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  • hi my name is carol could u tell me if a leo and a pieces have good chances romanticly im a leo 7-3057 and he is a pieces 03-06 57 thank you

  • Carol, your relationship has a peculiar effect on the both of you - at first it is very seductive but later on, it can somehow become rebellious and this can threaten its longevity. The relationship can be highly charismatic to other people, attracting all sorts of admirers and hangers-on, but an overload of social and personal responsibility can prove harmful to both of you. You are usually better when you hide your light a bit and turn down the charm. Together you can make great strides on personal and spiritual levels, and it would be a true shame if you neglect these levels. Love affairs can be stormy. Disagreements and clashes over responsibility, money, and divided attention may surface from time to time. Your partner is likely to be the more faithful and he will suffer a great deal if you turn elsewhere for affection or solace. Marriages are not especially recommended - you two are unlikely to satisfy each other beyond a certain level and in the long run are unlikely to build a stable emotional life together unless you work very hard indeed. Try to tone down the excitement factor and keep an objective eye on finances.

    Romance may be difficult for you, Carol, as there is a struggle inside you between your outgoing side and your inner inhibitions. You search for an ideal partner with whom to share a lifelong relationship, but you have such perfectionist standards, finding and choosing the ideal mate will be almost impossible unless you lower your overly strict requirements. Learn to curb your criticisms towards your romantic partner and cultivate tolerance.

    Your partner can be quite romantic and sentimental in love, always generous with his affection and attention. His imagination and sensuality make him quite the attractive mate, but he must guard against being overly possessive towards the one he loves.

  • The Captain may I request a reading also please?

    My D.O.B. 04-21-73

    EXBOYFRIEND: 06-30-50

    Employee: March 20th

    My exboyfriend NOW knows that his employee is stealing from his company. What EXACTLY is his employee holding over his head that makes him hesitant to talk to me, and to press criminal charges against her?

    Is it something so shocking that it will change my opinion and feelings for him? PLEASE help me, for I feel that a lot is going to happen this month. I feel that my exboyfriend might ask me to help him in some way!

    Thanks In Advance,

  • OH!! I read in the other threads that you are from Australia.

    That is April 21,1973---Myself

    That is June30,1950--- Exboyfriend

    Employee---March 20th

  • pilot007, the relationship between you and your ex was good for business but poor for love (as you probably know). At its best, it involved a rebellion against domination, a process that can stimulate personal growth. You for example can be somewhat overbearing with your more sensitive ex, who accepted such an attitude for a while, then revolted. From this struggle between you, both of you may have emerged as more independent personalities. Thus, a negative beginning could have produced a positive ending. In love and marriage, your ex-partner is far too sensitive and fearful to stand up for himself, especially to a rather dominating personality like yours. Initially, it may have even been difficult for him to figure out how to approach you, let alone do it. If you however set your sights on him, your ex would have basked in the warmth of your attention and affection, never allowing himself to face the possibility that he was being played or used, and that the next step was the exit. You probably grew impatient with his moods and his ineffectual and misguided actions, while he came to resent or become too dependent on your presence and support. There are too many personality clashes here for you two ever to be romantically close for long. A business relationship would work, though, with his technical expertise and financial strengths and your initiative and steadfastness bringing success. You both know the value of money so, with a constructive balance being struck between your urge to spend and his need to save, the business could prosper. Arguments may well arise, since you both may exhibit a know-it-all attitude, but if personal irritations, dislikes, and animosities can be kept under control, all will be well.

    pilot007, you probably have to face the challenge of defining and redefining your personal ambitions a lot in life. In your youth, you tend to be emotionally demanding and may resort to any number of tricks, devices, and emotional blackmail to get what you want. You have to face the fact that true power comes from within and is the result not of getting others to fulfill your desires, but of finding fulfillment for yourself. Once that is realised, you can turn your attention from personal and ephemeral concerns to a more substantive effort. Vocational choices are likely to be financial endeavours, the arts, and corporate management. Transform your impulse to manipulate others into an objective assessment of who they are. In love, you are open-minded and uninhibited and have probably had (or will have) many exciting affairs. But what you really want is a stable, fulfilling relationship. Steer clear of partners who are too dominant and look for someone who shares your expansive, freedom-loving nature.

    Your ex-partner is either blessed or cursed with considerable sensitivity, yet a greater depth of feeling may be a bit out of his reach until he develops the ability to separate from others and get in touch with his own motivations. His main downfall is that he may retreat permanently behind an impenetrable shell, unknown even to himself. Or he may feel deprived of adequate mothering and nursing and be emotionally demanding of others, drifting from partner to partner or friend to friend in an attempt to discover where his truest passions lie. Your ex needs to find a positive expression for his passion, once he knows what it is. He must learn to take life as it comes, rather than pining for the way things ought to be. It is likely his childhood was strife-torn or restrictive and it made him very introspective with a large inferiority complex. Self-acceptance and self-love are things he has to work on before he can give love to anyone else. He has excellent business sense as long as his emotions are under control. In love, although he desires warmth and security, he does not feel the need for one lasting relationship or have a strong need for companionship.

    As to the relationship between your ex and the employee - this is usually a good combination for work, so I wonder what went wrong? Mutual protection, security, and moneymaking figure prominently here. But there may be a lack of awareness or a misunderstanding on both sides. This may prevent it from gaining any real emotional depth. If the relationship is confronted by difficulties from inside or outside, this lack of awareness will leave it open to psychological trauma and strife and, ultimately, it will break it apart. An effort can be made to heal the misunderstanding but it will take a lot of hard work to bring it about. Your ex can be aggressive and it is unlikely the employee will take a passive role for long. The outspoken, direct nature of the employee may wound the sensitive ex, driving a wedge between them.

    pilot007, I am thinking there has been a big misunderstanding here - maybe the employee felt she was being cheated or treated badly in some way which justified her stealing? If it was for her family, your ex would be sympathetic, as the home and family are all-important to him.

