuff and said he was consumed with me.

    Around this time he started taking 3 online courses and this took up a considerable portion of his time so much so that he gave up his side business he runs (at least it seems he hasn’t told me officially but I don’t see him leaving to do it anymore) Upon starting school his behavior changed with me significantly. He was always tired and no longer available.

    On the 6th date (where he had dressed up for me and he never dressed up as he is in rock bands and just usually wears jeans and t-shirts) he mentioned seeing me the next day on his day off all excited and stuff. Well the next day rolled around and I dressed up and never heard from him so I went to our meeting spot thinking maybe he was there (knowing though prob not as he would usually let me know) I never heard from him. I was pissed. He did sign in and read my inquiring emails but did not respond. That continued for gut wrenching 7 days! I was 2nd guessing everything I had done. I sent him off a huge apology after that. He finally read it and responded that he had been in a car accident and hadn’t even played with his band. I knew that was true because he had been home outside of work. Anyway, he admitted to being withdrawn and sad and said he was sorry and hoped I could forgive him and that he knew it was selfish. He was a bit better over the next few days, but then started this same behavior again not emailing me much and on the 2nd week of not seeing me sent me a long email saying he had homework and could not see me. He said he would def see me that week. At first I couldn’t handle it and asked couldn’t you get away for just a little while? He did not respond. So eventually I got my head together and emailed him coolly just saying well I understand school is a prority i just miss you and wanted to hug you so.. well he immediately responded saying he was sorry and wanted to see me to so badly.. but he had a deadline and it would take him right up to that deadline to finish his homework. A few minutes later he offered to meet me! We met up and there was a little confusion over which Dunkin Donuts, etc. but it finally panned out. He seemed frazzled, worried and whiney. Not his usual happy, funny romantic self. However, once he hugged me and just held me everything was okay again. He said he could hold me all night and laughed. Well I got a bit intimate with him (no vaginal sex) and then later we just held each other and he reminded me that he was writing a song about me and told me it was like two songs one where he didn’t know who I was from his perspective and another from my perspective.. I asked him when I would get to hear it and he said he wasn’t finished with it. The date ended warmly and he gave me that sincere smile. However, he did not speak about our future as he usually did always going a step further most dates nor did he tell me he cared for me back when I told him to remember I cared for him.  So I was a little bummed, but overall happy I had seen him. Well right after that he kept in touch not every day but every few days. Then he suddenly disappeared and stopped reading my emails for 4 days! His car was even gone.. I was in despair thinking perhaps he had moved back in with his ex even. I remained cool though and sent only 3 emails just saying I was thinking of him. Well he finally emailed me to tell me he had left to another State to get away for the weekend and went to some museums and felt like a little kid! Omg. I was shocked.. .He said he went alone.. not sure I believe him 100% - I mean who does that kind of thing anyway?

    He seemed to genuinely miss me though and sent me a few emails telling me the was thinking about me and missed me so much. He even sent me a kiss which he never does via email. Then a few days passed without hearing from him and then Thanksgiving rolled around. I told myself I better hear from him on this day. Sure enough as soon as his brother and his wife arrived at the house he immediately emailed me telling me he was kinda sad and looking at my pics made him feel better and he missed me. Then he emailed me again later saying he had listened to my songs and thought about me. I thought that was reassuring since he thought about me on a day you spend with family and he had like 20 guests over too. Anyway, he emailed me the next day saying Maybe I get to see you tomorrow? That was always his way of initiating a date. However, I was the one who would have to finalize details all the time for it to actually take place which I am unaccustomed to doing... So the next day rolled around (last weekend) and my only email was Yeah, I’m cool with that. He read it and I noticed he went online again later, but I had not emailed him to set up the time (as for some reason I just felt he should do it not remembering I am the one who had to do it in this relationship) so after that he didn’t contact me for the rest of the day and I’m guessing he was doing homework because he didn’t go out either. He did not email me again for another 4 days! This time he came back and said he tried talking to me, but he just missed me and would stop halfway through because it didn’t sound right. I know that was completely true as he hadn’t even went on the site as my emails were left unread up hearing from him now.. hmmm.. he went on to say that he was reclusive, ill and sad probably because partly he was a little lonely.. ( i was thinking then why don’t you see me than?) He said he thought about me every day and missed me. He said he just wanted to come home to me and look into my eyes and fall asleep holding me. I sent him back like 3 emails and said I was there for him and missed him and emphasized my need to see him and how it would help us both. He sent me one email back simply saying I miss you and just want to hold you i think i can hold you for hours. I have not heard from him in 3 days and the weekend (when we usually see each other ) is steadily approaching. I had not emailed him since that day until today. I just sent a short email saying Good Morning, Hi I miss you....

    Not sure what the outcome will be. What do you guys honestly think. I really want to change my life and be with him within the course of the next year, but I have a lot riding on this including my children’s well being and I’m not sure I can count on him. I need to know if you guys feel he honestly is being sincere with me and wants to be with me too. Sorry for the book but this is involved stuff!! Oh yeah, my first true love was a cancer man too and I really love them!

