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  • Hi,

    I did my own reading and understand it except for card 6(type of relationship he wants). I am hoping someone can help. Also for what he thinks of me, does it mean the thinks I am a hard worker. The cards represent a man who knows I like him but since finding out avoids me. Thanks so much.

    His feelings: Nine of cups

    What he thinks of me: Nine of coins

    Factors keeping us apart: Six of cups

    Best approach to take to the situation: Three of swords

    What is hidden a about him: Judgment

    Type of relationship he wants with me: Page of cups

    Best approach to take to the situation: Seven of wands

  • Hi leftHanded Girl,

    Page of cups: sweet, gentle and romantic, supportive, emotions grow stronger through senses.

    Nine of Coins: His dream girl, what he has worked hard towards - to be able to offer his all he has worked for to his dream girl. This card represents hardwork that makes it look like it was easy to the outside world. He might think of you as such, a hardworker, that has it all!

    Hope this helps, Nanette

  • Hi Nanette,

    Thanks for your reply. I am still alittle confused with the page of cups in relation to what type of relationship he wants with me. Any further explaination would be so much appreciated from you or anyone. I always get stuck with this one card. Thanks a bunch.


  • Hey Marianna,

    See if any of these interpretations for the Page of Cups are of any help:

    Helpfulness. Assistance. Aid. Volunteering. Loving kindness. Gentle. Good Samaritan. Community. Neighborhood. Neighbors. Brotherhood. Service. Seva. Karma yoga. Service work. Public service. Civic duty. The common good. Altruism. Renovation. Remodeling. Jury duty. Rescue. Helpers. Attendants. Waitstaff. Princess. Doll. Tender. Scrumptious. Yummy. Pampered. Spoiled brat. Spoiled rotten. How can I help? For the good of my fellow human being. Brotherly love. Brothers and sisters. Good Shepard. Every little helps. The biggest help is help, and even the smallest help is help. Well tended.

  • Marianna,

    You didn't ask for this, but here's an interpretation for your reading. Some interpretations might sound harsh, and my goal is not to be mean or negative, just trying to be honest so that ideally things work out for the two of you. See if any of this sounds accurate:

    His feelings: happy

    What he thinks of you: refined

    Factors keeping you apart: the past, kids, immaturity

    Best approach to take to the situation: a good shoulder to cry on, listen empathetically

    What is hidden about him: guilty conscience

    Type of relationship he wants with you: to help one another out

    Best approach to take to the situation: Be brave. Take a stand. Stand up for yourself. Don't let others walk all over you.

  • Numerologist,

    Thanks so much for the reading. I didn’t find it harsh at all. I thought judgment reflected his “decision” to avoid me because he isn’t interested (his judgment basically), but then I thought that this didn’t make sense because this wasn’t “hidden”, but very obvious by his actions. Yours makes more sense (he should feel guilty for reacting so mean to me when finding out I liked him). Thanks again for interpreting the cards for me. and giving me a better perspectve.




  • I made an error, the last question was "What is the most likely outcome between us", however your interpretation sounds correct about being brave. I'd like for the guilty conscience to be correct. I can never interpret the type of relationship he want's with me. I guess I am too close to the situation to read that important card.



  • Any other opinions on the page of cups card would be helpful....if aid(helping someone out sounds accurate).




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