  • TheCaptain, Thank You for the reading.

    You have really hit the nail on the head as far as my personality and his. I had a feeling that it had something to do with his childhood ;the reason as to why he is such an emotional rollercoaster. You have done an excellent job Thank You again!!!

    Do you see us going into business together in the future?

  • I don't see why you shouldn't do business together again - you make a good team, business-wise. And at least you know what he is like to work with. I feel you will be very successful.

  • this got me curious so i will ask for a reading as well, im a sag male, DOB 12-11-1987 and this Libra girl DOB 10-6 -1986 we just friends now but we both seem to see something more in the future between us, how will it work out? we are so much alike in so many ways. thanks ahead of time

  • chevelleman71, this relationship is better for friendship than marriage. It focuses on technical proficiency with an instinctive approach to creative endeavours. One of the most important decisions you both will make is whether to be competitors or to join forces in a common enterprise. While your partner can furnish the psychological awareness and attention to detail that you lack, her tendency to procrastinate is countered by your ambition, drive and intuition. Generally you two will do best when you sacrifice personal gain to the good of the relationship, joining forces to create something of lasting value. Your relationship will rarely continue uninterrupted but will follow a more erratic off-again, on-again pattern. Love affairs are usually more successful than marriages - unconditional commitment is seldom on the cards here. Both of you tend to become involved romantically, emotionally, or sexually with third parties which can have the effect, briefly, of enriching your primary relationship with each other. At the same time, however, such involvements, unfortunately, do not enhance the longevity of the relationship. Friendships usually depend on the amount of time you are both willing to invest, for your individual schedules tend to be hectic. Characteristically, you two find small blocks of time when you can be alone and share thoughts and feelings without being interrupted. The principal challenge here will be encouraging feelings of acceptance and open channels of communication.

    chevelleman71, you may have to scale down your dreams, schemes, and plans in life in order to get what you really want. You can bite off more than you can chew at times. When life fails to fulfil your expectations, you can worry yourself into incapacity. Your brash self-confidence can be eroded by fears and insecurities, and you may get stuck in trying to fix the mistakes of the past or bear unreasonable grudges. However, if you take care to cultivate and embrace your experiences without becoming too tied to your notions of outcome, and if you remember to turn your sacred cows out to pasture, you will develop a renewed and improved sense of self. Your fulfillment will be to become absorbed in the wonder of life. You are a bit of a show-off really, and you turn your talents of imagination, energy, facility with words, and creative drive to the pursuit of status and leadership goals. Pride and poor judgment plus a tendency to coast through life sometimes can be your downfall. Learn to live each moment to the fullest and release all preconceptions. You are easily led astray by flattery. Although you are an ardent, passionate, and terribly romantic lover, you do need constant reminders of just how terrific you are. As naive in love as in other areas, you can be swept away by the person who sings your praises the loudest. But once the compliments wear thin, you will be off and running again.

    Your friend needs to release her need to do everything for herself and learn to relate to others more intimately. She has a great capacity for leadership and inspiration but she may be kidding herself about where her true impulses lie. She has a tendency to detach herself from her desires that manifests in an inability to truly connect with others. An excellent diplomat and political player, she will nevertheless have to work hard to lose her tendency to submerge her own needs or stifle her curiosity about what lies around the next bend in the road. Interestingly enough, she has a rare knack for staying up to date on the latest developments and social trends. Once she comes to understand that she needs to take her comprehension to a level where what is important is not the 'now' but the new - that which is not yet accomplished, discovered, or dreamed - life will become much easier. She must balance her desire to go off exploring on her own with her responsibilities to others. She can invoke that secret dramatic side of hers by presenting her ideas to other people. Your friend is very complex - she has a peaceful, diplomatic side and then she can be intense, secretive and combative. Neither of you like to take advice, either. Highly sensual and intensely romantic, your friend searches for a stable, consistent relationship, particularly with someone who shares her intellectual interests and supports her ambitions. Although she can be an imaginative and affectionate lover, she can also be jealous and possessive.

    So yes there are many similarities in your personalities but, whereas it makes for a great friendship, it may cause frictions and power conflicts in a more intimate relationship.

  • Thanks!! I will have to consider it.

  • thecaptain,

    wow, it sounds like you got me and her personality and stuff perfectly. so does what you said mean, that it wont work out if we were too have a relatioship? the whole 3rd party thing kinda threw me off cause i dont think i would cheat on anyone but yes it is nice to hear people give me compliments cause im not used to hearing them at all, i dont think she would cheat either and i would have no problem giving her compliments 24/7. power conflicts? i think that would mostly on her part cause i have already noticed that about her, i think she needs to be in control, and im not looking to be controlled or be in control, i want an even partnership. so heres my last question, im talkative around her more than anyone else and i can tell her anything and can talk ALOT sometimes, and i feel like if we had a problem we could just talk about it rather than it building up into a bigger problem and exploding later, even that wont make it work?

  • Well, chevelleman71, my analysis is that this relationship works best of all for friendship. If you want to know this girl longterm, friendship is better than a love affair, and a love affair is better than marriage. But of course I only base this on how you are now. If you can change and work out your problems, then things may be fine. Ultimately it's up to you. At least, if you know what the poroblems are, you can work on them.

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