  • FlowyAir. The most common question on these forums are about cancer 's I would like you to read my topic "Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " You will find a lot of Information on there and also a lot of comments . There are so many. Just go to ... The main forum , then click on Love and relationships . I will read you post later on in the day and i will get back to you . Your friend xoxoxo.

  • Yeah, lemme think and come back too...Don't wanna give you a reply off hand as this is serious stuff we're talking about! You'll get some great advices by the most wonderful people pretty soon 🙂

  • Wow, my eyes are buggy now 🙂

    There was a time in my life that I could remember every word and nuance of a relationship just as you have, and I can tell you that those were the times that I had the lowest faith in myself. I think there is at least one question you need to ask yourself. Are you idealizing the relationship with the hopes that it will move you out of your current situation? This is a relationship you sought out while still in your marriage (no judgment), so whether this Cancer works out or not, would you still remain with your husband if it doesn’t? This is about you and what you want, without these men in your life.

    What you have right now is safe. He may feel safe in expressing some feelings because you are not completely available and you feel safe because you have a marriage to fall back on. You haven’t been in a position to make any demands on him and it doesn’t sound like he has made any commitments to you, am I wrong? You have also experienced some of his moods, retreats and disappearances without a word. These drive some women insane, so you need to know whether you can accept them because they will bite you otherwise. His moods and the disappearances can be diffused, but he will always need his retreats from the world. Bottom line of what I’m trying to convey is, this relationship may all seem very exciting to you right now and you want to change your life for it, but if you want to change your life, you change it for your own inner happiness because that can’t be fulfilled by someone else.

  • Dear FlowyAir,

    if you not sure about him, then just let go of this situation. Are you sure you (and your kids) wanna go through divorce because of the man who you aren't sure you can trust. I don't know if this is a Cancer thing, the moods, withdrawal, shutting down (btw, I think the number of threads on cancers show how manipulative they can be or maybe it's just us too obsessive about them?), but would you want to experience his withdrawal when you're in divorce battle? or when you need help when your kid has a cold and you need an extra helping hand?

    With all kindness and love, I'm telling you that you are obsessed with the guy (why I'm telling this? been there myself), obsession isn't good for anyone - just let go.

    I'm no psychic, I'm just meaning well - this situation is just too risky, the guy is too volatile. Maybe I'm being too cautious here but don't want to see you hurt.

    Sorry for being blunt - if I was telling you face to face, I'd hug you and wrap up in cashmere shawl with a cup of tea in your hands 🙂

  • Sandran712>>It nearly killed me to read this..I had to skim in some spots.But, I'll try to help.

    Flowy>>sharp as a knife intuition was not working to read him correctly

    Sandran712>>You cannot read a Cancer because our intuition is very strong too.

    Flowy>> to know this man as a friend as you see I am married

    Sandran712>>This is what wrecks my nerves...A separated woman comes in..gets interested in a single man.Constantly getting the single person all sucked in and then the single person develops feelings.separated person Gets all pissssted off because the single person finds someone new.Messes with the single person's emotions.Its like a bad train wreck.You should have left well enough alone.When the single guy seen your husband.He got turned off.No man wants to see a woman with another man regardless of situation.Cancer men are loyal and most do not cheat.And you come along and want to get in his pants.I seen this guys behavior.He tried real hard to be nice and keep things under control.He got upset and threw his things in the car because it was almost like a slap in the face to him when you mentioned your husband.You cannot mention another in the presence of a Cancer.We have a hard time dealing with trust.Cancer is moody and our emotions change.And it seems you would not leave him alone.You smothered the daylights out of him emailing.The whole letter seemed you knew his every move.Cancers love peace and privacy.Him running off for days on end..Not emailing.He needed time to himself.Him being young senses to me he is not sure what he wants,

    FlowyAir>>Oh yeah, my first true love was a cancer man too and I really love them!

    Sandran712>>Not all Cancers have the same behavior.Thinking that you will find this Cancer like the one you lost.You may be disappointed.We show similiar characteristics.Some cheat and some do not.Some are more moody.Some show less interest in children.But, it seems that this one loves children.I am just so disappointed in married/separated people go after single prospects.As I am not married and the last thing we want is a man that has been raked over the coals like this one has...

  • Happy Peaceful>>cancers show how manipulative they can be or maybe it's just us too obsessive about them?), but would you want to experience his withdrawal when you're in divorce battle? or when you need help when your kid has a cold and you need an extra helping hand

    Sandran>>you mentioned being blunt.I am always blunt.And I would say ..Yes we can get controlling and manipulative.And what I see here.Might be that ..lets say she left the husband and jumped to the Cancer guy..He gets sucked into the fairy tale romance going on.He's happy.And the divorce gets ugly.This guy is gonna run sooo fast.Cancer does not like confrontation.And she will be alone to herself.Even when I was in a relationship I was alone.And I am still alone.I do not understand what all the hype is about having a man?I been single 46 years.I have lots of friends that are all married.And, I get depressed because everyone has someone but, me.But...when I am off alone to myself It just does not bother me.I know women it drives them nuts if they are left alone.And me..I couldn't wait to shove them out the door.LOL...

