• Hello everyone I hope everyone is well.

    I know alot of people, myself included use this site to help gain some insight into our problems or just in general, by sharing our thoughts about these things with people who give readings, some who offer for free!..(excellent!)

    I have been practising Tarot for over two years, I am a healer but am yet to use my gift to heal others physically. Now i just try and heal with my thoughts and compassion.

    I also do tarot readings when I have the time, and I find this to be a useful counselling tool amongst other things.

    I wanted to make a point that some people as we all know are vunerable and naiive, and I hope no one would take advantage of this to make themselves feel better or for any other reason. I know there are people out there who pretend to know what they are talking about and give advice knowing people might believe it, perhaps advice that may only be hurting and not in fact helping. I just want people to know that although advice is welcomed and appreciated, just remeber to not substitute someone elses way of thinking for your own, I have learned to think for myself and this is the best advice I was told and I just want everyone else to know that and perhaps realise that, i'm sure many of you do anyway but just wanted to share!

    Peace and Love.

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