  • Hi FlowyAir,

    A couple of questions, What sign is your husband, and how long have you been married?

  • FlowyAir>>> I totaly agree with Sandran .Married women should not get involved with other men married or single . Your husband must love you otherwise he would not of notice you having an intrest in this cancer guy . If you marriege is over then do it in the proper way and leave him before you even think of getting into another relationship . Dont forget you are hurting two people and you children here . and you stand the chance of loosing both men . Be true to yourself and do the right thing . What goes around comes around .

  • lindieloo>>What goes around comes around

    Sandran712>>I love this saying.Because it really does come true.And I got really heated and charged from reading that post entitled "The long highway"LOL

    That Cancer man could have been my husband...LOL

  • Sandran712. Its my fav saying also . On another note . Flowyair has asked for help , but she hasen't replied to any of our comments Strange . When I posted my story I coulden't wait to see the responces .

  • lindieloo>>When I posted my story I coulden't wait to see the responces .

    Sandran712>>Don't worry it won't be long.I'll get attacked for being so blunt.It is the way I am.Being single sucks for sure alone in itself.So yeah I will blast any woman whose married comes along to take a man that could be mine,I'll decide and think..I don't want him he's been sharing leftovers and I'm stingy...LOL

  • lindieloo>>When I posted my story I coulden't wait to see the responces .

    Sandran712>>Don't worry it won't be long.I'll get attacked for being so blunt.It is the way I am.Being single sucks for sure alone in itself.So yeah I will blast any woman whose married comes along to take a man that could be mine,I'll decide and think..I don't want him he's been sharing leftovers and I'm stingy...LOL

  • Hi Flowyair, llindieloo, Sandran712, Astrodame. here we go again lol with these cancer men. He sure sounds cancer. He also sounds like he is fighting with his feelings for u. I have laernt one thing from my cancer man whom Im still seeing, they like to play games to amke sure u love them. even if these games hurt u. My sisiter tells me. he is testing me to see how much i really love him. once I past the test then Im in.

  • Hello All

    Im a leo 7/23 he 7/15 both year 1979 and this is the the strangest thing my X canvcer man we have been broke up a month. we have been togather 2ys on and off a 1 kid later and we have come to a point where he has went to his shell and i can not talk to him at all. most couples on here have said leo and Cancer are to work but. just a few mins ago first i ove this man and use to date him in high school and we ran across each other again in or 30's and things were really great in the begining but now he withdraws from me and does not talk to me. We have to hhave a 3rd party at all times with regard to the child issues it that bad. ususally Iam the on going back for reconcile but not this time. I really love this man but its is slowley changing casue when I attempt to talk its like the door shuts in my face. I cant take this much longer we I was and am a good women to him he just does not want to talk to me and I have done nothing to him. He saids were not compatablilty and stuff and it just hurts cuz i really do love him. people have said let him sulk and he will return but by them im hoping its going to be too late.

  • Hey there...I agree with most of the people on this. I don't see this cancer man sticking for long somehow (just a gut feeling). He's probably interested as long as he's not being pressurized into anything by her (I hope thats not the case though). A married/separated female with kids is a big responsibility to take on and I doubt this cancer man will own up to it... I personally do not like marrieds mingling with singles but its a personal choice and I'm the last person to judge someone based on it!

  • Sandran712 trust me sometime life sucks, but sometimes u meet people in life who really have an effect on you so much it hurts. Yes she is married but maybe her husband belong to someone else. My husband left me after I trained him and thought him how to love etc, but i guessed i made him a better person for someone else. I later met my cancer, who i really do love. I never felt this way about anyone sexually, mentally or spiritually. That guy is her spiritual connection. he makes her feel good. Is dat so wrong Sandran712? But I understand wat ur saying we have to control who we feel for so we dont hurt the people involved. I wish it was so easy . You know how I know becaz i have hurt and have been hurt. I hated the people who hurt me becaz I didnt think thye cared for my feelings very much, but I too have hurt people. Just give Flowyair a chance she will know the truth after all we are not here to judge anyone, remember we said that llindieloo, she could have left out the husband part, but she didnt. this is a forum where we want people to feel comfortable dont matter what. good to see you guys here again.

  • dorluv >>> Remember we said that llindieloo shold have left out the husband part , but she dident . Where does it say that ?

  • I am not here to hurt people I am hurting at the moment and I have had wonderful support on my forum I just said what I said cause poor floweryair is playing with fire and I do feel for her Being with some you cant have wheather married ir single Hurts I should know .

  • llindieloo ok grammer error. we always said we wouldnt judge anyone on this forum that was wat i meant .

    I meant that she could have left her husband out of the picture but she chose to tell us the truth.

    i know u good person llindieloo dear.,

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